10 Best Whirlpool Bathtub 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Hey homeowners, your search for the best whirlpool tubs ends right here. This in-depth guide contains every single detail we believe that you need to know before you run out to your local dealer or that online store to order a new whirlpool bathtub for your home.

As you’re already aware, a whirlpool tub comes entirely dedicated to offering you hours and hours of relaxation at the comfort of your bathroom. It massages your tired muscles after a long, busy day at work or home running different chores.

One thing most people don’t know, however, is these bathtubs widely vary as you move from one model to the next. They differ in terms of quality, style, functionality, size, list of features, and even the cost. If you want to discover the secret to choosing just the perfect whirlpool tub for your home easily and quickly, keep reading our complete guide below.

What is a Whirlpool Tub and How Long Does It Last?

For the sake of starters:

A whirlpool tub refers to a self-contained, jetted bathtub primarily designed to help relax and massage your tired muscles after a long, busy day. It comes with an integrated pump that helps propel water and air combination to the specific parts of your body.

Though it’s usually referred by its brand name ‘Jacuzzi,’ a whirlpool tub is designed by different manufacturers…just like Kleenex is a manufacturer of facial tissue.

In a typical whirlpool tub, the water jet comes in the form of a classic, high pressure, deep massaging jet (most people associate it with hydrotherapy)

As we’ve just mentioned in our intro above, the quality of whirlpools varies as you move from one model to the next.

This is primarily because different materials are used to design these tubs—they include acrylic, cast iron, and fiberglass.

Each of these materials has unique properties:

The cast iron tubs are resistant to chemical, chipping, denting, scratches, etc. however, they tend to rust. They’re the most expensive whirlpool and can last longer with proper care and maintenance.

The acrylic tubs come with a glossy finish. They’re lightweight and extremely easy to clean. However, they tend to scratch easily and discolor with time.

Then we have the fiberglass whirlpool tubs, the most popular types, which feature a matte finish. They feel lightweight and are easy to install and repair. They’re also prone to fading and scratches. They’re less durable compared to acrylic and cast iron tubes…and also the least expensive.

10 Best Whirlpool Tubs Reviews:

1. WOODBRIDGE B-0034 Whirlpool Freestanding Bathtub

WOODBRIDGE 71" x 31.5" Water Jetted and Air Bubble Freestanding Bathtub, Whirlpool Tub
  • [WHIRLPOOL AND AIR BUBBLE]: WOODBRIDGE Deluxe acrylic Freestanding bathtub combine with Whirlpool and Air Bubble Jets in one tub
  • [JET QUANTITY]: 6 adjustable body massage jets and 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets for maximum bather comfort, The perfect mix of air and water delivers a powerful , yet comfortable hydro massage.

WOODBRIDGE B-0034 Whirlpool made it to our list of the best whirlpool tubs. The luxury, freestanding tub boasts of highest-quality craftsmanship and unmatched technology innovation-ensuring relaxation, comfort, and luxury in a single product.

The tub features full fiberglass construction with acrylic topcoat to promote high durability and shine. The acrylic’s glossy finish is resistant to scratches, dulling, and fading. It comes with a double wall design, formed by two acrylic layers, to help facilitate maximum insulation and ensure water remains at your desired temperatures for longer.

It boasts of a total of 10 adjustable body massage jets plus 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets for the ultimate bather comfort (hydro massage at its best!). With its wider, deep design with a gentle slope, this tab is sure to offer you a more comfortable, leisurely soak. It has a space big enough for a man to fully immerse his body, yet it’s gracefully designed for women.

Installing this freestanding bathtub is easy, especially when you consider the high-quality flexible tube drain that’s easy to connect to your existing plumbing, the hidden adjustable legs facilitate easy leveling with the include flexible hose.

Highlighted Features:

  • 10 adjustable body massage jets
  • 10 whirlpool bubble bath jets
  • Pump with UL-approved motor
  • Gentle air massage mode
  • Comfortable S-curve design tub
  • Spacious for a wide, deep bathing
  • 5 years limited Warranty

2. American Standard 2772018W.020 Cadet Whirlpool Tubs

American Standard 2772018W.020 Cadet is a classic bathtub designed using high-quality acrylic material. This not only makes it durable but also enables it to retain heat better than then fiberglass models.

The whirlpool bathtub features American Standard’s exclusive EverClean Whirlpool System. This involves fitting of the manufacturers patented, anti-microbial silver-ion additive into the pipes to discourage the growth of mold, mildew, etc. This way, you can enjoy a therapeutic water-jet massage that’s more hygienic.

The Cadet was designed with your comfort in mind. This is seen from its form-fitted backrest plus molded-in armrests which ensure you enjoy your hydro massage in a super comfy environment.

Despite being considerably heavy feel, this whirlpool bathtub can be easily installed in any standard bathtub compartment.

Like the previous model, this tub is also spacious enough for one person to fully soak in comfortably. It’s well throughout design makes it extremely easy to clean and maintain. The adjustable jets allow you to set the most comfortable massage conditions that’ll leave you feeling more refreshed and energized!

Highlighted Features:

  • Acrylic w/fiberglass reinforcement
  • Form-fitted backrest
  • Molded-in backrests w/elbow supports
  • Reversible drain outlet
  • Pre-leveled tub bottom
  • Dual accessory deck area
  • 1.6hp single speed pump motor

3. WOODBRIDGE BTA1515-C-Drain &O Bathtub, Chrome

WOODBRIDGE BTA1515-C-Drain &O Bathtub, Chrome
  • ✅ [DIMENSIONS AND SPECIFICATIONS]: Exterior Dimension: 67" Long x 31 1/2" Wide x 28 3/8" Deep – Effective Tub Capacity: 60 Gallons
  • ✅ [NON-SLIP DESIGN]: Non-Slip bathtub meet ASTM standards for Slip Resistance to keep our customers safe, while providing a smooth easy to keep clean surface that won’t discolor over time.

WOODBRIDGE BTA1515-C-Drain &O Bathtub, Chrome also appears on our list of top whirlpool tub reviews. This is the ideal bathtub for families who don’t want their family members to miss the luxurious, relaxing spa experience of a whirlpool bathtub.

Designed with your maximum comfort in mind, this tub will soothe your loved ones with its circulating water jets. Aside from its luxurious, chic design, this whirlpool bathtub is made out of the highest quality acrylic material.

The tub features an acrylic reinforced with fiberglass for lasting durability purposes. Bottom is made out of stainless steel bracket making the bearing capacity up to 1000 LBS.

Double Walled reinforce design brings maximum insulation and keeps water at its desired temperature longer. This whirlpool bathtub is suitable for 1 Or 2 persons bathing at the same time.

Best part? This tub is easy to clean and scratch resistance.  Easy maintenance overall, scratch resistant surface maintains its high gloss for as long as you have it.

Highlighted Features:

  • Brushed gold high gloss finish
  • Full fiberglass construction with acrylic topcoat
  • Push Pop-up Drain included
  • Plastic Plumbing Fixture Package:
  • Easy to clean and maintain

4. ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Bathtub

ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ Whirlpool Bathtub
  • Durable acrylic and fiberglass design makes the tub durable and brilliant. Classic oval shape allows comfortable bathing positions
  • Hydro-massage system features 14 bottom and back acupressure massage water jets. 1.5 HP motor provides ample power for the jet system

If you’re looking for a freestanding whirlpool bathtub, this is it. ARIEL Platinum AM128JDCLZ comes with a functional and elegant design that blends perfectly well with most bathroom decors. It features such a generous size that up to 2 people can comfortably soak in it.

It boasts of up to 14 multi-direction whirlpool jets that combine with the LED lighting to deliver a truly therapeutic massage that relaxes all your muscles while helping you relieve stress. As with all the other whirlpools, these jets are situated in such a way that they perfectly target your body’s pressure points for maximum relaxation.

You can also adjust the jets water flow to suit your preferences.

For the construction part, the tub is designed using durable acrylic material with fiberglass reinforcement. This enables you to resist fading and scratches, allowing it to maintain its new look for years.

Additional features like the built-in FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and high-quality speakers will keep you entertained as you dip your entire body into this little heaven.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dimensions: 71″L X 37.4″W X 27.5″H
  • Durable acrylic + fiberglass design
  • 14 multidirectional Whirlpool jets
  • Jets powered by 1.5 HP motor
  • Pre-installed chrome faucet, drain fixtures
  • Touchscreen LED control panel
  • Bluetooth connectivity, FM radio
  • L.E.D. Chroma therapy lighting

5. American Standard 2425VC-LHO.020 Evolution Whirlpool

Halfway our top-rated whirlpool tub reviews, we have another model from the American Standard. Like its cousin, this tub is also constructed from high-quality acrylic material with fiberglass reinforcement for enhanced durability and increased lifespan.

It also features the American Standard patented EverCleam antimicrobial additive. This helps shield the water circulation components from developing mold, odor-causing bacteria, mildew, etc.

The tub’s 8 jet system is sure to provide you with the best hydromassage experience you’ve never felt before. Note that these jets are adjustable and can be easily customized to produce a water flow of your preference.

Also worth a mention is the integrated apron with removal access panel, which promotes hassle-free installation. The dual molded armrests promote extra bather comfort.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acrylic w/fiberglass reinforcement
  • Integral panel w/removable access panel
  • Left-hand outlet
  • EvenClean surface
  • Powered by 1.4hp single-speed, self-draining motor

6. Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub

ARIEL Platinum BT-084 Whirlpool Bathtub with Jets, 61.2" x 61.2" x 29.3" Inches Acrylic Corner Alcove Air Tub with Hydro Massage System
  • ACRYLIC REINFORCED FIBERGLASS: Constructed using premium grade acrylic that resists structural damages such as cracking or chipping and retains heat. Fiberglass reinforcement gives it exceptional durability and a mesmerizing finish
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN: The Classic Triangle shaped tub features a 5mm tempered glass panel on the front and dual removable head cushions to accommodate 2 people easily. Heavy-duty drain fixtures ensure smooth water passage preventing any clogging issues

Ariel makes a comeback on our list of top best Jacuzzi tubs with the Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub. Like the previously discussed model from the same manufacturer, this tub will also add luxury to your bathroom while offering you the ultimate relaxation and enjoyment.

The Jacuzzi is designed to hold up to 90 gallons of water and comes with 2 headrests, enabling it to accommodate up to 2 people comfortably. It features a 15 jet system which can be easily controlled via the computer control panel. Towards the front of this unit, you’ll discover the 5mm tempered glass panel and solid brass tub filler—the two of which help add unique accents to the bathtub.

Just like its brother from Ariel, this bathtub also features acrylic construction with fiberglass reinforcement. This ensures easy cleaning and longer life.

Additional features included in this tub for the ultimate enjoyment/entrainment include—water temperature display, FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity, LED underwater light (color and brightness adjustable), and 2 removable cushioned pillows.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acrylic w/reinforced fiberglass
  • Dimensions: 61.2″ x 61.2″ x 29.3″
  • A total of 15 jets
  • Thermostatic switch for temperature adjustment
  • Vertical touchscreen control panel
  • LED underwater light
  • FM/Bluetooth included
  • 2 removable cushioned pillows

7. American Standard 2771VC.020 Evolution Deep Soak Whirlpool

Don’t get surprised to see another product from American Standard. This is one of the top whirlpool tub brands and nearly all their tubs are so popular we couldn’t help but feature them on this ultimate list.

As for this particular 2771VC.020 Evolution Deep Soak Whirlpool tub, it features acrylic construction, with some fiberglass reinforcement. This facilitates not only easy cleaning but also ensures an extended life span.

It presents you with the hydro massage system I, which comprises a total of 8 jets that you can easily adjust or customize their flow to suit your specific preferences.

It also comes with EVerClean surface, a feature standard across all the tubs from American Standard. For those who don’t know, the EverClean surface simply involves an antimicrobial additive on the pipes surface that helps inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and mold. This ensures a more hygienic tub environment.

Other noteworthy features of this tub include the molded-in dual armrests, pre-leveled tub bottom, and reversible drain outlet. Remember that this unit has drop-in or undermount installation options.

Highlighted Features:

  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • EverClean surface
  • Reversible drain outlet
  • 1.4Hp self-draining pump
  • Drop-in or undermount installation options

8. American Standard 7236VC.020 Evolution Deep Soak Whirlpool

I promise this is the last American Standard unit we’ll feature on our whirlpool tub reviews! Unlike the other units in the Deep Soak series, this model has an even deeper design of up to 6 ft. (or 72 inches).

This is the perfect model for those looking for a HUGE whirlpool for even more comfortable soaks!

The whirlpool is constructed from high-quality acrylic material w/fiberglass material for increased lifespan. It also comes with the EverClean technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mildew, and mold. The two molded-in armrests help you relax like a boss when soaked in this tub.

Its hydromassage system presents you with up to 10 jets for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Note that it’s possible to adjust these jets to produce your desired water flow.

Despite its vast design, this whirlpool is extremely easy to install. The glossy acrylic finish also makes it easy to clean.

Highlighted Features:

  • EverClean system
  • Side-mounted air switch
  • 3 silent air volume controls
  • 2.1Hp one-speed pump/motor
  • 10 adjustable jet control

9. 2 Person Bathtub Computerized Jetted Whirlpool

This is a newly designed indoor bathtub that can comfortably accommodate 2 bathers. The jetted whirlpool comes in white color only and will add a modern look to your bathroom.

The unit is constructed using acrylic & ABS compound material with up to 3 layers of fiberglass reinforcement with a stainless steel frame. Its water jet system comprises 6 adjustable massage jets plus 6 powerful back jets. The included remote control helps you easily control these multi-function jets.

Because the whirlpool also comes with an inline heater pump, it’s sure to keep the water hot without necessarily adding more water.

Additional items that make this whirlpool fun to use include underwater LED lighting, handheld shower wand, 2 soft padded waterproof pillows (removable), ozone water cleaner (kills bacteria, virus, mold, etc.), FM radio and quality speakers.

Above all, it features a deluxe computerized LCD screen control panel to help you easily control all the functions of the unit.

Highlighted Features:

  • Computerized whirlpool tub
  • Inline heater pump
  • 12 massage, air jets
  • LCD control system
  • Right corner install only
  • FM radio, dream pillow, shower wand
  • 5-year limited warranty

10. 2 Two Person Indoor Massage Hydrotherapy White Whirlpool Tub

In our last spot of the best whirlpool tubs, we have another 2 Two Person Indoor Massage Whirlpool Tub. This tub comes upgraded with Bluetooth connectivity, free remote control, and an inline water heater to keep the water warm.

The 2-person indoor tub features a sleek, modern design that’s sure to instantly transform your bathroom into a modern look. It comes equipped with massage jets and air jets that target specific body parts to help relieve your tired muscles.

Like the previous two-person model, this unit is also made from acrylic and ABS compound material with 3-layer fiberglass reinforcement and a stainless steel frame.

Additional features and functions of this tube include LCD control system, FM Radio, 2 soft padded waterproof pillows (removable), thermostatic faucet (with ozone water cleaner), underwater lighting effects, handheld shower wand sensor, and water level sensor.

Highlighted Features:

  • LCD control panel
  • 2 soft padded waterproof pillows
  • Adjustable thermostatic faucet
  • Underwater LED lighting
  • FM radio with speaker
  • 6 adjustable jets, 8 back jets
  • Power: 110v and 30 Amp (dedicated)
  • Full 5-year warranty

The Perfect Whirlpool BathTub – Buying Guide

When purchasing the best jacuzzi tub, the biggest mistake you can make is going out and buying one without first determining if it’ll fit in the available space at your home.

You’ll surely get disappointed!

Size is just one of the crucial factors that heavily influence your choice of a whirlpool tub.

And there are more factors as outlined below:


Different whirlpool bathtubs are designed using different types of materials.

However, the most popular models on the market today are designed using acrylic material with some fiberglass or plastic reinforcement.

The reason why acrylic material is widely used in these tubs is due to its tear and wear resistant and rustproof properties.

It’s also possible to come across models made from cast iron and cultured marble, porcelain on steel, etc. it all depends on your taste and budget.

Overall, the key thing is to get a tub made from a durable material that doesn’t fade/discolor easily and lasts forever.


The best way to ensure the whirlpool you buy will fit in your home is to measure the available bathroom space before you can even buy any tub.

Different tubs come with different sizes…with most of them coming in 3 standard sizes (5ft, 5.5ft, and 6ft). With measurements of available space at hand, picking the right size of bathtub becomes much easier.

If you need any extra space around your tub, say for holding items like oils, candles, etc., you might want to add around 1-inch to your measurements on all the sides.

TIP: You can even take down any dividing walls and showers in your bathroom as a way of gaining more space for installing the whirlpool tub.

Pump power (Horsepower)

If you’ve used a whirlpool tub before, then you’re already aware that these things require a pump to force air through its jets to produce bubbles and streams that help relax your muscles.

The manufacturers usually ship their tubs alongside a pump.

That said, it’s crucial to look at the power rating of the pump included in the tub you plant to buy. The more powerful the pump is, the more forceful the air becomes.

A pump with horsepower between 1-2HP will be a good choice for most homeowners.


How much are you willing to spend on the new whirlpool bathtub

A standard whirlpool will cost you from around $400 all the way up to $10,000. The cost will depend on factors like the customization, size, and the list of features.

Make sure the money you spend on a whirlpool is worth the features an functions it comes with.

How To Clean A Whirlpool Bathtub?

Part of keeping your whirlpool bathtub in perfect working conditions and extending its lifespan involves giving it a thorough clean on a regular basis.

The cleaning frequency can be once or twice in a month, or after every time you use bath products in your tub.

Here are generalized instructions for cleaning a whirlpool tub:

1. Fill your bathtub with hot water and then submerge its uppermost jets such that they’re at least 2 inches under water.

2. Next, add around 2 cups of white vinegar to the hot water and close the air induction valves (check if your manufacturer recommends about closing the valves or leaving them on).

3. Put on the jets and set them to HIGH. Leave them running for approx. 15 minutes. Or leave them running until no more debris are entering your tub from the whirlpool’s inner mechanism.

4. Drain all the water and wipe out all the remaining residue inside the tub. Fill the tub again, this time using warm water.

5. Allow the jets to run for another 15 minutes (on HIGH setting) and then drain your tub. Clean the inside of your whirlpool as you’d in a routine cleaning session.

WARNING: Avoid using harsh abrasives that can easily damage the tub’s surface.

IMPORTANT: we suggest that you consult your user manual for the recommended cleaning directions for your specific whirlpool tub.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the best whirlpool bathtub?

The perfect whirlpool tub for you is one that meets all your unique needs and expectations.

First of all, it should be able to execute its primary role perfectly well—massaging your body pressure parts to help relax your tired muscles.

It should also be aesthetically appealing; it should fit your bathroom décor.

Above all, it should match your budget needs.

Our list of 10 top-rated whirlpool tubs will help you find a model that meets your taste and budget.

2. what’s the difference between a whirlpool bathtub and air bath?

The primary difference between a whirlpool and air bath is the mechanism of operation. That is, a whirlpool tub (or water jet) shoots jets of water while an air bath uses jets of air.

Water jets offer more vigorous massages. However, some water tends to remain inside the jet after bathing, leading to the possibility of mold and bacteria growing inside if you don’t clean them regularly.

Air jets, on the other hand, are less vigorous than then water jets—making them suitable for folks who don’t want to be pummeled by a bath. However, they can be a bit noisier and tend to cause heat dissipation more quickly.

Keep in mind: there are combination whirlpools (with both air and water jets), though they’re less common. These allow you to enjoy the two worlds separately or simultaneously, for varied massage.

However, these combination models are usually expensive to buy and operate.

3. Does a whirlpool tub require a dedicated circuit?

Yes, a whirlpool (a whirlpool tub motor) requires its own dedicated circuit for efficient operation. If your model comes with a heater, it’ll also need its own dedicated circuit as well.

We urge you to hire a professional electrician to do the wiring for your new whirlpool.

4. Can you use bath salt in a whirlpool bathtub?

This is a controversial topic. Some whirlpool tub manufacturers allow it while others warn you against using salt baths salt in their whirlpool tubs.

Yet, a number of them state that you should only use the salts when using your tub with the whirlpool jets turned off.

In our view, using plain bath salts is safer as it completely dissolves without harming your tub. But other types of salts can easily clog the inner mechanism of your tub, or even cause damage if used when the jets are on.

5. How do I install a whirlpool bathtub?

Follow this visual guide on how to install a typical whirlpool tub in your bathroom to start enjoying hours of relaxation:

Final Verdict

Whirlpool tubs have a become soo popular that it’s almost impossible to find a home in the US without one. This is because they offer you an easier, more affordable way to relax in the comfort of your bedroom after a long, busy day.

A great whirlpool has water and air jets that target all the pressure parts of your body to help relieve stress and soothe your tired muscles.

In our in-depth guide above, we’ve outlined the 10 best whirlpool tubs that you can find on the market today. We hope that you’ll find a suitable model for your home from these top-quality units that suit your unique needs and budget.

Before you buy any whirlpool tub, make sure you go through our buying guide section to understand all the crucial factors to consider to ensure you get the perfect unit for your home.

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