Hydor Professional Canister Filter 600: Yay or Nay?

An aquarium without a good filter to match will end up accumulating debris and waste which could be harmful to aquatic life. This is why you can’t do without the best canister filters in the market.

For effective contaminant removal, a unit like the Hydor 600 will not only offer you great value for your money, but ensure you won’t be replacing your aquatic filter any time soon.

Want to know every fact and figures about this unique brand? Then read on.

Hydor Professional External Canister Filter – Aquarium External Filter – Telescopic Intake Tubes, Easy Priming – EcoSystem in a Box – Biological, Mechanical, Chemical Filtration – 190 to 345 gph
  • COMPLETE ECOSYSTEM IN A BOX: This external filter for generation aquariums offers maximum performance and high filtration standards, not to mention an entire eco-system in a box
  • PREMIUM VERSATILITY: This professional external canister filter for aquariums features a priming pump that offers the versatility you need. The unit is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • SIMPLE TO USE: The long-life ceramic shaft, large filter volume and safety locks make this professional external canister filter easy to use as a beginner or a long-term hobbyist. The space-saving unit is perfect for small and large aquariums
  • FILTER OPTIONS: Choose from professional external canister filters that operate with gallon ranges from 20 to 150. The filter circulation stems from 160 to 290 gallons, depending upon the model you choose
  • SPECIALIZED SERVICE: With more than 30 years of experience offering high-quality products for the passionate marine aquarist, Hydor is dedicated to manufacturing unique and innovative items in the field of aquarium technology


  • Great value for your money
  • Filter maintenance is fast and can easily be performed
  • Easy to assemble and can quickly be filled with water
  • Quite operation
  • Large internal volumes
  • Ideal for marine and fresh water tank
  • Failure free filter operation is made possible by the ceramic axle
  • Any form of leakage is curbed due to the reliable clamps and special rings
  • Wide and easy to fix hoses
  • Easy priming system so you can get it up and running fast


  • Replacement parts are quite difficult to find simply because it’s a new model filter
  • Maintenance can be hectic, because water may spill out while taking it apart
  • Filters are shipped from far, so sometimes there might be some form of damage to it
  • It doesn’t have the best quality plastic
  • The installation manual isn’t the best, but this is the case of most canister filters

The hydors professional canister filter 600 is constructed for keeping modern aquariums clean and free from contaminated water. Built with exceptional design for efficiency of space, this machine offers you superb performance and versatility over many other canister filters out there.

It is built on Japanese models coupled with a compact, rectangular footprint and firm fitting baskets for high performance pump. It also features a powerful internal motor and a soundproof system to eliminate any form of vibration or noises.

The filter also comes preloaded with every necessary media, with a high density mechanical sponge for clean filtration inclusive, sintered ceramic rings for biological filtration, and a maximum porous mechanical sponge to remove any form of dirt in the aquariums up to 150 gallons.

Also included are 5 media trays, telescopic intake, spray bar return plus a fully adjustable shut-off valves.

Though the hydor 600 is a new filter in the market, it delivers good outstanding filtration results that would leave you stunned. This filter offers good filtration with maximum efficiency and exceptional design, all for a lower price than popular brands such as Eheim or Fluval.

This filter comes in five different sizes to accommodate aquariums ranging from 20 to 150 gallons in capacity.

The device offers three stage filtration that begins from mechanical filtration which has to do with removal of solid wastes from water columns, chemical filtration to remove solute wastes and toxins, and biological filtration to enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria that helps maintain water quality.

What's In The Box

Inside the box is everything you need, including the filter, filtration media, valves and all the tubes. The filter is pretty solid, well constructed with a great design that you can show off instead of just shoving it into a closet.

Setting up is quiet easy when you follow instructions in the manual, you could ask for professional assistance which won’t make much out of your purse.

The hydors flow rate can be adjusted using the ball valves that are connected to the canister’s top housing. The ball valves are simply designed to reduce back pressure, but ensure effective water flow adjustments which will give you the perfect amount of output for your tank.

This filter is equipped with thick, extra wide tubes that allows increased and efficient water flow. Which makes it powerful enough to push water through these hoses.

Another great feature is the extendable spray bar, which has four sections to help you customize the length and placement that is best suitable for your tank. This allows almost every area of your tank. Interestingly the hydors also come with an adjustable angle flow return just incase you prefer not to use a spray bar.

What’s Special

The efficient design of this filter includes media trays that are completely flushed against the sides, which forces water down the filtration media. This simply means you won’t have to worry about your tank water creating a bypass channel and passing through unfiltered.

Also, this awesome filter can filter for 90-150 gallons tank at a flow rate of 345 gph, consuming as low as 35 watts of power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the black coarse sponge equipped in this filter charcoal activated?

No, the coarse sponge is not charcoal activated

2. What is the tube diameter?

The diameter of the tube inlet is 3/4 inches while the outlet is 5/8 inches.

3. Does it come with the United states plug?

Yes, it comes with the united states plug.

4. Is the filter able to adapt to a 220 volts system?

Yes, but a necessary converter or adaptor is needed.

5. Does it come with everything needed to set it up?

Yes, it does.

6. What is the diameter of the hose?

The diameter of the hose is measured at 0.825 inches

7. Where is the filter made?

Hydor is a global company that is registered in Vincenzo, Italy with its satellite headquarters in the united states. But the product is manufactured and assembled in China.

8. How many inches tall is the filter?

The filter is twenty-four (24) inches tall.

9. Does it come with everything I need to start my turtle tank?

Yes, it has everything you need for any aquarium.


The hydors company has been in the aquarium business for decades now but only just recently decided to venture into the market of filter manufacture.

It might be a new model in terms of how many years it has spent in the market but it will get any aquarium user excited because of its numerous outstanding features.

It is quite normal to find some people that are not comfortable with all the hype around the hydor canister filter until they actually use it.

This great filter has gained lots of positive feedbacks across the internet and the aquarium filter at large. We expect you will be quite astonished when this filter surpasses your expectations upon your purchase.

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