Marineland Magniflow 220 Review: Worth It Or Not?

The state of any aquarium is always dependent on the state of its filter. Without a good filter, you’re most likely to deal with a dirty aquarium, which is bad for you and worse for the fishes in the tank as they could easily pick up diseases.

This is why you can’t afford to do without the luxury of a good filter.

Unfortunately, the process of identifying the right canister filter for your tank can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve never been in the market for one.

Being able to pick the right product is very important if you want to keep a clean tank, because your aquarium is only as good as the filter serving it.

The Marineland magniflow 220 Canister Filter is one of the top selling brands in the market that has proven to be extremely useful for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

However, it’s generally viewed as being on the smaller side given its small filter capacity around 55 gallons.

Configured to self-priming and equipped with a 3-stage filtration system, this unit is designed with both performance and style in mind. Its multistage filtration helps to deliver a deep clean thereby ensuring an aquatic environment that is safe and healthy.

It has a massive flow rate of 360 gallon of water per hour and can handle tanks that are up to 100-gallon capacity.

The purpose of this article is to help you understand the fact and figures of this Marineland filter, so that you can make an informed decision.

Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter 220 GPH For aquariums, Easy Maintenance
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Water flows through media layers to filter water and ensure a clean aquatic environment.
  • FAST SETUP: Water-tight canister lid lifts up for easy removal.
  • THREE SIZES AVAILABLE: Comes in 220 GPH, 360 GPH and 360 GPH sizes.
  • MARINELAND FILTRATION PRODUCTS: Count on Marineland brand for the most reliable, technically advanced aquariums and accessories on the market.


  • Quiet operation
  • Highly durable
  • Quick starting
  • Good flow rate
  • Comes with warranty


  • Needs lot of space for installation
  • Not ideal for smaller tanks

Features and Benefits

It’s always a good idea to understand what a product offers in order to determine if it’s worth your investment. Below are the most important features and benefits of the Marineland magniflow 220.

Multi-stage Filtration

One of the best highlights of this machine is its 3-stage filtration system which includes chemical, mechanical and biological fitration stages.

Each of these stages is involved with the removal of various kinds of contaminants in your tank supply.

The mechanical stage has to do with the removal of various kinds of solid debris that riddle your tank. It consists of filter foam pads which help to capture and screen out these debris and dirt.

The chemical filtration stage is concerned with the removal of impurities, odor and discoloration. It uses a bag fitted with Black Diamond Carbon to achieve this process.

The biological step encourages the growth of bio spires through the use of bio-filter balls and ceramic rings which together provides a large surface area needed for this growth to take place.

Even though this unit features 3 filtration stages, it has four different chambers through which the water passes through for thorough cleaning. So in addition to filtration, the water is also polished so that it can actually look clean.

All these processes help to keep your tank alive and ensure your guppies get a good of fresh water to burst with energy.

Easy Operation and Maintenance

Among all the aquatic filtration systems in the market, the Magniflow 220 is one of the best models that is extremely easy to use. It has a design that makes both setup and maintenance user-friendly.

A detailed step by step guide is provided to eliminate guesswork to make it straightforward, so you can spend less time on setup and focus on having the system up and running.

The machine is also super easy to clean and maintain. It doesn’t take much to dismantle for cleaning and pull back together when done. The system is designed in such a way that even newbies will be able to do this without any hassle.

To get started, just pop on the tab on the valve block, and then remove the clips. When you are done cleaning, you can reverse and plug back the unit.

Apart from quick maintenance, the presence of a valve block also helps to prevent spills and leaks thereby prolonging the life span of the filter.

It may also interest you to know that this machine has a quick release feature that makes it possible to temporarily stop the flow of water to enable quick maintenance without possible leaks.

It is also worthy to note that this unit is made with high quality plastic that guarantees its sturdiness and durability. This is not like any one of those systems you will need to replace after few months of use.

Quick Priming

Some canister filters usually require manual priming, which can be a pain in the butt for even experienced fish keepers. Luckily the Magniflow 220 gives you a better option.

Instead of manual priming, the machine comes with a quick prime button that initiates self-priming startup in the filter chamber after filling with water.

This means you can fold your arms and relax while the system primes your tubes. No need to siphon manually in order to get enough water to run in your tank.

Quiet Operation

Most canister filters that have high processing power often produce a lot of noise when they are running. While this is understandable, it is not something everyone wants to deal.

If you are one of those who wish for an aquarium filter that is powerful yet silent, then this filter is well deserving.

Even though you might consider this filter big, it doesn’t produce all those sputtering and whirring sound often associated with large filters.

This means you can stay in the same room with the aquarium without worrying about losing your mind due to so much noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does it come with filtration media?

Yup, it does arrive with a filtration media.

2. Does it make your water very clean?

Yes, definitely. That is why it is made for.

3. How many media tray does it contain?

It comes with 3 different media trays.

4. Is the installation process hectic?

No, its pretty easy. Just ensure water is siphoned into it before switching it on.

5. Can you run a heater inside the canister?

No, you can’t run a heater inside the canister, it may cause it to leak.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for an adequate filter for your saltwater or freshwater aquarium, we highly recommend this unit. Though it has a few negatives, the upsides far outweigh them, so you can be certain of getting good value for your money.

And if after few months of use, the system falls short of your expectation due to damage, you are covered by the warranty that comes with it.

By taking into consideration all the hidden catches we’ve highlighted so far, you should now be in the beat position to make a clearer decision.

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