Marineland Magniflow 360 Review: How Good Is It?

Canister Filters

The major challenge with many canister filters in the market is allowing the incoming water to bypass the filter media. In other words, only half of the job is done by these filter units, as the resulting tank water doesn’t have the level of purity and clearness required for a clean aquatic environment.

After extensive research for the best models that overcome this limitation, we are glad to inform you that the Marineland Magniflow 360 Water Filter is one product that has been a remarkable success.

Marineland Magniflow 360

Marineland Magniflow Canister Filter For aquariums, Easy Maintenance
  • 3-STAGE FILTRATION: Water flows through media layers to filter water and ensure a clean aquatic environment
  • VERSATILE: For freshwater and saltwater aquariums

The manufacturer’s claim of having a revolutionary design that prevents any bypass by the incoming water over the filtration media is nothing less than the truth, as seen in the quality of water the machine delivers.

Your tank is brought back to life with clean and fresh water by forcing your supply through the four media trays. Even though the filter mainly uses bio-filter balls and activated carbon, it still works well with a range of chemical, mechanical and biological media.

The use of activated carbon helps to ensure the removal of harmful chemicals such as copper and chlorine. At the same time, the bio-filter balls house a large surface area required for biological filtration and the development of the bacteria responsible.

The vinyl tubing provided with the unit is also quite durable. Installation is pretty straightforward, and as long as you do things properly, you shouldn’t experience any leaks.


  • Good flow rate
  • Solid construction
  • It doesn’t have a bypass design
  • High filtration capacity


  • It weighs a bit heavy
  • Marineland Magniflow 360 – Features and Benefits
  • Solid Construction

In terms of build and quality, the Magniflow 360 rates are pretty high. Besides its large size, it is heavy and sturdy. It has a simple shape which helps to facilitate its capability for no-bypass.

The body consists of a thick gray plastic covering and various tightly locked parts to ensure the sturdiness and durability of the filter. Like the unit itself, the hoses are somewhat thick and substantial. This might not sound intimidating until you need to lift the machine.

Compared to other canister filters in the market, this Magniflow is considered heavier at 20 pounds. The weight is even more when you fill it with water and filtration media. Here, you might need to pull some muscles to move the machine to your sink.

The media trays used in this unit might be the most spacious in the market. This gives you a lot of customization options. ​More so, the trays are pretty easy to access.

Easy Setup And Priming of the Marineland Magniflow 360

As it seems, Marineland has learned a great deal from the shortcomings of some other manufacturers in this regard. While the written instructions provided are still horrendous, they decided to go through the trouble of including a good DVD instructional for us.

Though many of you may still want to head to YouTube to get a simplified tutorial, this is quite helpful. The setup process is relatively easy, especially if you have experience in setting up a canister filter.

Priming is quite simple, too, thanks to the quick prime button. It quickly fills the canister housing and eliminates the need for manual siphoning, making it less messy for you as well. Hopefully, more and more filters will start including this feature, but it’s just the Marineland 360 and a few for now.

Since this model is prepackaged with the media you need, you can unbox it and get to work. No additional cost of buying different filter media.

However, don’t expect “top on the line.” Along the line, you might want to consider investing in some new filtration media that is a bit more efficient.

Marineland Magniflow 360 Has An Efficient Filtration

Marineland meant business when they said “no-bypass.” The interlocking sealed media trays force water to move only through the various filters.

By providing the tank water with no other part to take, marine land ensures your water undergoes the filtration process properly.

While the no-bypass system may be superb, the so-called quiet operation needs a bit of work. For sure, it is not the loudest filter around, but there is a distinction that you will pick up on that isn’t present with most silent filters on the market.

Marineland Magniflow 360 is Easy to Clean up

Marineland® C360 Canister Filter | fish Filters | PetSmart

Once you finally get this monster to the sink, cleanup isn’t too big an issue. You probably have ideas when it comes to maintenance and cleaning.

Take the filter apart, clean with tank water to preserve your beneficial bacteria, make sure there are no obstructions, then assemble the filter.

It is pretty much the same with the C360; however, proper care would have to be taken not to damage or lose the gaskets that seal the trays together.

On the plus side, in case you happen to lose anything while cleaning, marine land is running a top-notch customer service operation, and you will be able to get replacement parts in no time.

Marineland Magniflow 360 – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it capable of sterilizing UV?

No, it can’t.

2. Does it come with hoses?

Yes, it does.

3. Is it suitable for a turtle tank?

Absolutely! This filter works extensively for turtle tanks.

4. Does it make loud noises?

Just a humming sound that you’d hardly notice.

5. What’s the height of the canister 360?

It’s 15.5 inches tall.

The Marineland 360 is one filter unit that brings a lot to the table. Apart from the fact that it delivers clean and clear water to your aquarium, it comes with many impressive features that make it easy to use and maintain. For its price, you might not find a better alternative.

Features Of A Good Canister Filter

A canister plays a vital role in fishing rearing; therefore, quality features should be a priority. Since nitrate is a significant threat to your fish, consider going for a good canister filter. A canister filter may have various media types, e.g., biological, chemical, and mechanical media; therefore, invest in a canister filter with outstanding features. A canister filter works in different water types, e.g., salty, fresh, e.t.c hence a reason to look for a canister filter with topmost features like Marineland 360 canister filters.

Below are some of the features an ideal canister filter should have;


A canister filters media is the material that changes water quality in your aquarium. A media filter plays a vital role in your aquarium. They act as a defense in your canister. Mechanical media is an essential canister part as it prevents debris from clogging biological and chemical media filters. It would help if you went for canister filter media that works at par with your needs.

 Thinking of chemical media, choose materials that are readily available since they often require replacements. Media filters allow a favorable environment in your aquarium; therefore, go for the best materials like Marineland Magniflow 360 canister.

Spray bar

Spray bar has a lot to offer in your aquarium. Oxygen in your aquarium is of the essence; spray bars agitate the aquarium’s amount of oxygen. A spray has the essential duty of enhancing water movement in the canister. Massive water movements may cause currents that may be harmful to the fish. Big water rushes may interrupt your fish, but spray bars have a way of controlling it.

The spray bar maximizes the safety of the fish as it regulates water movement into the canister. Marineland Magniflow 360 spray bars are the best when it comes to oxygen regulation in your aquarium.

Quiet Operation

Investing in a canister filter that is easy to operate is good for you and your fish. You don’t want to keep interrupting your fish when struggling to run the canister filters. Regular oxygen flow is vital in your aquarium; therefore, ensure you can operate your canister efficiently to avoid interfering with spray bars. A good canister filter will enable you to replace the media easily; since canister, media plays an essential role in changing water quality. The media, especially the biological ones, often need a replacement; therefore, the simple the operation, the better.


Hygiene is a priority in your aquarium. A clean canister filter provides your fish a serene environment; therefore, you should practice proper hygiene for your canister filter. A canister filter should be easy and quick to clean. The cleaning materials should be readily available, just a mere old toothbrush. Filter pads require proper cleaning; therefore, go for that canister filters with filters pads that are easier to clean.

Avoid that canister filter that still holds debris even after long hours of cleaning.

However, Marineland Magniflow 360 canister filter saves you the maintenance worry; since it’s quick and easier to clean, unlike other canister filters.


After your keeping the proper hygiene of your canister filter, the next thing in line is the power of your canister filter. How many gallons of water can your canister filter hold per hour? The canister filter power depends on the size of the aquarium and the number of your fish. The presence of media filters reduces the gallon per hour capabilities of your canisters.

Always ensure the turnover rate (gallons per hour) is at least five times your aquarium water volume.


A canister is just like any other machine; it can break or malfunction at any time. The repairs can be costly and of low quality at the same time. Since you are operating your canister filter 24/7, things are bound to happen; hence the importance of a warranty. A warranty enables the use of your canister with freedom and fewer worries; you have a guarantee of replacement and repairs should anything happen.

The warranty allows you to operate your canister filter without limitations. Invest in the Marineland 360  Canister filter with outstanding features for better performance.

How To Maintain Canister Filters

Goldfish in Water

Apart from cleaning the walls of your aquarium, canister filter hygiene is also vital for your fish. A canister plays a primary role in your aquarium; therefore, consider maintaining it regularly. An aquarium is a sensitive mini-ecosystem; consequently, it requires quality maintenance. Since a canister filter focuses on changing water quality in your aquarium; then keeping it clean enhances the performance.

Canister filter often clogs with debris hence the need to clean regularly for a smooth run. Never replace all the media filters at the same time to avoid killing beneficial bacteria in the filter. Beneficial bacteria Marineland 360 plays a crucial role in removing nitrate and ammonia harmful to your fish. Avoid using tap water to clean canister filters since it contains chemicals like chlorine that kill beneficial bacteria.

Canister maintenance can be challenging at times; below is simple guidelines to make the process smooth and quick;

Mechanical Media

Mechanical media are the significant filters in a canister filter as they filter larger debris, e.g., fish waste and food particles. It has two main parts; filter sponge and filter floss that help in serving filtration purposes. The filter sponge prevents large debris from clogging the primary filter. On the other hand, filters loss catches acceptable floating debris as they enter the filter sponge.

A filter sponge is a primary filter in a canister filter. It is also readily available compared to other filters. The filter sponge is quick and easy to clean. Treated water tap or aquarium water is fit for cleaning the filter sponge. You can easily squeeze and shake the filter sponge during the cleaning process. Have several bowls of water for thorough rinsing and removal of debris.

The filter sponge comes in a pair; clean each pair at a time to avoid losing beneficial bacteria. The filter sponge does not require regular replacements; only replace it if it’s entirely worn out.

Filter floss is also referred to as a polishing filter. It is the last filter as the water returns to the tank. Filter floss easily clogs; therefore, always clean it after 2 to 4 weeks. Use aquarium water to clean the filter floss. You should shake the polishing filter hard to eradicate the tiny debris. Replace the filter floss if you are unable to flash out the junk out.

Chemical Media

The chemical filter is a particular filter type that uniquely cleans the tank. It is activated carbon with the capability of removing odor, water discoloration. Chemical filters remove all pollutants that mechanical filter. Chemical contaminants include dyes, unpleasant smells, and heavy metals.

Magniflow 360 canister filters have outstanding chemical filters recommendable for your aquarium. Chemical media may shed dyes and heavy metals into the water after prolonged use. Some chemical media like carbon are impossible to clean or regenerate; all you can do is replace them every 1 to 2 months.

Biological Media

Biological filters have beneficial bacteria for your aquarium filtration. Cleaning the natural filters is a quick and straightforward process like those of Marineland 360. You gently submerge it in aquarium water and shake it vigorously to remove all the debris. Avoid using tap water even if it is treated. Rinse it mildly to avoid washing away beneficial bacteria.

Canister Filter Body

Aside from cleaning the filtration media, it is vital to clean the canister body also. Dissemble the canister body parts so that you can clean them. The body parts include a media filter basket that is easy to clean using an unused kitchen sponge. Rinse them thoroughly using treated tap water.

Also, wash the canister filter casing the same way. Elbow grease is suitable for washing dirt on the casing. Handle the impeller shaft carefully to avoid breakages as it is made of ceramic. Simply clean and rinse the impeller shaft and impeller to remove the dirt off. Pour any water on the canister filter body down the sink after the cleaning. You can now assemble the parts of the canister filter body after you are done cleaning.

How To Choose A Canister Filters

Clean water is crucial for your aquarium, therefore making the filtration system essential in the aquarium. There are multiple types of canisters in the market, and picking the appropriate one can be challenging. Canister filters enhance efficient oxygen flow in your aquarium, hence the need to choose a suitable canister.

A canister can be set up in different places e.g.planted aquarium, reef, or freshwater. Your choice of the canister can have a significant impact on the life of your fish and aquarium. Selecting the right canister filter can be a challenging task. Below is a simple guideline on how to choose a canister filter;

High Quality

A canister filter of good quality is essential for your aquarium.  A quality canister filter like Marineland Magniflow 360  offers the best in your aquarium.

A high-quality canister filter has unbeatable performance. You can even ask for recommendations on the high-quality canister filter. Check for customers’ reviews for a high-quality canister.


If you invest handsomely in a canister, you expect it to serve for a more extended time. Canister durability goes hand in hand with canister filter reliability. Your canister filter should not bow to pressure no matter how hard the condition.

If the canister breaks down regularly, it may jeopardize the life of your fish; due to the poor flow of oxygen. There is a possibility of contaminated water entering your aquarium if the canister has frequent tears. Consider investing in a marine 360 canister whose durability is a guarantee.

Good flow rate

A good flow rate in your aquarium is a vital aspect. Your aquarium should always have sufficient clean water. Flow rate is measured in gallons per hour. However, the number of gallons depends on the size of your canister filter.

If there is a good flow rate, then oxygen is sufficient in the aquarium.

Check out the filter media

Filter media is a crucial component of your canister filter; check them carefully before purchasing. There are media filters for a canister; biological media filter, mechanical media filter, and chemical media filter. Each serves its purposes just like the name suggests. The three medium works well when they are together.

However, if you don’t have enough cash, a mechanical media filter can work all alone though not perfectly. It can protect the rest of the media from clogging with large debris. Consider buying the media filters for quick and thorough water filtration.

Think of purchasing a large canister so that all the media can fit well. It is advisable to buy a canister filter with several baskets to simplify the filtration process.


The same way you buy clothes or shoes that perfectly fit you is the same thing you consider first before buying a canister filter. What is the size of my aquarium? Know the dimensions of your aquarium before purchasing a canister filter. Some of the canisters can be too large or too small for your aquarium.

Generally, canister filters are for large aquariums, but there is always something for everyone. A canister filter should be adaptable for the outstanding filtration process.


Canister filter maintenance is a critical factor for your aquarium. It should be quick and easy. The maintenance, too, should be cost-effective. The maintenance process should be DIY(do it yourself) to cut the cost.

The maintenance process may involve components replacement for your canister filter; the spares should be available in stores anytime you need them.


For you to buy a canister filter of your choice, you must have enough money. All the above factors are achievable if you have cash. Go for a pocket-friendly canister filter. An expensive canister filter at purchase can be costly all through.

Why? Its maintenance costs you a lot of money. The canister filters spare part may turn out to be expensive during replacement. Buy that canister filter that won’t strain you financially.


Canister filters are vital in your aquarium. It would be best to have maximum regulation and oxygen flow in your aquarium for your fish; a canister filter saves the worry. Clean water with a pleasant smell is the ideal water for your fish, thanks to a canister filter. Any time you are purchasing a canister filter, consider getting the Marineland 360 canister filter.

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