Do You Know How Often You Need to Water Aloe?

As a gardener, you probably know that aloe vera plants are of 95% water. This emphasizes pretty much everything to you on how much care should be given when it comes to watering your plant. If you are watering this succulent type of plant, here is our watering recommendation for your Aloe plant.

Watering Your Aloe

The succulent type of plant naturally contains a lot of water. Sometimes it may seem to you that the soil is dry and you need to water it.Probably you are assuming the wrong concept about the Aloe.

Most of your houseplants have water in their land, but with the Aloe, things are different. Aloe stores water in its leaves and supplies to the soil whenever it needs. Interesting, isn't it?

Therefore, people tend to water their Aloe plant, again and again, thinking the soil needs to be wet. If you over-water the plant, it will end up dying.

When to Water

For enquiring, you can examine the soil to see if the plant is getting the right amount of water or not.

Stick your finger and reach to the soil. Does your finger feel sopping wet? If the answer is affirmative, then wait for a while to water your Aloe again. And if your finger appears moist, you should pause for a few days more.  

How Often to Water

Most of the Aloe experts are agreed that you should water your Aloe once every week when it is the summer. But this doesn’t easily end here. There are lots of things for you to take into your consideration.

The weather, environment, season, plant itself (not every plant) trigger the timing when your plant is in need of water.

The winter is sort of hibernation period for Aloe plants. At that time, Aloe becomes dormant. So, you don’t need to water more often than usual times.In fact, you should water less. As it goes almost hibernated, it doesn’t use energy that much.

So, the water consumption is less than the times when it was more active. You are suggested to water once in every two weeks in this case.

Drainage System

Where you placed your Aloe in, is another crucial factor. A pot with proper drainage system helps a lot to water correctly. If your container has holes under it, you got the right one.

The cuts under the pot allow the extra water to drain.

If there is no hole, the water would have stuck under the pot and will produce fungus and other threating diseases that will eventually kill your precious Aloe. 

So far, we told you about general factors regarding watering your Aloe. Now, let’s jump into more specific things.

Aloe in Outdoor

how often to water aloe

Aloe grown in outdoor garden rarely requires water and gets enough moisture from rainfall. If you notice the soil completely became dry and fleshy leaves start to shrink, then the water can make a positive impact on the plant.

But this scenario isn’t common, it usually happens in extremely dry periods. The leaves provide enough water for moistening the upper few inches of the soil.

Indoor Condition

If you are growing Aloe in a container, things are different than what we just mentioned earlier.

The indoor condition requires watering the complete dry soil before withering of the plant takes place. If the ground feels moist to you, most likely you don't need to water any further.

Water your plant till we can see the extra moisture begins to drip from the middle of the pot. To water again, wait till the soil dries out completely.

Things to be Aware of

Aloe doesn't live to be dehydrated, but it enjoys the dry period. Don’t confuse with these two conditions.

They can handle much more water than you think. So, it’s better if you let them slowly absorb the water till the leaves are plumped and full of miraculous gel.

Don’t expect this to happen over-night. Give some time to adjust with the water, considering the climate.

Signs that You Just Over-watered

Does the soil feel soppy and squishy to you? This is because of the over-watering fact. You may also notice droopy leaves.

The growth of the plant stunts and there is no flower blooming. These are the signs that your plant is infected with fungus and other diseases.


You might not be able to tolerate things that are beyond your capacity. But with the Aloe, they are very tolerable even if you water them a bit excessively. Well, that doesn’t mean you will always be tempted to water.

If you are in doubt whether to water or not, please don’t! They will be totally fine for a couple of days even if you see the soil is drying out.

Hopefully, you got what we were trying to say the entire time. Yes, that’s how you should grow and take proper care of your Aloe plant, regardless indoor and outdoor condition.

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