ClearSource Premium RV Water Filter Review

Most Campsite And parks provide chlorinated city water for RVs. You can also get water from wells as well. But all of these have a strong smell of chlorine. A filter like premium RV water filter from clearsource, will give you the cleanest water.

The RV filter from clearsource is one of the most authentic filters you can get for your RV. This was even featured in “Essential Equipment For RV Camping” gear guide for TrailerLife Magazine and again in MotorHome Magazine.

The first striking feature of this is the cannisters. It has got 2 filters of 2.5 in * 10 in sizes. The first stage filter is 5 microns and it removes all the water sediments away and the next stage has a 0.5 micron filter that clears sensitive impurities.

It’s a common problem for people with recreational vehicles that they don’t get clean water easily. Rv parks provide well or city water that is merely palatable.

Clearsource Premium RV Water Filter System | Pristine Water. Unparalleled Water Flow. Built-in Stand.
  • AWARD WINNING. Featured In 2018 TrailerLife Magazine's "Essential Equipment For RV Camping" Gear Guide, and extensively reviewed in January, 2019 MotorHome Magazine ("Impressive." "Makes RV water filtering an art form.")
  • BULLET PROOF. Premium RV water filter system, engineered from the ground up for the RVer. Powder-coated chassis. Stainless steel fittings, not coated brass. Oversize canisters for maximum water flow.
  • PREMIUM, NSF CERTIFIED FILTER ELEMENTS. We build our systems only with NSF certified filter elements. Our 5 micron 2.5 x 10 inch first stage filter removes sediments. Our 0.5 micron coconut shell carbon block 2.5 x 10 inch second stage filter removes chlorine, volatile organic compounds, cysts, giardia, and other contaminants. Our coconut shell carbon block technology creates great tasting water - significantly better than standard carbon filters.
  • NEW! Also see our NEW Clearsource Ultra system, with three stage filtering! Search for Amazon product number ASIN B0872KKSV1. Also check out our NEW desert color version. Search for ASIN B07VYTBYWK.

This filter, with its intense carbon block filtering will easily clean the water from dirt and minerals that make the water taste bad. It can remove cysts, pesticides, oils, organic compounds to the highest levels so your water gets safer to drink.

The water flow is very satisfactory on this filter. Even if you use several fixtures, it will keep consistent pressure on all the outputs.

The build quality is very premium. The water connection hose is built from stainless steel materials. It can last long and can easily fit standard sized hose pipe.


  • Easy to set up
  • Carbon block filter
  • Stainless steel high quality construction
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Great customer service


  • Incoming hose in non rotational
  • Weighs a bit heavier for small a RV


Will this filter lead from water?

The default factory installed filters are Not designed to filter lead. There are not much lead in the water you get in your RV so that might not be much of a thing to worry.

However if you have higher risk of the lead water poisoning, getting a lead filter will be beneficial for you. Although Clearsource does not include it in the package but custom cartridges available in the market that will help you the job.

What kind of replacement cartridges can the system take?

The system takes standard cartridge size of 2.5 in * 10 in. The cartridges are of two stages. First one is a 5 micron sludge filter and the second one has a carbon block filter sized at 0.5 microns.

There are twin pack replacement filter available on the market that has exactly the two filters provided with the package. You can get one from market when you run out of the manufacturers included ones.

Does it remove bacteria from park water?

The .5 micron activated carbon filter is of the highest standards currently on the market. Materials such as chemicals, volatile elements, organic compounds, pesticides, cysts and oils can be filtered to the highest levels possible with this.

However, this level of contamination filtering might make the water somewhat tasteless. But the filtration is of no compromise.

Does the filter remove smell of sulfur from water?

The sulfur smell is caused By the hydrogen sulphide gas present in the water and it gives off a sharp smell of a rotten egg.

Clearsource has a second stage carbon block filter made of coconut shells which removes smells like these to a greater degree. If you want to completely get rid of this smell, you can substitute one of the cartridges with a granulated carbon filter.

Catalytic granulated carbon filters come in 2.5 in * 10 in size cartridges and they are widely available in the market. There are a range of cartridges made for specific use case available too.

How long Does the filters last?

The filter cartridges are designed to filter upto 2000 gallons of water. If you are an occasional RVer, replacing the filters once a year will be just fine. But if you’re more like a weekender or regular RVer, replace 2 - 6 times a year.


There are very few filters available on the market that can meet all your needs in a single unit. this is one of the few ones that is premium starting from the build quality all the way through that will not fail to satisfy you.

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