ClearSource Premium RV Water Filter Review

Most Campsite and parks provide chlorinated city water for RVs. You can also get water from wells. But all of these have a strong smell of chlorine. This premium ClearSource RV filter will give you the cleanest water. The Clear Source water filter is one of the most authentic filters you can get for your RV. It was even featured in the “Essential Equipment for RV Camping” gear guide for TrailerLife Magazine and MotorHome Magazine.

The first striking feature of this is the canisters. It has got two filters of 2.5 in * 10 in sizes. The first stage filter is 5 microns, and it removes all the water sediments away, and the next stage has a 0.5-micron filter that clears sensitive impurities. It’s a common problem for people with recreational vehicles that they don’t get clean water quickly. RV parks provide well or merely palatable city water.

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ClearSource Premium RV Water Filter Review

Overview of Features

With its intense carbon block filtering, this filter will easily clean the water from dirt and minerals that make the water taste bad. It can remove cysts, pesticides, oils, organic compounds to the highest levels, so your water gets safer to drink.

The water flow is very satisfactory on this filter. Even if you use several fixtures, it will keep consistent pressure on all the outputs. The build quality is very sturdy. The water connection hose is built from stainless steel materials. It can last long and can easily fit a standard-sized hose pipe.

  • Easy to set up
  • Carbon block filter
  • Stainless steel high-quality construction
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Great customer service


  • Incoming hose in non-rotational
  • It weighs a bit heavier for a small RV



Will this filter lead from water?

The default factory-installed filters are not designed to filter lead.

However, if you have a higher risk of lead water poisoning, getting a lead filter will benefit you. Although ClearSource does not include it in the package, custom cartridges are available in the market will help you do the job.

What kind of replacement cartridges can the system take?

The system takes a standard cartridge size of 2.5 in * 10 in. The cartridges are of two stages. The first is a 5-micron sludge filter, and the second one has a carbon block filter sized at 0.5 microns.

There are twin pack replacement filters available on the market with exactly the two filters provided with the package. You can get one from the market when you run out of the manufacturer’s included ones.

Does it remove bacteria from park water?

The 0.5 microns activated carbon filter is of the highest standards currently on the market. Materials such as chemicals, volatile elements, organic compounds, pesticides, cysts, and oils can be filtered to the highest levels possible with this.

However, this level of contamination filtering might make the water somewhat tasteless. But the filtration is of no compromise.

Does the filter remove the smell of sulfur from water?

The hydrogen sulfide gas present causes the sulfur smell in the water, and it gives off a sharp smell of a rotten egg.

The ClearSource RV water filtration system has a second-stage carbon block filter made of coconut shells which removes smells like these to a greater degree. If you want to eliminate this smell, you can substitute one of the cartridges with a granulated carbon filter.

Catalytic granulated carbon filters come in 2.5 in * 10 in size cartridges, and they are widely available in the market. There is a range of cartridges made for specific use cases available too.

How long do the filters last?

The filter cartridges are designed to filter up to 2000 gallons of water. If you are an occasional RVer, replacing the filters once a year will be just fine. But if you’re more like a weekender or regular RVer, replace 2 – 6 times a year.

There are very few filters available on the market to meet all your needs in a single unit. This is one of the few premium ones, starting from the build quality that will not fail.

Benefits of a Water Filtration System

Water is life. It is not easy to tell the purity of water with naked eyes. There are tiny invisible bacteria that are risky for human health. Whether in rural or urban areas, please don’t just trust unknown sources of water. A high percentage of illness is associated with dirty. Being it cooking, laundry, or bathing water, never use unfiltered water.

Water pollutants are everywhere, and they can easily slip into your water. If you come from regions with tricky waters, you are at risk of consuming highly contaminated water. Normalize water filtration to avoid risking your health.

Here are the significant benefits of home water filtration;

Safe Drinking

Water pollutants are all over. Some of the contaminants are visible, while others are invisible. Heavy metals are plenty in a region with hard waters putting your life at risk if you consume the unpurified water. Water quality also matters a lot; filtration improves your water quality.

Invest in a clear source water filter to have safe drinking water at all times.

Save Money

It is costly to buy bottled water in your home daily. You have to use a lot of bottled water to satisfy the consumptions needs of your family. A monthly budget for bottled water in your home is way too expensive than installing a home water filtration system. The bottled water may not be that safe since you don’t know the sources.

It could be unfiltered water just packed appealingly to win your trust. The costly prices could is just for the branding and packaging, not for clean water. The water may cause illness due to the presence of contaminants. Invest in a clearsource RV water filter system

rather than paying hospital bills. The money you save is adequate to solve other monetary problems in your home.

Help Preserve the Environment

Everyone has to keep the environment safe for all of us. Plastic is well known for its common environmental pollution. Once the environment is polluted, restoring its glory is an expensive affair. Why not save the environment to have a better living place? Consider investing in-home water filtration to avoid polluting the environment with plastics from bottled water.

Reduce Potential Plumbing Issues

Your plumbing system is vulnerable to harmful minerals and heavy materials in water. Heavy metals in your water cause severe corrosion on your plumbing system hence resulting in plumbing issues. The heavy metals frequent deposits as likely to clog the plumbing lines. Clogging fails the performance of your plumbing systems hence calling for plumbing services.

Consider installing a clearsource RV water filtration system to extend the life expectancy of your plumbing system.

Prevent Skin Irritations

The skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in your body. Its sensitive nature calls for top-notch care to avoid skin damages. The harmful minerals in unfiltered waters can severely infect your skin with allergies and other skin diseases. Eczema patients are likely to face the most significant challenge with unfiltered water since their skin is vulnerable to harmful minerals in the water.

Primarily, if you reside in areas with hard waters, there are high chances of catching skin allergies and diseases. Prevention is better than cure. Installing a water system in your home is an honest guard for your skin from allergies and diseases caused by unfiltered waters.

Save on Soap and Get Cleaner Clothes

Saving soap and cleaner laundry may seem like a big joke. The moment you save your soap, you save money, but this is challenging in regions with hard water. Harmful minerals in water like lead make your water soap resistant. Only a water filtration system can help you with the situation.

Irritating stains are prone on your clothes if you have been using unfiltered laundry water. The minerals deposits in your water can ruin your laundry terribly. A funny smell is another drawback of unfiltered laundry. It is ideal to invest in a home water filtration system to improve our clothes hygiene and manage soap.

 Improvement of Taste for your drinking Water

Frequent water intake is good for your health. Drinking water is more beneficial than taking all the other drinks with sugars. Harmful minerals and other pollutants can make your water taste awful. Unpleasant water tastes are likely to stop you from achieving the recommended water intake daily. A water filtration system in your home is a powerful solution for awful tasting water.

Protection for your Home Appliances

Any time you purchase a home appliance, you want its service for an extended period per the manufacturer’s warranty. The longevity of your appliances can be cut short by harmful minerals and heavy metals in water. Some, like water heaters, are likely to corrode and start malfunctioning due to mineral builds up.

The less harmful minerals in the longer your home appliance can service you. Make a point of investing clearsource RV water filter system to extend the longevity of your home’s appliances.

Limescale and Minerals Deposits Reduction

Your old home kettles are the best proof for water limescale in your home. Limescale forms due to consistent deposits of lime and other harmful minerals in your water, making it unfit for human consumption. The limescale’s significant drawbacks are the unpleasant taste of water.

The benefits mentioned above give a reason to invest in a home water filtration system without any more hesitations. Please remember to always carry the appropriate maintenance for your water filtration system.

Tips For Choosing a Water Filtration System

A water filtration system is near a basic need in your moving home. Clean water contributes to the fitness and wellness of your body at times. A water filter is not the equipment you can buy before just like that; you might regret it in the future. Poor choice of water filtration system for your is likely to cost you a fortune

Here is a quick and simple tip to assist you in choosing the right water filtration system;

Types of Filters to Choose from

There are multiple designs, models, and shapes of water filters in the market. The thing here is to choose the one that suits your filtration needs. The different water filtration system has diverse filtration capabilities depending on their technological advancement. Some of the water filters can filter out contaminants close to perfection.

On the other hand, others require support for thorough water purification. Filtration systems like reverse osmosis are the most effective filters in the market; they can remove water pollutants from your making fit for human consumption. You can use a pitcher water filter; these are ordinary water dispensers in your home’s primarily used to purify drinking water.

The pitcher dispensers entirely rely on carbon filters in them to purify your drinking water. Another choice for you is the faucet-mounted filters; they are ideal for producing both filtered and unfiltered water. Again it all depends on how you prefer your water to be. The faucet-mounted filters are affordable. The next option in line is the under sink filters; if they satisfy your home water filtration needs, go it.

Your choice entirely depends on your preferences and water pollutants level. Your major is another common denominator while choosing the type of water filter you want.

Investigate Your Water Type

There are two typical types of hard water; soft and hard water. If you can’t identify the waters, consult your water supplier. Hard water is the worst, to deal with it. It has all sorts of drawbacks for your RV. Harmful minerals and heavy metals are common in hard waters. Take water samples to the nearest laboratory for mineral and heavy metal testing.

Testing helps you settle for the appropriate filter since you are aware of the harmful minerals in your water. Use a water testing kit to identify the invisible organisms and bacterias the habitat in your water. The tests are crucial; since you can now confidently choose that water filtration that befits your needs.

What are Your Water Goals?

Your waters are now tested. You are fully aware of the contaminants of water in your home. Just what are your water goals? Maybe you want a filter that only purifies your drinking water. If your goal is to have clean water for a specific need, consider installing the water filter at the entry point. Typically all point-of-use water filtration systems are free-standing. As the name suggests, they are installed on a central point of water usage. The ideal option is the whole house water filters. With this option, all the water entering your home is filtered and safe enough for consumption. The whole filtration system is installed at the point where water enters your home. The water distributed at your home is purified at the entry point to your home. If you can afford the whole house filtration system go for it; it covers all the needs for water filtration in your home.

Maintenance for the Effectiveness of your the Water Filters

It is now time to start enjoying your clean water since the cleaner is now fully installed. For how long do you need the filtered water? Does what you expect to match the life expectancy of your home’s water filter? These are the significant questions yourself.No matter how long a water filter is said to exist; without the proper maintenance, it’s all in vain

Water filter maintenance is that thing you should bear in mind before settling for a particular filter. The cost of maintenance may be too expensive past your ability. Some of the components of a water filter, like cartridges, require frequent replacement; if the cartridge and its replacement are expensive, you may feel overburdened financially. Go for a filter you can maintain with ease, and that is not expensive also.

With the tips mentioned above, you can now choose the appropriate water filter to service your home adequately.

Tips on Maintaining a Water Filtration System

After investing handsomely in your home water filtration system, the next thing is to care for it. The filtration system is essential equipment in your since you can consume safe water at your home. If you ignored the maintenance bit, you could slice the life expectancy of your filter that entirely depends on appropriate maintenance.

The filter can start to malfunction if no proper care is taken, hence poor filtration performance. Failure to maintain your filter is an indication that you no longer require filtered water in your home. Make it a routine to maintain your home water filtration system. Below are tips to help you with the maintenance of a water filtration system;

Regular Cleaning Routine

Although the filter can purify your water, that does mean it can do self-cleaning. It entirely depends on you for the interior cleaning. Regular cleaning eliminates the common harmful minerals deposits, sediments, and contaminants in your filter—you gentle detergents or cleansers for the cleaning process. The cleansers should be mild, too, to avoid changing the taste of your waters.

Rinse your clear source RV with warmth; help to remove all the detergents in your filtration system that can be toxic. The cleaning should be done weekly. Leave no stone unturned; clean all the elements without leaving a single one out. Please Always remember the benefits of sanitizing your water filter’s elements, cap, line, and dispenser; sanitizing kills all the harmful bacteria on your filter.

It is critical to install water softeners in your water system; salty softeners cause severe build-ups of salts in your water hence the need for regular cleaning. Excessive salts can clog the filtration system. However, modern softeners do not cause too many deposits in your filtration system.

Hot water is an excellent absorbent of dissolved salts; unclog the water filtration system. Close examine your water filtration system to identify the parts that require cleaning more often; of course, this will be determined by the brand and type of your water filter.

New Filter Cartridges

Cartridges are the components that require replacement in the water filtration system. The longevity of the cartridges is measured in months and gallons of water the filter produces. It is easier to tell when the water filter’s Cartridge is due; monitoring its everyday status on the control display unit is possible.

Unattended cartridges are prone to clogging. Keep in mind the last time you changed the cartridges to avoid inconveniences. Examine the o-rings to keep away leakages all the time.

Water Filtration Replacement

Regular cleaning of your water filter system can extend the life of your filter. It is advisable to use gentle detergents to avoid degrading the surface quality of your filter. The life expectancy of a water filtration system is four to six months  for commercial purposes; beyond the period the filter has expired and can no longer purify water effectively

.On the other hand, a residential filtration life can take from six to twelve months. All that longevity is achievable with the proper maintenance. If the clear source water filter system is not replaced, then no purification takes place anymore.

Follow the maintenance tips above mentioned tips to extend the longevity of your water filtration system.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Filter

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With today’s technological advancement, there are diverse models and types of water filtration systems. Each of them operates differently depending on the brand. Buying the appropriate water filtration system is a challenging task. Your health is a significant concern here; therefore, choose the right water filtration system that will provide you with clean water for consumption.

Below is a quick overview of the water filtration system;

Water Quality

Water type, soft or hard water, is a determining factor when buying a water filter. A reverse osmosis filter is ideal for both types.


Major water pollutants are heavy metals like iron, lead, and magnesium. Opt for a water filter that can significantly remove harmful metals from your water.


Numerous water filters entirely rely on electricity for effective operations. If you have no electricity in your home, buy that filtration system that hardly depends on electrical energy.

Water Pressure

Water pressure is a common denominator when buying a water filtration system. There are those filters can stand immense water pressure like reverse osmosis filter. It is advisable to connect a booster to your filtration system at low water pressure.

Final Verdict

A water filtration system is a crucial thing in yours. It is a guarantee that all your household water is clean and safe for consumption. Your skin is a vital and sensitive body organ; invest in a water filtration system to keep your skin rejuvenated. If you invest handsomely in a water filter, you are also investing in your health.

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