Top 3 Franke Granite Sink Reviews: Are These Worth Your Money?

Franke, the Swiss-based brand, is a B.I.G name in the US sinks market right now.

Since the company was established back in 1911, they’ve been in the frontline in the production of highly innovative, stylish, and functional sinks at reasonable prices that appeal to all homeowners.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the top 3 Franke granite sink reviews, which combine natural beauty, excellent craftsmanship, and perfect durability.

But first…

Why Franke Sinks?

You’ve every reason to love the Franke sinks. As we’ve just mentioned above, this is a company that has over a century worth of experience under its belt.

And all along these years, they’ve mastered the art of manufacturing sinks that meet your unique needs and last a lifetime.

Take, for instance, their granite sinks…

Unlike most of its competitors out there, Franke uses granite that’s composed of 80% quartz—the hardest component of granite! What’s more, this material is bonded using top-quality acrylic resign, taking the strength and sturdiness of the sink to a whole new level.

And Franke has a good reason for this high-end construction;

They understand that an average sink will have to undergo a lot throughout its lifespan: up to 68 gallons of drain cleaner, 132lbs of steel wool, millions of hot grease splashes, and even billions of germs.

The secret to making their sinks remains in good, attractive shape during its life lies in using the high-quality materials.

Apart from long-lasting design, other reasons to love the Franke sinks is that they come with reasonable prices (yes, they’re fairly priced), quiet, deep bowl designs, and are available in up to 9 classic color options so you can choose one that matches your kitchen faucet or décor.

Let’s take a closer look at the 3 most popular Franke granite sinks on the market today…

Top 3 Best Franke Granite Sink Reviews:

1. Franke 33" Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Franke Gravity 33" L x 22" W x 9" H Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink in Graphite, SGR3322-1, Large Bowl
  • Natural Design: The beauty of granite offsets the subtly curved design of Gravity to create a sink that adds an attractive element to your kitchen
  • Exceptional Quality & Durability: Franke granite sinks are made from 80% quartz, the hardest component of granite, and bonded using high-quality acrylic resins, for a sink that will serve you for years to come
  • Quiet & Deep Bowls: Enjoy the naturally quiet material of Franke granite sinks and the deep 9-Inch bowl of the Gravity, which allows for easier washing of larger dishes
  • Scratch & Heat Resistant: The high density of granite particles offers superior resistance to scratches, chips and heat
  • Overall Dimensions: 33-Inches left-to-right x 22-Inches front-to-back

We start with the Franke 33" Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink. This sink is constructed using composite granite which introduces a natural (and attractive) element in your kitchen.

By composite, we mean that the sink is made of 80% quartz (that’s the hardest component of granite) and bonded using top-quality acrylic resins. This enables the sink to survive daily rough use and serve you for years and years to come.

This sink has a single bowl design. We like the fact that the bowl is sufficiently deep (up to 9 inches deep) to make it easy for you to wash larger dishes and pots. And just like the naturally quiet nature of the granite, the sink remains quiet when you’re using it. This helps ensure a quieter kitchen experience when using the sink.

If you’re thinking that this is one of those sinks that get scratches after weeks or months of use, you’ll be in for a pleasant surprise. The high-density particles of the Franke granite material enable the sink to offer superior resistance to scratches, chipping, and even heat!

Above all, the manufacturer ships this sink to you with every single item you need to successfully install it. You can also choose to install the sink as a top mount or under mount. If you go with under mount option, you’ll need to hire a professional for assistance.

Highlighted features:

  • Attractive natural granite beauty
  • Exceptionally durable and long-lasting
  • Comes with a quiet and deep bowl
  • 100% scratch- and heat-resistant
  • Overall size: 33” left-to-right x 22” (front-to-back)
  • Comes with all installation hardware
  • Limited lifetime warranty

2. Franke Ellipse 33" Dual Mount Granite Double Bowl Kitchen Sink

Franke EDDB33229-1 Granite Double Bowl Kitchen Sink, One Size, Mocha
  • Double bowl sink with 3. 5 inch drain opening
  • Granite material construction in mocha finish
  • 1 hole for faucet with possible 3 additional holes predrilled
  • 36 inch minimum cabinet requirement

Franke Ellipse 33" is another top-rated granite sink from Franke. Just like its sister above, this sink is made using granite composite (with 80% quartz) for superior durability and longevity.

Unlike the previous model, however, this is a double sink model. This makes it a flexible sink ideal for homeowners who often wash dishes and glasses.

Other than the design, the bowl as just the same depth of 9-inches as the other sink, making it easy for you to stash dishes in it. It’s also extremely quiet, ensuring a noiseless kitchen environment.

Franke also has your hygiene/health in mind when designing this sink. This is evident from the sanitized built-in protective barrier in the sink which helps fight bacteria during/after the cleaning cycles.

All the installation hardware and manual are included in the package for safe, easy, and quick installation. You can choose to install this sink as top mount or under mount. The sink comes with only one faucet hole…but you can knock out up to 4 more if need be.

Highlighted features:

  • Composite granite construction
  • Sanitized built-in protective barrier
  • 9-inch deep bowl
  • One factory-made hole for the faucet
  • All installation materials included
  • Limited lifetime warranty

3. Franke DIG61091-MOC Primo 33" Dual Mount Granite Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Franke DIG61091-MOC Sink, Large, Mocha
  • Functional Design: The sleek aesthetics of the Primo in Mocha bring an elegant and natural look into your kitchen, with easy to clean, high quality granite,complementing traditional, transitional and modern kitchens alike
  • Exceptional Quality & Durability: Franke granite sinks are made from 80% quartz, the hardest component of granite, and bonded using high-quality acrylic resins, for a sink that will serve you for years to come
  • Quiet & Deep Bowls: Enjoy the naturally quiet material of Franke granite sinks and the deep 9 Inche bowl of the Gravity, which allows for easier washing of larger dishes
  • Scratch & Heat Resistant: The high density of granite particles offers superior resistance to scratches, chips and heat
  • Overal Dimensions: 33-Inches left-to-right x 22-Inches front-to-back

Last, but not least, we have the Franke DIG61091-MOC Primo 33" single bowl sink. Just like the two sinks above, this model is also made from Franke’s durable composite granite material to enable it to last longer than most of the competition.

The sink boasts of eye-grabbing aesthetics that are sure to introduce an elegant and natural look to your kitchen.

As a single bowl design with an excellent depth of up to 9 inches, this sink is ideal for folks who want to enjoy easy, splash-free washing of larger pots, dishes, and other larger cooking ware. The material used to make the sink is generally quiet, meaning the sink will not produce the annoying noise associated with stainless steel models.

The high-density composite granite particles offer unmatched resistant to all forms of scratching, chipping, and heat damages—enabling this sink to maintains its elegance and form throughout its life.

As we’ve seen in the other two Franke granite sinks above, this model also comes with all the necessary installation hardware plus a user manual to facilitate a safer and hassle-free setup process. Top mounting and under mounting are also possible for this sink.

Highlighted features:

  • High-quality granite construction
  • Sleek aesthetics for elegant kitchen look       
  • 9-inch deep single bowl design
  • Incredibly quiet bowl
  • Resistant to scratch, chip, and heat
  • Internal bowl dimensions: 33” L x 17” W x 9” D
  • Installation hardware included
  • Limited lifetime warranty

How Good Are Granite Sinks?

It’s easy to see why granite sinks are so popular…they deliver natural strength, naturally durability, and natural beauty—all at incredibly low costs.

To answer the question about “how good are granite sinks”, we’ll look at the good as well as the bad sides of these sinks.

Let’s start with the good part…

Granite Sinks: The Good

  • The most important thing you should look for in a kitchen fixture like a sink that will be used on a daily basis is its durability. Luckily, the granite sinks (both pure granite and granite composite models) are hardwearing and sturdy and are able to hold up to heavy use for a longer period.
  • The sinks also offer superior resistance to heat, scratching, chipping, stains, and water spots (provided you seal them properly). This further enhances their longevity.
  • The granite composite sinks come in a variety of matte color options, which means you’ll easily find a color that matches your kitchen your faucet, countertop, or the general kitchen décor.
  • Unlike stainless steel sinks, these sinks don’t produce any noise when in use. This is attributed to the quiet nature of the granite material, promoting a quieter kitchen environment.
  • The sinks come with deep bowls to make it easy for you to easily stash all your dishes inside and wash larger pots, pans and other cooking items. They also come in a single bowl and double bowl designs to let you choose one that fits your unique needs.
  • Probably the best part about these sinks is that they’re affordably priced, making them affordable to all homes, including those on tight budgets.

Granite Sinks: The Bad

  • Despite being durable and hardwearing, granite sinks require regular maintenance. However, the maintenance job is really simple and nothing to fret about.
  • Pure granite sinks are rare to find. And cost much more than the granite composite sinks.
  • The granite sinks might require extra support during installation.

From the above discussion, it’s quite clear that the good side of the granite sinks far outweighs their ugly side. These sinks are hardwearing and long-lasting and come ready to meet all your unique cleaning needs in the kitchen while adding that natural beauty and elegance.

Final Verdict

Franke is a Swiss-based company and the world’s leading manufacturers of quality sinks. In this post, we’ve focused on their 3 top-rated granite sinks, which seems to be the trend in most kitchens right now.

Some of the reasons why these Franke granite sinks have become popular in many homes revolve around the high-quality granite composite material used to design them. This gives them the strength and sturdiness they need to last forever. Its natural beauty will make your kitchen the most wonderful place you’ve ever seen. They’re also easy to clean and maintain and come in multiple color options.

Not to forget they’re fairly priced, assuring you of the REAL value for your money.

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