How to Diagnose a Bad Water Pump?

How to Diagnose a Bad Water Pump

We all know the common fact that it is recommended to change your oil levels of the oil regularly for proper maintenance and smooth running of your vehicle. But have you ever wondered that a water pump please a vital role in keeping your car running smoothly? 

The water pump in your cup plays a very important role in keeping you safe while driving. It is not necessary to check as frequently as your car brakes or engine, but the water pump does have a vital role in the proper functioning of your car. Let us quickly dive into the topic know how to detect a bad water pump.

What is the function of a water pump?

The water pump is a crucial element in the cooling system of your car. The water pump takes water from the radiator cooling system of your car which goes back around the radiator. 

We all know the fact that water from the radiator gets heated up and it runs through the motor of your car which allows the water pump to cool down and maintain optimal temperature irrespective of the weather condition outside. 

If you want to maintain a proper and optimal temperature in your car cooling system then it is advisable to keep a check on your water pump as well. Keeping your car’s cooling system at an optimal temperature is the main task of a water pump in a car.

Indications of a failing or bad water pump

It is highly recommended for you to familiarize yourself with the bad signs of a water pump which will help you to detect and solve the problem as early as possible. Once your water pump fails and if you take time to identify that it may lead to engine damage that can be quite expensive. It is always better to identify signs of a bad water pump to white money on the repair works.

Five important indications will help you identify that your car has a bad water pump. The important indications below:

  • Leakage in the coolant

The first major sign of a faulty or bad water pump is that the coolant of your car starts to puddle on the ground when you have parked your car. The water pump of a car is made up of several components, seals, and gaskets that eventually crack, break or dry out. 

When something like this happens the coolant will start to leak from the water pump. In case if you identify puddles from your car in green, blue, pink, or orange liquid after your car has been parked for a while, then it is advisable to take your car to a nearby repair shop as early as possible.

 It is also advisable to take your car to the regular mechanic shop so that he will be able to identify the problem and replace the seals and gaskets which is only a minor fix if identified at an early stage.

  • The build-up of deposit or rust

When there is a small leakage in your water pump and you haven’t identified that it will gradually build up and form rust or deposit on your water pump itself. It can also be caused by something called a defective cap or non-compatible coolant. This particular element allows the outside air to go into the system which damages the engine of your car.

This makes a water pump less efficient in moving the coolant to the engine which will eventually lead to complete damage to the system. It will also cost you more money to get it fixed. It is highly recommended to check out for any deposits in case if it has built up in your water pump.

It is good to check over your engine by lifting your car’s hood is a very good practice. It helps you to identify the issues and problems at an early stage which will intern help you to save some money on the repair works. This helps you to recognize problems instead of waiting for the ‘check engine’ warning to come from your car.

  • Check the sound of your car

Does your car whine when you accelerate it? It’s so there’s a high chance that it might result in the loose accessory belt. The high-pitched noise of a car is quite annoying and there are chances that it may have accessories that are loosely held inside. 

Loose belts in your car are a result of loose bearings or pulleys which need a replacement or tightening. If you constantly keep hearing the winning sound in your car’s front side then it is better to take your car for an inspection to avoid having a bad water pump. It is the process instead of replacing your car engine which costs more.

Even if you think your car’s water pump is good, make sure to carefully notice the sounds released which will give you an idea of whether your car engine has a problem or not. It is always better to be conscious of the noise of your car whether it is working fine or does it has any strange sounds. 

The various belts are available on your car’s engine that includes a serpentine belt which can cause severe damage to your car’s engine when they snap, slip or break. The car maintenance schedule is a must so that you will be able to avoid a failed water pump. It will also help you to not get stranded in the middle of the road while travelling.

  • Keep a check on the temperature levels

Have you ever noticed temperature is rising in the gauge or not? If not, from now on start observing whether your engine is getting overheated acid can lead to a dangerous situation and can ruin your car’s entire engine system. 

Overheating of the engine can drive you and your car into dangerous situations if actions or not taken immediately. The moment you notice that your car is getting overheated take it immediately to the nearby mechanic shop for a full inspection of your car’s engine. By following these practices you will be able to avoid a failed or a bad water pump.

  • Check for steam billowing

If you observe steam billowing underneath your car’s hood then it is a sign that there is something seriously wrong with your car’s engine. There are high chances that steam blowing can lead your car’s pump to completely fail which will no longer be able to move coolant in your car through the engine. 

This may also lead to overheating of your car’s engine. In case if you observe steam from your car stop immediately and call the nearby mechanic for guidance or assistance. In case if you continue driving even after identifying steam, it will lead you to a situation where the engine has to be entirely replaceable, which is quite expensive.

What will happen if a water pump fails?

If you keep driving your car even after you identify a bad water pump, then there are chances that the engine will get overheated which can result in complete damage to your car’s engine system. Then you will have to either pay more money for the repairs or buy a new engine for your car. That is why you need to keep frequently signs of damage. This will help you to detect the problem early and solve the issue now and then which will cost you less.

How long can a water pump last?

A water pump can last for a long duration of time but they do have a lifespan and durability. It depends on the maintenance of the owner and also the type of vehicle. It is always advisable to check your vehicle manually from time to time to avoid a bad or failed water pump. It is also highly recommended to replace the bells from time to time so that it helps in the proper functioning of your car’s water pump

What are you supposed to do if you identify leakage of the water pump?

In case if you observe any of the above signs, it is better to contact your mechanic for an overall inspection of your car’s engine. It is important to be proactive and take good care of your car as you have spent your hard-earned money in purchasing it. 

In common, preventive and proactive maintenance is a more affordable aspect of a car than having frequent repairs. By identifying the problem of your car early you will be able to save money, hassle, and time.

To put it in a nutshell, proper maintenance of your car plays a vital role in identifying the water pump. Your mechanic will be able to fix and identify the issue if you regularly monitor your car by taking it to the workshop periodically. It is better to be safe in any situation than to be sorry so pull over and get your car diagnosed quickly to avoid major complications.

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