Best Well Pressure Tank Reviews 2022 – Sizing, Troubleshooting & Guides

Water is everything in every household. Many activities around your home entirely depend on water, whether it’s cooking, bathing, laundry, cleaning, name them! It’s therefore frustrating when you don’t have a constant supply of water. Thankfully, the ever-evolving water equipment industry has given us a well pressure tank —a reliable water reservoir which jumps into your rescue in case of water shortage—ensuring you’ll NEVER lack water in your home.

Join us below as we explore the 10 best well pressure tank models available on the market today and how to pick the most suitable model for your unique needs.

What Does a Pressure Tank Do For a Well?

The main idea behind a well pressure tank is to store the water from your well and save your pump life.

Thia useful appliance comes with an integrated bladder and diaphragm which work together to make it possible for you to enjoy a constant water supply in your home without having to depend on your pump.

This is what you should expect when you install the best well pump pressure tank in your home:

  • Unlimited water supply: This is, doubtlessly, the BIGGEST reason why everyone is going for a well pressure tank! It doesn’t depend on its long-drawn running time, which enables it to provide you with water all the time.
  • Increased well pump longevity: The expansion tank employs high-tech mechanisms that activate your water pump to work only when water is needed instead of staying on throughout. This helps reduce its tear and wear, extending its lifespan.
  • An end to water wastage: A pressure tank also lets you know beforehand the exact amount of water it’ll be storing for you. And that significantly cuts down water wastage!
  • Reduced energy bills: Another reason behind the popularity of pressure tanks is that they don’t consume much energy, which translates to reduced monthly electricity bills.

Oh! Don’t forget that this appliance also comes with a budget-friendly cost, so it’ll save you money right from the moment you buy it and as you continue to use it.

In the next section, we explore the 10 most popular pressure tanks on the market right now…

Our Best Well Pressure Tank Reviews:

1. WaterWorker HT-20B Vertical Pressure Well Tank

WaterWorker 25009 20Gal Vertical Well Tank, 20-Gallon
  • Designed to meet the requirements of, and are listed by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) under ANSI/NSF Std 61
  • The Butyl diaphragm has seamless construction and is designed to flex rather than stretch and crease like bladder tanks

Our top-rated water worker pressure tank reviews begin with the WaterWorker HT-20B Vertical Pressure Well Tank. this tank features a compact design (dimensions: 15 x 15 x 32 inches). And has a vertical design to help save as much space as possible while ensuring you a constant supply of water.

Priced within an affordable range, the tank meets all the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), assuring you of its safety and usefulness in doing its intended job.

It comes with a butyl diaphragm with seamless construction to help separate air from water and ensure complete resistant to bacteria. It also features a polypropylene liner which doesn’t crack, flake, or chip—preventing any taste or odors from getting into the water.

For the construction part, this well pressure tank has a steel domed shell which is twice as strong as the rolled steel shell with the same thickness. This enables the tank to withstand the weight of water as well as the pressure inside…and even hold on for more years. the high-gloss finish keeps the tank safe from various elements.

With a water capacity of 20 gallons, this is the ideal tank for the average home.

Highlighted features:

  • 20-gallon tank capacity
  • Meets the NSF standards
  • Butyl diaphragm w/seamless construction
  • High gloss enamel finish
  • Pre-charged to 25psi
  • Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 32 inches

2. Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Well Pressure Tank

Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank, 35 Gallon
  • Pre-charged pressure tanks require 50 % less space than standard conventional tanks
  • Provides greater water capacity between pump cycles for maximum system life

Next up, we have the Flotec FP7120 Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Water Tank. Like the previous model, this tank takes up less space (50% less than conventional tanks), saving you more space than you can imagine.

Flotec FP7120 also comes ready to supply your home with unlimited water flow. It comes pre-charged up to 40 psi for excellent performance. It provides you with a capacity of up to 35 gallons of water. Surely, this is a good capacity between the pump cycles which help maximize the system life.

Just like in the previous tank, water does not touch the metal here, ensuring it remains healthy for home use. The tank also comes with a replaceable air/water separator which promotes easy maintenance. And a convenient air valve location to ensure easy hookup.

Above all, the tank is made using heavy gauge steel metal for maximum durability and longevity. In addition to this, it features an electrostatically applied finish to keep it safe from various elements that can cause rusting and corrosion.

Highlighted features:

  • 40 psi pre-charged pressure tank
  • 35-gallon tank capacity
  • Tough finish for extended lifespan
  • Replaceable air/water separator
  • Heavy gauge steel body

3. Wellmate WM-9 / WM0120QC Fiberglass Tank

Wellmate WM-9 / WM0120QC Captive Air and Retention Fiberglass Tank, Quick Connect (29.5 gal / 112 LTR.)
  • Quick Connect, Replaceable air cell assures easier field servicing.
  • Greater drawdown than comparably sized steel tanks yields greater efficiency.

If you live in coastal regions or any other areas where rusting and corrosion possibilities are high, then we recommend you to go for the Wellmate WM-9 / WM0120QC Fiberglass Tank. This is because the tank features fiberglass construction which is not only extremely durable but also impervious to rust.

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, this tank offers you an excellent capacity of 30 gallons which will meet the needs of most homes and light commercial applications.

In addition to the fiberglass construction, this tank also boasts of an epoxy-resin sealed outer shell which prevents denting. The scratch proof tank painting keeps off touch-ups, making this tank almost maintenance free.

Unlike the steel made tanks, this tanks feels pretty light. It also installs quickly and at an incredibly lower cost compared to the competition.

With 100% lead-free construction, you don’t have to worry about risky chemicals get leached into your water and endangering your health. Besides, the absence of lead contributes to making the tank corrosion-free.

Highlighted features:

  • Tank capacity: 30 gallons
  • Quick connect, replaceable air cell
  • Greater drawdown for increased efficiency
  • Resistant to rust and corroding
  • Quick and inexpensive to install
  • Extended labor warranty

4. Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank

Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank
  • High-strength Steel Shell
  • Virgin polypropylene inner Liner will not crack, chip, flake or peel

Amtrol is the name associated with the best of the best pressure tanks for water wells. The brand beats its competition by coming up with quality and long-lasting tanks at reasonable prices.

This particular Amtrol WX-202 Well Pressure Tank is designed for residential use. It takes much less space than the standard tanks and its appliance-like blue finish makes it suitable for installation in any location.

Armed with an exclusive butyl diaphragm, this tank does a good job of keeping off bacteria from reaching your water. The 100% corrosion-resistant polypropylene liner does not easily flake, chip or crack, further ensuring that your water remains safe and healthy for use. Both the diaphragm and liner are secure using a positive hoop ring seal for maximum strength and durability.

The other noteworthy feature of this tank is the stainless steel air valve. Unlike in other models where the valve is threader, here it’s welded to prevent air pressure loss. Also, the deep drawn dome is made using the finest quality custom steel mill to provide extra strength while keeping the entire tank weight low.

Like all the other pressure tanks from Amtrol, this model comes pre-charged up to 38 psi.

Highlighted features:

  • High-strength steel shell
  • Virgin polypropylene inner liner
  • Unique positive hook ring
  • Exclusive butyl diaphragm
  • Pre-pressurized at 38 psi
  • Corrosion-resistant blue finish

5. WaterWorker HT-32B Vertical Well Pressure Tank

WaterWorker HT-32B Vertical Pressure Well Tank, 32-Gallon Capacity, Blue
  • This refurbished product is tested and certified to look and work like new. The refurbishing process includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. The product ships with all relevant accessories, and may arrive in a generic box

Another model from the WaterWorker company makes an appearance on our top-rated well pressure tank reviews. This is also a pre-charged tank built with superior quality. It allows you to set its pressure up to 100psi.

This tank provides you with an acceptable capacity of 32 gallons which will meet all your household water needs. It features a heavy-duty butyl rubber diagram which helps ensure that water pressure is maintained. Since this diaphragm does not have any odor, it’ll not contaminate your water.

Like in the other WaterWorkers, this well tank also comes with a polypropylene liner which keeps which ensures water doesn’t touch metal which can easily contaminate it. In other words, this tank will provide you with odorless and tasteless water (save for the natural water taste).

This well pressure tank is also designed to serve you for an exceptionally long time. This is evident from the rugged steel base plus protective plastic strip it comes with. In addition to this, it has an electrostatically applied finish which shields from sunlight and other harsh elements.

Highlighted features:

  • 32-gallon capacity
  • Heavy-duty butyl rubber diaphragm
  • Durable polyolefin liner
  • Appliance quality finish
  • 5-year manufacturer warranty

6. Flotec FP7110T 19-Gallon Pre-Charged Water Tank

Flotec FP7110T Vertical Pre-Charged Pressure Tank, 19 Gal, 1 in Npt, 100 Psi, Port
  • FLOTEC diaphragm well tank 20 gallons
  • Pre-pressurized Type, in-line FP7110T heavy gauge steel construction appliance-like finish factory tested 1 inch connections for domestic cold water UL classified to ANSI/NSF standard 61

You’re on the hunt for the best well pressure tank with a budget-friendly price tag? You can’t go wrong with the Flotec FP7110T Water Tank. The tank has a capacity of up to 20 gallons, making it ideal for homes with less number of people and plumbing fixtures.

This Flotec comes armed with a diaphragm which helps separate air from water. It provides you with easy connections for cold water when the need arises.

It has also undergone to ensure it’s safe for handling water for domestic. It comes with the ANSI/NSF standards seal of approval as an assurance of quality and safety.

The US-made tank features a construction of heavy-gauge steel to enable it to serve you for more years than the competition. It comes pre-pressurized, saving you the need to adjust its pressure before you can start using it. As for the installation, it’s one of the easiest models to install for everyone.

Highlighted features:

  • Pre-pressurized well tank
  • 19-gallon tank capacity
  • Heavy gauge steel construction
  • Meets NSF/ANSI standards
  • Made in the United States

7. Goulds V60 HydroPro well pressure tank

HydroPro tanks are made to offer you years of dependable water storage system. Like all the other pressure tanks listed here, these tanks will also help reduce the pump on/off cycles, ensuring longer lifespan while reducing the power cost. All the HydroPro tanks are 100% air- and water-tight and factory tested.

The Goulds V60 HydroPro pressure tank comes with a heavy-duty butyl rubber diaphragm which helps separate air from water while maintaining the air charge for optimal pressure tank performance. An inner shell is included to prevent the diaphragm from expanding.

Goulds V60 HydroPro pressure tank has a maximum working pressure of 125psi and comes pre-charged up to 38psi for hassle-free use.

Another thing that we love about this tank is the durable, FDA-approved polypropylene liner which prevents water keeps the water healthy and fit for human consumption.

Thanks to the deep draw steel shells, this tank has maximum strength and sturdiness that enables it to last for many, many years. Other things that contribute to the overall tank durability include the high-density polypropylene base and a high durability exterior finish to keep off harsh elements.

Highlighted features:

  • 20-gallon tank capacity
  • Durable deep drawn steel shells
  • Butyl rubber diaphragm
  • Rigid polypropylene liner
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene base
  • 5-year tank warranty

8. Bur-Cam 506227P Horizontal Well Pressure Tank

BURCAM 506227P 3/4 HP Noryl Shallow Well Jet Pump System
  • CORROSION RESISTANT JET PUMP BODY: Noryl pump body construction for cleaner rust-free drinking water.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: designed for shallow wells up to 25' deep

Bur-Cam 506227P is a well pressure tank and pump combo, which means it carries both the work of a water pump and well pressure tank. Unbelievably, this system features an incredibly affordable price tag, which makes it a great bargain for anyone looking for both the pump and pressure tank.

The shallow well jet pump has a ¾ Horsepower motor rating, which will meet water needs for most homes. It connects to the 115/130V electrical outlet and pumps water at a rate of 850 gallons per hour. It also has a maximum vertical suction lift of up to 25 feet, which means it’s suitable for wells as deep as 25 feet or less.

The pressure tank, on the other hand, provides you with a 7-gallon water volume. It boasts of a high-quality butyl bladder eliminates condensation for maximum longevity. Like all the other models we’ve discussed on this list, this tank also comes pre-charged for easy operation.

Remember the water in the tank doesn’t come into contact with the air or the tank metallic body to prevent possible contamination.

The entire system operates quietly, so it won’t wake you from your sleep. The fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic pump house ensures maximum resistance to corrosion.

Highlighted features:

  • Tank and wall pressure tank combo
  • 7-gallon wall pressure tank
  • Pre-charged pressure tank
  • High-quality butyl bladder
  • 3/4 horsepower pump motor
  • 25ft. vertical suction lift
  • 850 gallons per hour flow rate

9. Drummond Stainless Steel Shallow Well Pressure Tank

1 HP Stainless Steel Shallow Well Pump and Tank with Pressure Control Switch - 950 GPH
  • 5 gal. hardened steel alloy tank - Stainless steel housing and volute
  • Maximum flow: 950 GPH - Discharge: 1 in.

Last, in our list of top water worker pressure tank reviews, we have the Drummond Shallow Well Pump and Tank. Like the previous product, this is model is also a complete shallow well pump & well pressure tank system with a fair pricing.

The 1 horsepower motor rating gives the shallow pump the power it requires to raise water from your all the way up into the integrated pressure tank. the pump has an excellent flow rate of 950 gallons which is sufficient for most homes in the US. Since this pump features a stainless steel housing and volute, it’s sure to last for an incredibly long period of time. Note that the pump plugs into the standard 110V electric outlet and is suitable for wells as deep as 26 feet or less.

Once the pump gets the water up the well, it empties it into the 5-gallon pressure tank. the tank, in turn, pressurized the water to ensure you’ve stead water flow running out of all your home faucets. The tank has a hardened steel alloy housing to make it durable and long-lasting. The maximum amount of water pressure you can set in the tank is 50 psi.

The tank, pump, and pressure switch are set in such a way that they ensure continuous, automatic operation in your residential water system. Thanks to the lead-free system fittings and use of drinking water grade rubber seals, your water remains safe and healthy when inside this tank.

Highlighted features:

  • Hardened steel alloy tank
  • 5-gallon tank capacity
  • Stainless steel pump housing
  • Maximum flow: 950 gallons per hour (GPH)
  • Maximum well depth: 26ft.
  • Total head lift: 115.5ft.
  • Maximum water pressure: 50 psi

Well Pressure Tank Sizing: What To Choose?

As you’ve just seen from our well pressure tank reviews above, the size varies from one model to the next.

That being said, it’s crucial for you to know how to pick the right size to ensure your unique needs are met while optimizing the performance of your pump and maximizing its longevity.

Here’s what you need to know about well water tank proper sizing:

First, you need to evaluate the drawdown capacity of the pressure tank. For those who don’t know, drawdown refers to the amount of a water a tank can hold before the pressure gets to a low point where it needs to activate the pump again.

In general, the larger a tank is the more water it’ll hold without turning on the pump.

This is to mean that the peak system demands will hugely depend on the usage needs to ensure your pump, motor, and well pressure tank aren’t in overdrive to meet your water demands.

You should also consider the flow rate of your water pump (indicated as Gallons per minute). This info is usually provided by all the pump manufacturers and can help you consult your tank supplier on whether the tank you’re about to buy will meet your pump performance as well as your operational needs.

The right tank size will ensure that water pump run time is kept at a minimum. Where possible, you should always opt for a larger tank as it’ll hold more water and help extend your pump lifespan.

The GOLDEN RULE of well pressure tank sizing:


Count all the plumbing fixtures in your home (that is, the showers, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines, faucets, outside faucets, and so on). And multiply the resulting number by 3.


If your house has a total of 11 fixtures, then multiply that number by 3

11 x 3 = 33

This means you’ll need a well pressure tank of 33-gallon capacity.

Where possible, you can always go for the next larger tank than what you find out after calculations.

In the case of a 33-gallon tank, you can go for a 44-gallon tank.


In doubt about the right size to buy? Get a larger model!

Well Pressure Tank Troubleshooting: 9 Common Problems

When you’ve bought the best water pressure tank and installed it in your home, it’s sure to give you an excellent performance.

Like any other water equipment, however, a time might come when the system will be faced by a problem that affects its performance.

Knowing the common problems associated with pressure tanks will help you solve them on your own and get your tank back to its normal.

These are the most common problems reported by well pressure tank users:

1. The pump motor cycles too often.

Frequent cycling isn’t good for a pump as it can affect its lifespan (models with a motor rated 1 to 5 horsepower shouldn’t pump for more than 6 times per hour). If you find out that your pump is cycling too often, check if your tank is waterlogged.

2. Undesirable coliform samples (or water contains bad taste and water).

Another common problem associated with pressure tanks is unsatisfactory coliform samples. Again, the main culprit behind this issue is waterlogging—encouraging the growth of bacteria, undesired taste and odors.

3. Premature well pressure tank failure.

In case your pressure tank stops working way before it’s expected lifespan, then the first thing you should check is the waterlogging issue. Why? Because waterlogging of a pressure tank can lead to corroding and weakening due to prolonged exposure to the water.

Looks like all the common problems of a well pressure tank have waterlogging as the main culprit, right?

So, how do you fix waterlogging?

It’s simple. You check to see what has caused the problem.

The KEY reasons for waterlogged pressure tank include:

  • High levels of chlorine in your well water. This can damage the tank bladder, making it brittle and less flexible.
  • Chlorinators in the water also tend to produce corrosive vapors which can contribute to the rusting of your tank.
  • Coating of your tank bladder by sediments such as manganese and iron can make it harder and become less flexible
  • The same sediments can also plug the draw or fill line, making it hard for the tank to fill and empty as usual

PRO TIP: The best, cost-effective way of fixing a waterlogged well pressure tank is to replace it!

How Does a Well Pressure Tank Work?

Knowing how your pressure tank works can help you when troubleshooting your tank. In this section, we’ll take you through a step by step account on how this tank functions.

As we mentioned earlier on, the primary role of a well pressure tank is to act as a water reservoir that maintains consistent water pressure.

This is how it does its job:

When the water gets pumped from the well into your pressure tank, it compresses the air inside your tank until it reaches the preset level (usually around 40 to 60 psi).

If you turn a faucet, the air pressure in the tank will force the water plumbing fixtures until the tank pressure drops to the preset trigger pressure (usually around 20 to 40 psi).

This, in turn, alerts your pump to turn on and water gets drawn into the house as well as the tank.

On shutting the faucet off, the pressure will build again until it hits the default shut-off level.

The total volume of water delivered by the tank between the time it shuts down and the time it starts working again is referred to as drawdown.

How Long Does a Well Pressure Tank For Last?

The well pump pressure tank has no set lifespan so we cannot give a direct answer to this question.

But we can all agree that the longevity of your pump will depend on a number of factors. Most importantly, it’ll depend on the quality of the tank you buy.

MathewSwell, the experts in well pressure tanks, explains that they took note of well tanks that lasted the longest when they’re working in the field replacing the same.

They state that top brands, like Amtrol Flotec, or WaterWorker, which makes high-quality tanks have their models outlast most of their competition by “a factor of 2 or even 3 to one!”

Most of the tanks they saw from the top brands lasted for an incredibly long period of between 20 and 30 years.

Tanks from other brands would last for a period of 8 to 10 years.

If you want your expansion to last long, therefore, the secret is to make sure you buy a quality model from one of the reputable companies.

How Much Pressure Should Be In a Bladder Tank?

Now that we’ve previously discussed how a pressure tank works, you already understand that pressure is critical for the tank’s performance.

Not just pressure, but you’ll need to set the right amount of pressure to ensure optimal performance.

The pressure in your bladder tank should always be 2 psi less than your pump’s cut-in pressure. For example, if your pump has a cut-in pressure of 30 psi, then your pressure tank should be set at a pressure of 28 psi.

The jet pump you use to draw water from your well comes with an adjustable on/off switch that’s programmed to turn it on when pressure falls to its cut-in value and turn it off when the pressure hits its cut-out value. The typical cut-in/ cut-out range for the well pumps lies between 30 and 50 psi.

WARNING: Avoid setting extremely high water pressure settings in your systems. This can lead to bursting risk, which can then lead to flooding and even injuring anyone nearby.

Final Verdict

Having the best well pressure tank installed at your house has a number of benefits. The biggest of all is that you’ll enjoy immediate, consistent access to your well water without manually turning on your well pump. It also ensures the pump runs only when it’s necessary, helping optimize its efficiency and extend its lifespan.

After reading our encyclopedic guide above on the well pressure tanks, we’re hopeful that you’ve learned all the crucial info you need to know about these unique tanks. You can now make a wiser decision on how to choose the most suitable one for you.

We’ve also outlined for you our list of the 10 top-rate pressure tanks currently available on the market. We hope that you’ll find a suitable tank from this list and start enjoying a steady flow of water in your home at all times.

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