How To Fix A Cracked Tub Easily And Effortlessly?

The bath tub is supposed to give us a relaxing bathing experience and designed in such a way so that it can carry our weight. Nevertheless, it is very common for a tub to be cracked. 

But not to worry as every crack repair doesn’t not need or call for expert plumbers and neither do you need to think of tub replacement. Minor cracks can be fixed at home using the following steps.

Causes Of Bathtub Crack

There are quite a few reasons why your bathtub can form cracks on it. They are as follows:

1. Improper Installation

Tub materials are flexible so that it can bend rather than break when weight is put on it. But if it is installed poorly, without any additional support, then the weight and pressure will cause the tub to crack over time.

2. Accidental Crack

If any heavy object fall on the tub, it might also create a break. Initially, it might start with small divots and dents which will eventually lead to a bigger crack.

3. Excessive Use Of Chemical

Using excessive chemical-based cleaners like bleach can reduce the gloss of the tub and in the long run weaken the tub material.

Types Of Bathtub Cracks

There are two types of bathtub cracks. They are stress crack and hairline crack. Let’s look into the details below.

Stress Crack

Stress crack forms when heavy objects are accidentally dropped on the tub. Such cracks are on the surface level and poorly visible. It slowly ruins the look of the tub and so it should be fixed as early as possible.

Hairline Crack

Hairline crack is the most common type of tub disaster. Hairline crack forms mostly due to low maintenance and rough use of the tub. It appears as a thin line and periodically damage the whole container if not addressed immediately.

Professional Repair Cost

In general, a contractor or plumber will charge around 80 dollars to 150 dollars per hour depending on the severity of the task. Also, it can take a lot of time to get appointments.

Besides getting the job done, you can consider staying in contact with them for any related consultation. It is entirely your personal choice if you are ready to pay a higher amount and get the job done by professionals.

But nowadays repairing kits are convenient and readily available at the local stores. Hundreds of tutorials can be found on the internet for each kind of problem encountered. So you can quickly fix the minor cracks by yourself and it will cost you less than 50 dollars.

Bathtub Crack Repair Kits

Most of the hardware stores keep two types of crack repair kits. One is for surface repair and the other one for internal repair. The surface repair kit is more like a polymer-based tape or paint which is suitable for fixing outer layer damage of your tub.

Interior repair kit comes in the form of a paste or glue which is supposed to fill in the cracks from inside. Based on the pattern of your crack, you can choose any of the crack repair kits. None of the packages are expensive and supposed to be below 40 dollars. 

Fixing Cracked Tub At Home

It is a relief that crack repairing process is very simple and can be done at home without experts which makes it cost efficient as well.


  • Drill machine
  • Foam insulation
  • Epoxy sealant
  • check
  • check
    Bathtub repair paint


The repairing process is drawn out for you in steps. Follow these steps accordingly and you’ll breeze through the entire procedure:

Step 1

Halt the crack by drilling at the end of the break. It is done to get access to the air pocket created. The drill should be around ¼ inch.

Step 2

Use foam insulation to fill up the gap. It usually comes with a long straw-like pipe for easy application. Fill up the vacant hole and wipe away the excess amount above the surface.

Step 3

Use any kind of sealant available in the market to seal the crack. Apply the sealant on the cracked area and wait till it gets hard.

Step 4

Once the filler has dried, use sandpaper to sand down the area. Keep rubbing delicately until you have evened it with the rest of the surface.

Step 5

Use a bathtub repair paint that matches to the color of the tub. It's better to spray one coat and wait till it dries. Upon drying, check if it requires more layers.

Thus your tub crack is fixed, and you are good to go!

Maintenance of a Tub

Like any other household material, bathtubs also need proper care. We often neglect it, but in reality, adequate care should be taken of this utensil.

Because bathroom fittings are usually expensive and if it is damaged severely due to lack of maintenance, it will cost hundreds of dollars to repair. However, such a situation can be avoided with regular maintenance.

  • Proper installation is a must to ensure the durability of your tub. If it is not installed with the required support needed, it will break down eventually due to the pressure imposed on it by heavy objects.
  • Avoid cleaning the tub surface with abrasive cleaners. It might bring instant shine, but in the long run, the tub will lose its glaze. Excessive chemical-based cleaners also weaken the material of the tub.

Tips and Suggestions

Repairing a cracked tub sometimes include the addition of a required support and the lack of which causes the tub to get cracked in the first place. Good news is you can do that by yourself as well.

The additional support needed can be provided using one element only and that element is called expandable polyurethane. You can find this at the hardware stores and it comes in a spray can form.

To run the process, you have to get access to the bottom part of the surface of your tub and spray there. You can try to crawl your way to the bottom of the tub. Read the instruction manual carefully before applying the polyurethane.

Be attentive that you should not use it on the tub drain; otherwise, the drain will be blocked making it troublesome to repair. Remember that polyurethane keeps expanding hours after applying.

So while spraying, you should keep that in mind and allow it to grow after the first spray. After it undergoes maximum expansion, assess the whole thing, and you can decide if more coating is required or not.


A bathtub is an essential part of our bath space. No matter how good the material is, there is no alternative to proper maintenance. If there is any stress crack or broken line visible, it is better to repair that at first hand.

In case the process is delayed, the crack will get bigger which will make it impossible to fix by yourself at home. Apart from the costing, the restored work might not look as good as before. So it is better to be cautious from the beginning to avoid any unnecessary hassle.

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