How To Remove An Old Tub Spout That Is Stuck?

As they say, nothing lasts forever, including the tub spout that’s in your bathroom. And it can be quite a problem for you when your old and worn-out tub spout gets stuck, and letting water flow through it becomes impossible. Since showering is vital to maintain your hygiene, you can’t delay fixing that old and stuck tub spout.

Everyone’s bathtub spout might face corrosion and leakage at once in a life. And when you face this problem, you have two choices. You have to either fix it or replace it with a new one. And how it would be possible all by yourself? Well, don’t worry, this article will guide you through the process, and you should know how to remove old tub spouts easily by the end.

Firstly, there are many reasons why your old tub spout is stuck. Let’s get straight to having a look at the most common problems. Don’t panic, this article will provide you with the necessary information you needed to solve your problem.

What Is a Tub Spout?

For those who don’t know what tub spout is? Tub spout is a stylish pipe with a showerhead attached to the tub that allows the water to cascade down in the form of a waterfall. Tub spout is mainly used in spas and to take a shower.

Causes of Bathtub Spout Leakage

Are you worried about why your bathtub is leaking? Or what is the cause of it? Well, you are in the right place to get your all questions and ambiguities answered.

There are numerous causes of having a dripping bathtub spout. Most of the time, the carelessness of people can lead to this. Like, you don’t turn off the faucet after using it that ultimately leads to the dripping of water.

Moreover, the quality of your bathtub spout matters. If it’s of low quality then, it is going to break soon. Other than that, some of the causes of bathtub spout leakage are as follow:

  • Age of the faucet. If it is about 16 years older, then this might be a problem for you.
  • The washers in taps also lose their flexibility with time, and as a result, the spout starts leaking.

Leaking of Bathtub Faucet When the Diverter Is Engaged

The diverter is a valve that directs the flow of water from the bathtub faucet to the showerhead. The diverter works properly when the flow of water is outwards. However, sometimes water flows outside of bathtub spouts when the diverter is in shower mode.

In this case, either you have to repair it by yourself by using tools or buy a new one. 

White Ceramic Sink With Faucet

Types of Tub Spouts

There are two types of tub spouts, one can have. These are defined as follows:

  • Slip-on tub spout.
  • Threaded tub spout.

How to Determine What Type of Tub Spout You Have?

  • Grab a torchlight and look under the tub spout that is attached to the wall. If there is a tiny screw\ bolt present, then you have a slip-on spout with a screw.
  • If there is no screw present, then it is a threaded tub spout. Your tube spout can only be removed by twisting the faucet anti-clockwise.

Slip-on Tub Spouts

As discussed earlier, slip-on tub spouts have a tiny screw attached to them. It can be opened with a tool.

Threaded tub spout

The threaded tub spout does not have any setscrew present. It can be taken off of by twisting it from the pipe. There are two styles in which threaded tub spouts are made.

  • Front-end threaded.
  • Rear-end threaded.

Steps to Remove Slip-on Tub Spout

Well, if you figured out that you have a damaged tub spout and you don’t know how to remove it. This article will help you find out. Step by step, you are going to learn how to remove slip-on tub spouts.

  1. Firstly, remove any caulking around the wall where your spout is fixed with any tool. E.g., with a knife.
  2. Grab a torchlight and find a setscrew. Setscrew would be present beneath your faucet with a wall. You need to be careful because set screws are tiny.
  3. Now, you need to be extra vigilant. After locating the setscrew, grab any tool that suits you the best, e.g., a wrench. Then start to loosen the screw and be careful not to drop the screw in the drain. Otherwise, you might need a new set screw.
  4. After losing the screw, a difficult task comes. Once the set screw comes off, pull the tub with both hands. As you fixed the tub in the wall for a while, it may need some extra force to pull the tub out.

Pro-tip:  Do check whether the setscrew is loosened or not. And don’t harm yourself while pulling the tub out. Seek some help or try using tools.

Steps to Remove Threaded Tub Spout

Suppose you have a second type of tub spout, threaded tub spout. You should follow these steps to remove it

Firstly, it would help if you had a tool or wrench to remove the tub spout. Use your wrench by placing it over your spout and turn it in the anti-clockwise direction. To remove threaded tub-spout is much easier than slip-on tub-spout. It’s as easy as unscrewing a nut.

That’s It! You removed the threaded tub spout. Congratulations!

Installing a Slip-on Tub Spout

Now that you have removed your slip-on tub spout. After repairing it or getting a replaced one, how are you going to install it? Well, we sorted this out too.

We will assist you step-by-step, in installing your new or repaired slip-on tub spout. These steps are as following:

  1. Primarily, you need to check whether the pipe coming from your wall is of the exact size or not. The length of your copper pipe depends upon the length of your tub. You can match your length by the manufacturer’s guide of your new tub-spout.
  2. Remember one thing, if the length of your pipe doesn’t meet the length of your tub. You might need an adaptor to fix this problem.
  3. Clean your bathtub pipe coming from your wall if it has any debris or dust present on it.
  4. Now slide your tub-spout on the pipe attached to your wall and tighten it with a wrench.

Congrats! You installed the slip-on tub spout. 

Installing a Threaded Tub Spout

If you want to install a threaded tub-spout in your bathtub, then you are at the right place. We got your all problems covered. Follow these steps to install your threaded tub-spout.

  1. First of all, make sure this time to have the same length as your previous one to avoid the hustle.

Now, for your information. Threaded tub spouts are furthers categorized into three types:

  • Front-end threaded spout.
  • Wall-end threaded spout.
  • Telescoping threaded spout.

If you want to install a front-end type, make sure to get the appropriate size by measuring from your wall to the end of the spout nipple. If you want to install a wall-end threaded spout, the measurement of the wall-end threaded nipple should be 1\2’’ in length. Moreover, the measurement should be about 1-3\8’’ inches maximum if you want to install the telescoping spout. We are now moving towards the technique to install it. Apply 2-4 wraps of threaded tape to seal. Then apply silicone caulking at the endpoint of your pipe, where the pipe meets the wall to prevent it from leakage. Do apply around the shower wall for better results. Lastly, thread the spout around the pipe. Make sure to tighten it with the help of tools.

Congrats! You installed the threaded tub-spout.

Use of Tub Spouts

For those who are new and unfamiliar with tub spouts, they are used for showering. They are easy to handle as compared to fixed showers on the walls. You can direct it wherever you like.

How to Choose a Tub Spout?

A lot of you would be confused about how to choose a tub spout for your bathtub. What should be the features of a tub spout?

Let us help you with that. Stick to this article, and you will get all your answers.

To choose a tub spout, you should know about your needs. For example, what features you would prefer a bathtub spout have before buying—still confused? Following instructions will help you to get desirable tub spouts.

  • If you buy a tub spout, you should keep in mind that the spout should be attractive when you first set your eyes on it.
  • Affordable spouts with high quality.
  • Choose the color of your tub spout that will look good with your bathroom environment. And select it accordingly.
  • Do check the warranty before buying one. 

Types of Tub Faucets

There are a variety of tub faucets present around the whole world. Now you can have our favorite tub spouts.

Free-standing tub faucets 

As the name says itself, free-standing faucets are present a few inches away from your bathtub surrounding the rim of the tub. This type of faucet needs an underground supply of water. If you are not comfortable having a standing tub faucet, I wouldn’t recommend buying it.

Deck mount tub faucets

This type of tub faucet is placed on the upper rim of the bathtub. Two holes at the rim of the bathtub are required to mount it. It looks exquisite, and I would recommend buying it.

Wall mount tub faucets

As the name itself do justice, this type of faucets is placed on the wall, not on the tub. It is best when the underground water supply is a problem. Moreover, this faucet is best to buy as it is economical.

If you have a low budget, then it’s good to go.

Tub wall mount faucets

Tub wall-mounted faucets are placed on the tub, which requires holes to place it properly. In addition, they require an underground water supply. If you are okay with it, then do buy this one.

Roman tub faucets

These are the most expensive faucets used around the world. This type is also mounted on the tub. It is costly because high-quality raw materials are used.

Tools You Should Have to Remove Old Tub Spouts

Suppose you want to remove your old tub spout and having a problem by handling it with your hands. Then you might need some tools to help you.

Remember, if you have a threaded tub spout, you don’t need a tool to remove it. You can remove it easily just by rotating it anti-clockwise.

Otherwise, you need some tools to remove your old tub spouts if you have a slip-on tub spout.

  • A wrench.
  • Hammer.

If you don’t have a wrench, a knife would also be helpful for you.

two black adjustable pipe wrenches

Benefits of Removing Old Tub Spouts

If we look backward, there were times when it was difficult to replace a bathtub spout by yourself. As the world is evolving day by day, new technologies and techniques are also evolving. 

Now you can remove a bathtub spout easily and get it replaced by a new one.

The reason behind replacing a bathtub spout is to get a new and better one. Right? If you have an old tub spout and want to replace it, you are going the right way. Moreover, removing old tub spouts and replacing them with a new one comes with many benefits. Considering replacing your tub spouts with a new one? Here are some benefits of doing so.

These are mentioned below:

  • Replacing your tub spout and shower increases the accessibility.
  • You can have an updated look by replacing your old tub spout with a new one. Change it with refreshing colors to make your refresh and light.
  • You can easily maintain a new tub spout without creating a fuss.
  • Replacing your tub spout with a new one will have adequate pressure up to your standards. When previously you changed your tub spouts or faucets? If it’s been more than a while, then you might have noticed the change in water pressure. Replace it as quickly as possible and enjoy the new one.

Save your time by replacing old with a new tub spout. Before it’s too late to replace it when the harm is done, replace it now. At next, we will give you a situation, which many of you have witnessed. We will tell you how to solve a problem when you find an old tub spout in your bathroom. Stick to it and find it yourself.


Suppose a spout is in your bathtub, and you want to replace it. But when you try to do it, it gets stuck and won’t unscrew. Even when you are applying maximum force, it doesn’t bulge. It is commonplace to be scared of applying too much force as the inner copper tubing might get damaged. The possible reason behind this might be calcification. What will you do to remove it safely?


First and foremost, before removing old tub spout fixtures, you need to look at how the tub spout is attached to the wall. There are several ways in which you could fix it to the wall. One oft-forgotten solution is via a hex screw fastener on the underside of the spout. So, be careful and check below the tub spout and look for any hex screw fasteners. Once you find it, quickly lose it with a twisting or rotating motion by using any tool.

Another way by which you can fix your spout to the wall is by the process of threading. A copper male adapter can attach the spout with a thread that won’t be very difficult to untie and loosen.

 In this case, too much caution is needless. All you need to do is, cut off the thread connecting the spout with the copper adapter. You can do that with a pipe wrench. You can cut off the thread by rotating this wrench counterclockwise and slowly applying the necessary force and pressure.

If this method is unsuccessful, you can fetch a hacksaw and get rid of the thread with it.

 First, you need to place the hacksaw behind the opening of the tub spout. Then by carefully moving it diagonally over the thread, you can saw it off. You have to be extra cautious so that the saw does not cut the primary copper male adapter. Once you cut off the thread, you are good to go. Then you can unscrew the tub spout and remove it from the wall.

Alternate Solution

As this plumbing problem is common, there are several other ways to solve it. Another common way to solve the problem of removing old tub faucets you can try will require you a few additional instruments compared to the first one but is as helpful if not more.

There are some materials that you will have to collect. These are a flashlight, hand towel, Allen wrench, hairdryer, pipe wrench, and a pair of gloves.

  • The first step is to hold the tub spout and look at its underside to see any small hole in it. Once you see the hole, check if you can find a retaining screw that connects the faucet to the main supply of water.
  • While doing this job, there might be an unwanted odor coming out from the old tub spout. To prevent it from spreading through the tub drain, you can place a towel over the drain.
  • A vital step to prevent getting yourself drenched is to turn off the main supply of water. It will not only save water but will also keep your tub from getting slippery and causing accidents.
  • Moving next, you will need the Allen wrench. The task of the wrench is to perform the unhooking of the retaining screw. Move the wrench anticlockwise and slowly loosen the screw.
  • Once it loosens thoroughly, you can remove the tub spout from the wall. If the pipe remains at the same place, try to apply a little force and move it sidewise to detach it despite unscrewing. If your tub spout is missing the set screw and is attached to the primary water source without it, you will need to put a clean towel on it and position your pipe wrench on it.
  • Next, you will have to move the wrench, and the tub spout simultaneously anticlockwise and slowly detach it. When it seems easy enough, pull it, and it will come off. If the tub spout does not come off, you can use your hairdryer to provide some heat and dry out the moisture that is making it stuck. While doing it, make sure to wear rubber gloves as the heat might contact your hands and injure you.
  • Finally, once you have removed it, you can either repair it or replace it.

If you want to save some money, you can repair your old tub spout with the help of vinegar. It mostly gets stuck due to calcification, and one efficient way to remove it is by soaking it in vinegar.

To do that:

  1. Soak a paper towel in acetic acid (vinegar), and wrap it around the tub spout.
  2. Take some vinegar in a jar or container and dunk the wrapped spout in it facedown.
  3. Leave it submerged there for some time.
  4. Check from time to time to see if the calcification is slowly fading away.
  5. Once it does, remove the spout from the vinegar, and you will know that it will be as good as new.

Lastly, if you don’t want to go through so much hassle, you can replace it.


I hope this article has rescued you for not getting into any confusion and has guided you properly. How to remove an old tub spout wouldn’t be a problem for you. Right?

 To sum this up, old tub spouts can be tricky to remove. But if you have proper guidance and knowledge, you can remove it quickly and replace it with a new one to have an updated look of your bathroom.

Moreover, now you know how to determine or find an old tub spout. Replace it as soon as possible after removing your old tub spout with tools. be careful when following these steps. Don’t forget to wear gloves.

 So, next time you encounter the problem of a stuck spot, you can quickly refer to this article and follow the step-by-step process of removing old tub spout fixtures. Hopefully, this article will be helpful and successfully guide you in doing the plumbing work at your home by yourself.

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