Water Towers: What Is It and How It Works?

We are all well known with "power failure", even the cable TV connection goes out quite a few times in a month. Likewise, every other utility failure, water system does face issues time to time. But the thing is, you don't even realize that the entire water system supply got its ass covered by giants. The giant water towers that you often see from a certain distance as it is elevated from the ground. 

What Is It?

Basically, the water towers are elevated water storage that serves various purposes including supplying water to your area. In case of emergency, the water system supplies water to its people from this massive reserve of millions of gallons of water at ease, so that you don’t get interrupted while using the water in any time throughout the day.

Nonetheless, in case of fire emergency, the giant water tanks do some extraordinary job for the fire-fighters. However, the water towers are of various shapes and sizes depending on the demand, but all work the same way. You will find each of these water towers are levitated to at least 130 ft.

water tower

Each of the water tanks can store huge amount of water. You probably know how the amount of water a swimming pool contains in it. A standard swimming pool holds more or less 20,000 gallons of water, which is 50 times lesser than the amount that a water tower is capable of containing. Depending on the size, a water tower can contain 1-4 millions of gallons of water.

Did you ever wonder why these water towers are hoisted to such a high position above the ground? Because of the gravity. The gravity helps the water to fall with the necessary pressure that is the most needed thing to reach the water to every single house, even on the top roof of a building. So, even if you live on the 10th floor of a building, the gravitational force got you covered!

How It Works

Before supplying water to everyone in the town, the water tank needs to be filled with water first. Generally, through electronic powered mechanical pumps, the water is pumped from the water treatment plant to serve immediate needs to the living people of that area.

The water gains potential stored energy and gravitational power that help the water to flow out of the tank ensuring the pressure that needs to be reached to your house, and even on the top floors of every building. A standard water tower is 120 ft in height. Each additional foot of height contributes increasing the water pressure. On a scale, it is 0.43 pounds per square inch.

Mostly, your water consumption reaches the peak during the morning rush. In the morning you need the continuous flow of water to brush your teeth, take a quick shower, prepare a coffee, and what not!

During that time, you get water from the treatment plant. In addition to that, whenever the treatment plant is running low out of the water, the water tower’s storage is always standby to serve you.

Typically, this giant water tower fills at night. Because your water consumption at night is pretty low compared to daytime. So, at that time, instead of sending water to your house’s sink, the water goes straight to the water tower for increasing the storage capacity. Most of the water towers look like a giant lollipop.

water tower

Throughout the whole day, to provide you with the same level of pressure as you get in the mornings, the authority might need to buy water pumps big and powerful enough to keep you up with the peak demand.

As the water consumption is less during the other parts of the day, it doesn’t really worth buying more powerful pumps that will mostly go to waste.

So, here the water towers provide a less expensive solution to the living people of a specific area. During the less usage time of water, the water tower takes over the capabilities of the pumps. With the help of gravitational force, the water tower provides you water with the needed pressure, as you get in the mornings. 

At the time of power failures, the electronic pumps are unable to drive water from the treatment plant to your home. So, the water tower becomes the only source of water until the power gets back. As the stored water already have potential energy, there's no need of electricity for flowing out of the tank. The pressure gets the work done here.

To Wrap it up,

Instead of buying overpriced powerful pumps, a water tank does the work of supplying water with needed pressure at ease to your city. The giant lollipop shaped water tower also does enhance the infrastructure of a town. Sometimes, the tower becomes something iconic for the people living inside.

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