Top Rated Best Hot Water Heater in 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

How often does it happen that you go in for a nice, relaxing shower, only to be frozen to death because the water was prickly cold? Happens to the best of us, right? Well, despite what you might think, owning a good-quality hot water tank with a pre-requisite reserve is extremely crucial. The last thing you want is to end up having to keep your tap open while showering because there’s no capacity in the tank.

Much like a water geyser, water heaters can help you through harsh weather on a chilly morning. However, with so little information surrounding hot water tanks, it isn’t surprising that more and more people are being blindsided about purchasing the correct type of hot water tank for their needs.

If you have an idea about how to purchase the right hot water heater, it becomes easier for you do not just to choose the right model but also to ensure that you have a better idea about the repairing and mending processes, in case something goes wrong in the future.

Also, if you have been using the same water heaters in your home all this while, now is the time for you to make the rightful changes. However, if you are looking to buy a good-quality tank water heaters, read on to know more about the right information that you need to know about the manual and electric water heaters that you need to know about.

What are the Popular Types of Water Heaters Available in the Market?

Since water heaters are often a once every 5-10 year kind of a buy, it isn’t surprising that people want nothing but the absolute best when it comes to the purchase. Not just the quality and the design of the heaters, you need to be mindful of the functionalities as well.

You’d be surprised to know but there are a few different types of water heaters that are available in the market. There is your standard electric water heater and then there are some of the few odd options too, especially like the on-demand water heaters. If this is your first time getting a water heater for your home, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the different types of available options. Knowing this will help you distinguish between the options and choose the one best suited to your needs.

1. Storage Tank Water Heater

When talking about the conventional forms of water heaters, the storage tank water heaters are possibly the most commonly used and purchased option around the world. They are convenient and extremely cheap as well.

The storage capacity of these kinds of water heaters can start as low as 5L and can go as high as 25 to 50L, depending on the size and the requirements of the individuals. If you have a big family, opt for one with more capacity. These types of water heaters come with two different valves – the temperature control valve and the pressure valve.

These types of water heaters are extremely common among families, especially the bigger families who stay together. However, one downside to these kinds of water heaters is the fact that they come with a limited quantity of water that you can heat and store. This means that you can have access to the designated capacity and will have to wait for the next batch of water to heat up before you can use it.

And since these water heaters store the hot water consistently for extended periods, you need to periodically clean the inside of the water heater.

This is done specifically to ensure that you don’t end up with iron lining or chalky residue on the inside.

Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater Tronic 3000 T 4-Gallon (ES4) - Eliminate Time for Hot Water - Shelf, Wall or Floor Mounted

In case you live alone or have a small family, the Bosch Electric Mini-Tank Water Heater is a good option for you to consider. Alternatively, the Gdrasuya10 Electric Water Heater is a better pick if you have a lot of family members.

110V Electric Water Heater Kitchen Household Electrical 8L Huge-Tank Hot Water for Kitchen Washing Faucet 1500W, IPX4 Water-Proof Level

The reason why most people tend to incline more towards buying this type of water heater is because of the fact that they are comparably a lot more affordable compared to the other types. However, the downside to this type of water heater is that it takes some time for the water to heat up once the stored water in the heater runs out.

2. Tankless Water Heater

The next on the list is the tankless water heaters. These aren’t very conventional options, especially because they are quite on the expensive end because of their high-end functions and features. However, if you are someone who likes investing in modern technology, we’d recommend that you look into these options better.

These are perfect for individuals who don’t like to wait for their water to get heated for usage. If you are always in a rush and can’t wait for the water to heat up, we’d recommend looking into these instead. They are fitted with heating coils and elements that wire into the water to ensure instant heating so you don’t have to wait it out.

One unique feature of the tankless water heater is that they work amazingly in houses that use natural gas as a source of energy.

Also, since they heat up the water pretty quickly, it means that you have hot water at your disposal pretty much all throughout the day. They are similar to the gas water heater and if you are buying larger units, you will have to depend on the larger gas lines for superior functioning

However, if you are considering buying an electric tankless water heater, we’d recommend that you only get them if you are willing to pay a hefty power bill by the end of each month. Also, despite having no tank to store water, even these water heaters require timely maintenance.

The last thing that you want to do is end up using the same tankless water heater without maintaining or cleaning it once every year. This is to ensure that you get rid of the deposited mineral scale inside the tank and ensure that it works optimally in the coming years.

EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater, 13KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

As for the types of tankless water heaters that you can consider buying, there are a few bestsellers that we’d like to highlight.

The EcoSmart ECO 11 Electric Tankless Water Heater is a pretty amazing choice if you want to get instantly heated water with a 60% reduced power bill. However, if you are one of those people that don’t have a lot of space around your home, the Garosa 3KW Mini Electric Tankless Instant Warm Water Heater is a great alternative.

Garosa 3KW Mini Electric Tankless Instant Warm Water Heater with LCD Display for Home Kitchen Washing US Plug 110V, Only Make Water Warm, WON'T Very Hot, Need 32Amps Circuit Breaker

The only benefit and the bestselling property of the tankless water heater is the fact that they supply unlimited hot water any time of the day. On the contrary, these water heaters are on the expensive end, you do need to be mindful about your budget too.

3. Heat Pump Water Heater

Also often regarded as the hybrid water heaters, these are pretty great alternatives to the above two options. The best thing about these water heaters is the fact that they don’t use external electricity to heat the water, so you can save a lot on the power bills. Instead, they only use electricity to move the water from the ground to the heater, following which it heats up the water naturally.

The majority of these hybrid water heaters come with a tank, which means that you will have to pay extra to get the insides cleaned every now and then. However, among all the options, these are the most energy-efficient of the lot, which means that you will end up saving a lot more water even though you are using gallons of hot water.

One big downside is that it doesn’t work well in countries or areas where the weather condition is too cold.

So, if you are expecting it to give you warm water during the winter months, you might as well be disappointed with the purchase. Also, since they use modern technologies, you might have to shed quite a huge sum of money while purchasing them in the first go.

If budget isn’t a constraint for you, the Electrolux EE66WP35PS Energy Star Electric Hybrid Heat-Pump Dual Vent Water Heater is a good option to consider buying. However, you will have to pay close to $2500 for it, which can be unreasonable for some.

Electrolux EE66WP35PS Energy Star Electric Hybrid Heat-Pump Dual Vent Water Heater, Stainless Steel

4. Solar Water Heater

We all want to contribute to sustainable modes of usage and if you are one of those people who doesn’t want to spare an unwarranted amount of money on electricity bills, solar water heaters are a pretty great option to look into.

The inside of these kinds of water heaters is integrated with heat-conductive water that converts the solar energy into heat to help you get hot water the natural way. However, you need to realize that if you stay somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of sunlight, you might have to consider swapping with a different type of water heater.

More than a primary heater, keep this as a backup plan because you never know how the weather is going to be. So, despite it being one of the best water heaters, we’d say there’s no point of use it if the weather out is cold and gloomy.

These water heaters are extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly, which are two of the main reasons why you definitely need to get your hands on these. The MISOL Solar Collector of Solar Hot Water Heater is one of the bestsellers on Amazon that you can find for under $500.

MISOL Solar Collector of Solar Hot Water Heater/with 10 Evacuated Tubes/Heat Pipe Vacuum Tubes, New

How does a Water Tank Function?

It doesn’t matter what kind you are getting, be it the gas and electric water heaters, the mode of function is pretty much similar in all of them. At the end of the day, the mechanism of action heats up the water that helps you have direct access to hot water without needing to do it on your own.

In gas water heaters, there is a gas-powered flame at the bottom of the tank that heats up the water eventually. These are often the case with the tank water heater. The heat from the flame is transmitted along the pipe to the chimney which then transmits the heat to the water to eventually heat things up.

In the electric water heaters, the inside of the machine is fitted with a range of heating elements that eventually heat up the water and help you get access depending on the point of use. Both types of water heaters, gas and electric, feature a sacrificial anode in them that will rust over time without any kind of maintenance.

How Often Should One Replace a Water Heater?

One of the most common myths that people know about the best water heaters in the market is that they don’t require any kinds of maintenance over time. This is possibly the biggest misconception that people have.

Like any other home appliance, even a water heater requires time to time maintenance and replacement over the course of 5-10 years, depending on the functions of the machine. Surprisingly, gas water heaters are the ones that tend to last longer compared to electric ones. Also, if you want more durability, we’d recommend getting a water heater that is made of stainless steel. Those are rust-proof and extremely long-lasting and considered one of the best water heaters.

Quick Tips for Water Heater Maintenance

How often do you find yourself worrying about buying a water heater because you aren’t sure what kind of maintenance it will require? From when the water heater isn’t heating up the water to when your water heater isn’t responding well to the instructions, there are quite a few instances that you need to be mindful of.

We understand that you might have questions about water heater brands, the digital displays, and their functions, and even about the types of available water heaters in the market. So, we have sorted out this section into four important sections with highlighted issues surrounding the concepts of maintenance of the best gas water heater and the electric ones too.

When it Doesn’t Stay Lit

If you own a gas water heater, you’d know that one of the most common issues is when the gas power won’t stay lit. This is extremely predominant in gas tankless heaters. If your water heater isn’t staying lit, chances are that there are some disputes in the thermocouple.

In such cases, we’d recommend that you either open up the machine and check it yourself or you get a professional to look at it for you. If you don’t know what a thermocouple is, it is what helps keep the heater’s pilot light on. So, if the light isn’t staying on, chances are there are some issues in the wiring.

Also, a dirty pilot tube is also a reason why your water heater isn’t staying lit, so check that as well.

When it Isn’t Filling Up

Another common issue with a tank water heater is when it doesn’t fill up to the storage capacity. You will be able to tell the issue if you are running out of hot water quicker than normal. In such cases, you should start by checking for a leak. Look around in the pipeline or even inside if there are leaks that are making the water seep out.

If there are no leaks that are causing it, you might want to check the pressure or the temperature valve. Sometimes, the lack of pressure ends up causing issues with filling the storage tank.

When it is Leaking from the Bottom

Yes, this happens more than you’d like to witness. Especially in the glass-lined tanks more than the stainless steel ones. If water, especially the heated water is leaking out of the bottom of the heater, you need to take immediate action. The last thing you want is to splurge out on water heating only for you to have access to no hot water at all.

Check the drain valve and see if it is cracked or has any place that the water could be leaking from. Also, you might notice condensation on the exterior of the water heater, especially in the ones holding gallons of hot water. If that is happening, crank up the thermostat in your house.

When Hot Water is Leaking from the Top

We discussed water leaking from the bottom, but what about the water leaking from the top of the heater? What should you do in such cases? Your first line of action will be to check the pipeline that goes above the water heater. Check whether there are leaks on those and ensure that you pat dry the area immediately with a dry cloth.

If the pipe-fittings are okay, chances are that your temperature pressure valve is acting up again. In such cases, you can assess that and fix it according to the instructions. If you aren’t aware, get someone professional to do it for you. There can be dangerous situations of extreme pressure buildup in the tank water heaters and the last thing you’d want is to be in an accident. So, get professional help whenever needed.

What to Consider When Choosing a Water Heater?

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a gas tankless or a tank water heater, you need to be mindful of a few important factors before going through with the purchase. Here are a few of them:

1. Warranty

While you might be a little off-put with the mention of warranty at the beginning of the list, know that it’s actually important. The best water heater will come with at least 2-10 years of warranty. If it is just backed with a 1-year warranty, don’t even bother buying it.

Take the Ecotouch Tankless Water Heater for example. Not only does it come with the latest features, but it is also backed with a 5-years warranty as well.

Tankless Water Heater Electric 5.5kw 240V, ECOTOUCH Point-of-Use Hot Water Heater Digital Display,Electric Instant Hot Water Heater with Self-modulating,Overheating Protection,White

2. Drain Valves

Another underrated but important factor of consideration is the drain valves. You need to invest in options that are made with brass materials and not plastic ones. While it’s true that plastic drain valves are cheaper, they aren’t the most durable options in the market. So, we’d recommend choosing the ones with brass drain valves instead.

Plastic is at little risk of rusting and reaction but at the end of the day, you need to prioritize the durability of the product above anything else, so brass is always a superior option in comparison.

3. Digital Displays

The modern-day water heaters are all integrated with digital display options as they should be. The best water heater should undoubtedly come with an energy star rating and a digital display, without fail. Not only are they convenient, but they are also a lot easier for you to keep up with the settings of the water heater, whenever needed.

4. Capacity

If you need a water heater for a family, get one with a tank. The reason why they work is because they heat water and provide with consistent water supply to anyone that comes around for a quick shower. So, you need to invest in options that come with at least 25 gallons or even up to 50 gallon of water capacity so you can have access to hot water for extended periods.

5. Budget

Water heaters are available in a variety of price ranges. There are the cheaper ones with high efficiency and then there are the expensive ones with high efficiency. If we had to choose for you, we’d highly recommend that you opt for the ones that suit your budget. Just because you need a new water heater doesn’t mean you need to splurge out unnecessarily. Set a fixed budget and find products with good warranties in the same budget.


1. Which type of water heater is the best for me?

If you have a large family, we’d recommend choosing a tank water heater with storage. However, if you don’t want to wait for your hot water and want to have access to it instantly, we’d recommend choosing the instant water heaters instead. It all comes down to your needs and requirements.

2. Which water heater withstands hard water?

If you live in an area with poor-quality water that leave mineral deposition, get the heaters that come with a glass-lined tank or copper tanks. Those are a lot more durable and of better quality.

3. Will the water heater consume a lot of energy?

The energy usage of a water heater depends on the kind of features and heating elements in the machine. Also, the energy rating decides the amount of power wills you will have to pay. However, we’d recommend that you stick to buying water heaters that are energy efficient and work seamlessly to ensure that you wouldn’t have to worry about paying longer power bills by the end of each month. If possible, look for the options with a limited warranty too.


If you have been meaning to buy a good-quality water heater for your home, we hope this article gives you all the insights that you need to know. From the few available products to all the nitty-gritty about using the best tank and tankless water heaters, we hope this article was informative enough to answer all your queries. Always ensure to check through all the features and individual functions before you end up splurging all your money on a home appliance.

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