How To Clean Fiberglass Tub With A Textured Bottom?

Fiberglass tubs are quite prevalent nowadays as they fall in the categories of both affordability and durability.

When it comes to picking out the best option for bathtubs, fiberglass is a great match compared to cast iron, brass, titanium steel or zero carbon steel which might cost you a big deal and have a good share of disadvantages.

These bathtubs are not just a budget-friendly option for you, but they also satisfy the optimum conditions of a long-lasting and quality enriched material and are now more used than acrylic bathtubs. Fiberglass bathtubs need maintenance, and it is necessary to clean them from time to time in the best possible manner.

Features Of A Fiberglass Bathtub

  • Glass fiber fortified with plastic provides the primary ingredient for fiberglass bathtub
  • Thin, translucent and light in weight
  • Gel coated resin is sprayed on the surface to give a lasting finish
  • check
    Surface variability
  • check
    Color fading is quite common

Bathtubs With Textured Bottoms

Bathtubs that have textured bottoms are atypical like those having a smooth and dull surface, and edges of such bases are not flat and appear wavy. Such bottoms that have raised and depressed margins contain numerous hollow squares.

These dents act as storage sites for accumulation of dirt and filth, which form a compact structure not allowing to be cleaned easily. This leads to leaving yellow stains and scum appearing all around the bottom. Therefore, such bathtubs need to be cleaned with adequate care.

Cleaning Fiberglass Bathtubs

The factors mentioned are very integral in cleaning up your fiberglass bathtub. So, please pay heed to them and clean accordingly.

Choose Cleaning Solutions Wisely

While there are lots of chemical solutions to do your job, the best solutions should be non-abrasive and harsh free.

Abrasive solutions like polishing powders containing tin or aluminum oxide might give a polished shine to the bottoms but will lead to the surface being damaged and may result in scuffing and dulling very rapidly.

It also involves roughening of the bases and is suggested to be avoided. As their alternative, non-abrasive solutions can be used like baking soda which is the most effective option, followed by laundry soaps, dishwashers, and detergents.

Such solutions work getting the dirt off the bottoms which has been deposited over a prolonged time.

Preparing The Cleanser

For a moderate amount of dirt to be cleaned, a bucket of warm water with a few drops of the solution you're using will be enough. But if you think the grim is too hard to get rid of, you can add around 5-6 drops more to it.

The ratio for the solution and water should be about 1:3 respectively. Water should be lukewarm, and the detergent/baking soda/dishwasher should be added dropwise and stirred well.

Application Of The Cleanser

After the solvent has been prepared, use a soft sponge to dab into the solution and apply on the bottom, scrubbing on the yellow stains and dirt dents.

Hard sponges and scrapers should be avoided as they might seem quite harsh on the fiberglass. Polyester sponges serve best for scrubbing scum off the dented squared bottoms.

Washing Off

The cleansing solution should be set on the fiberglass for as long as an hour or two for the filth to come off. After the said period, use lukewarm water to wash the bottom properly and rinse thoroughly. The surface needs to be dried completely using a towel or a cloth to avoid microbes growing on wet areas.

Maintenance Over A Long Time

The fiberglass bathtubs need cleaning and taking care throughout the week for preventing excess accumulation of scum daily. Vinegar can be sprayed on the fiberglass twice a week to avoid lousy odor and frequent staining.

Use polishing or waxing materials once a year to improve the longevity of the fiberglass. Always pat the fiberglass dry after washing and cleaning once a week. This decreases the chances of the fiberglass to get stained.

Benefits Of Using A Fiberglass Bathtub

Fiberglass bathtubs are an extremely durable type of bathtub, as they last for around 10 years. Since they have a lightweight characteristic, they are easy to use as well.

They are more rigid compared to acrylic glasses and is not as sensitive to temperature. These tubs are more resistant than steel and perform higher than cast iron as well. They do not rust easily as they are already oxidized and are resistant to different chemicals.

Although it is a fortification of plastic with glass, it still has a very highly qualified functioning capability.

Precautions While Using Fiberglass Bathtubs

  • Abrasive solutions tend to damage the surfaces of fiberglass, so it’s better to avoid them.
  • Avoid hard sponges to clean the dirt; they cause more harm than benefits.
  • Electric toothbrushes or oscillating brushes are very commonly available nowadays, and they make the hard work seem easy.
  • check
    Bleach should be avoided as they cause scraping of the resin to a great extent.
  • check
    Antifungal solutions are quite beneficial in cases where there is a possible suspicion of the fungus to get accumulated.
  • Use natural fresheners around bathtubs like lemons and orange peels and avoid artificial sprays as they contain alcohol concentration in a high amount.
  • Yellow stains that are adamant to be wiped off can be removed by using vinegar and baking soda mixture, but the ratio should not be more than 1:2.

Advantages Of Using Fiberglass Over Any Other Material

  • Rigid and strong
  • Resistant to chemical impacts and alkali
  • Non-conductor of electricity
  • check
    Not combustible and does not emit smoke in contact with the heat
  • check
    Don’t get invaded by rodents and insects easily
  • Durable to some extent
  • Affordable


Fiberglass bathtubs are a very affordable and a great material to consider when it comes to plumbing utensils including its various aspects in maintaining durability in the long run.

Although they get stained easily and are difficult to clean, adequate follow up can help you keep your fiberglass remain polished and smooth over a vast period.

They are considered the most excellent option and alternative to acrylic bathtubs and remarkably enriched in quality. Wise use of fiberglass can contribute to both the economic and industrial aspect as a whole.

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