How To Maintain A Hot Tub Without Chemicals?

Hot tubs are frequently used nowadays because of its medical and therapeutic aspects covering a wide range of beneficial possibilities apart from usage in hotels, houses and various establishments.

When you visualize a hot tub in your mind, you naturally start imagining a serene atmosphere with warm steam around you and a sense of relaxation comes from within.

Hot tubs are thus an integral part of such establishments which are dedicated in providing you with a soothing environment as an escapade from our monotonous lives. These tubs need proper maintenance and are therefore not to be neglected as they have a good utility to us.

Why Are Hot Tubs Beneficial?

Hot tubs are an essential constituent of therapy sessions and medical health care facilities apart from the fact that we need them for a quick relaxing or soothing session.

They are prescribed to patients suffering from acute or chronic sore joints, arthritis (joint inflammation) and arthralgia (joint pain), muscle pain and cramps, sore feet and back problems.

It is also indicated in Ayurveda and natural therapy treatments as believed by the practitioners that hot water baths are incredibly beneficial in relieving such issues and providing a soothing sensation in such painful conditions.

Even if you need a quick getaway or feel like a relaxing time can give you a break that you very much needed, hot baths are a perfect option.

Cleaning A Hot Tub

These are the basic aspects in the process of cleaning a hot tub:

Replacing The Water

Replacing the remaining water in exchange for a new pool is a primary step in cleaning a hot tub, but it might lead to an admixture of both and cause contamination. In such cases, line flushing is an important step.

Line Flushing

Flushing out the lines that have already been built up in your tub can result in contamination of the previous water with the newly replaced water and make it dull. In circumstances like these, molds and germs may get a chance to accumulate inside.

Thus, the lines should be flushed using a high-quality flush from local pool supply stores. A line flushing can help the tub run efficiently over a long period.

Taking Care Of The Motor

The hot tub works on a mechanism of pumping and filtering the water regularly conducted by a motor. This motor ceases to stop functioning correctly if proper care is not given to the power circuit.

The on and off switches should be handled properly as failure in switching the power off after use can cause the functionality of the motor pump to deteriorate.

Cleaning The Water And Tub

Some pumps should be installed through which the water flows through drains and migrates to the soil quickly. Drain plugs can also be used to clean the water properly.

A solution of vinegar and warm water can be used to clean the tub as it works as an effective cleanser for bathtub dirt and scum. Bleaching solutions are also effective but may be advised to be avoided due to their long term hazardous effects.

The filters of the tub can get accumulated with filth frequently and should be thus removed for thorough cleaning. Chlorine solution can be used in dilution with water to make a cleanser for the filter with the use of the scrub previously used to clean the tub.

This will result in proper disinfection of the screen. After the filter has been cleaned thoroughly, place it carefully inside the cabinet again by clearly looking at the instructions manual and making sure all the parts fit in place.

Washing Instructions

To obtain the best results, the filter should be cleaned with a detergent/dishwasher solution twice by turning the screen over between the washes.

The filter may be sprayed with vinegar at first to ensure that the dirt which is hard to get off can be taken out easily.

Appropriate instructions on how to use a solution which your model filter can withstand are displayed on the manual. Spray vinegar or olive oil over the filter cabinet once a week to prevent the growth of molds inside. A filter cabinet is an ideal place for microbes to grow so it must be kept neat to avoid bacterial growth.

Start Over Again

After the washing has been carefully done, the reservoir of your tub needs to be filled with clean water through a pipe and turn the motor on. This should be done to check if the hot water tub is running correctly and if any problem is being faced or not.

In case you hear queer sounds it might indicate that the parts have not been properly attached or something might be trapped inside the filter. Checking the tub while it is running will be of great help in the end.

Introduce some mineral salts available at the local pool supply store to maintain the alkalinity of the water and to control the pH level as required by some hot water tubs. Take care so that the temperature is at an optimum level according to the instruction manual.

Decorating The Space

Aromatic scented candles and sprays can be kept around the tub to introduce a warm atmosphere while taking a bath and it adds to the serenity of the environment as well. Miniature banyan artificial plants or wall climbers can add a nice touch to the space and make it look presentable as well.

Tips To Enhance The Quality Of The Water In Your Tub

Here are a few tips that you should know about;

  • Add bromine tablets weekly to fumigate the water.
  • Avoid acidic solutions as cleansers as much as possible.
  • Spray vinyl over the tub cover as it is the most exposed part and needs protection to a high extent.
  • check
    Check the growth of algae by inspecting the color of the water.
  • check
    A perfect disinfectant for your pool is 50 ppm chloride solution if you’re looking for an option that covers all sectors during cleansing.
  • Use vacuum cleaner in case there’s sand. This process comes after removing all the previous contaminated water.


Hot water tubs are quite tricky to maintain and require cleansing of the water and the filter cabinets on a weekly basis because of huge chances of bacterial or fungal contamination. But if taken care of adequately, they are quite simple to manage.

Since improper care may lead to bad odor and infections borne through the bad water system, maintaining proper hygiene while cleaning and handling hot water tubs is very important.

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