Marineland Emperor 400 Review: Should You Buy It?

Are you looking for a good filter for your new aquarium or fish tank? Or do you wish to replace an inefficient unit with a better one? Whatever the case may be, you probably want to invest in a product that will provide the best value for your money, not one that will break down after a few months of use. This is the only way to maintain a conducive environment within the aquarium and guarantee the safety of the inhabitants.

You all are concerned about the fish in your aquarium. To provide them with filtered water and a healthy environment, we are here to assist you. Don’t fret about it. We heard you. We have done thorough research to guide you properly about how to choose the best filter for your aquarium

Why are Filters Necessary?

Firstly, let me tell you why filters are necessary for your fish tank? You don’t want your beloved fishes to die from dirty water. Right?  Fish breathe in water. We all know that. But how are fishes going to survive when the water is not cleaned and filtered? The only thing that keeps fish alive is water. 

By using filters in your fish tanks, the water will be cleaned and filtered by removing the debris, dirt, and toxins from it. These toxins and dirt are harmful to fishes because they breathe in water. 

That’s why filters are necessary for fish tanks and aquariums so they can aerate the water and remove toxins ( ammonia and nitrates) from it. And ultimately fishes can breathe easily.

Biological, chemical, and physical filters are being used to remove debris, dirt, and toxins from fish water.

Marineland Emperor 400 is the Best Filter

Marineland emperor 400 is the power filter that provides three levels of filtration; physical, biological, and chemical.

If you have large fish tanks and want to clean your water effectively, do buy Marineland emperor 400. This filter not only cleans and removes toxins from water but also provides a healthy environment for your fish.

This power filter is mainly used for freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Marineland emperor 400 bio-wheel filter is the latest technology in the market. It has gained a lot of attention in a short period. 

Water is passed through the three levels of processes to get filtered and clean.

Specifications of Marineland Emperor 400 Pro-series Bio-wheel Power Filter

Buy Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Bio-wheel Power Filter - Up to 80 gallon, Rite Size E" Online in Turkey. B000HHOI8G

This pro-series bio-wheel power filter uses advanced technology to stand out from many other filters.

This powerful filter has three levels of filtration processes attached to it. The physical filter separates the debris and dirt present in the water. The bio-wheel filter removes the bacteria or algal blooms present in water and makes the water odorless and discolored. However, the chemical filter present in it removes the ammonia and nitrates present in it. 

Marineland emperor 400 filters can clean the amount of water up to 80 gallons and 400 gallons of the aquarium. These unique features make them stand out in many other filters.

These filters have twice the filter cartridge capacity. The filter cartridge clogs the debris and makes the water odorless and colorless. It also provides chemical and physical filtration.

The bio-wheel filter of Marineland emperor 400 rotates in water and cultivates the beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria remove the nitrates and ammonia present in water and make the water clean for fish. 

One more important specification of this filter is; it provides effective water flow for fishes and makes the environment healthy and delightful for them. 

Make your fishes happy by buying the best filter for your fish tanks.

Why Choose the Marineland Emperor 400 Filters?

This question might be bugging you. Why choose the Marineland emperor 400 filters? This one is best for you because it provides everything one should need to filter the water of their fish tanks.

Your goal is to filter your fish water and to provide your fish a healthy environment. Right? Well, Marineland emperor 400 filters complete all your requirements.

The unique factor that makes the Marineland emperor 400 filters stand out is it provides three levels of filtration processes. In contrast, other filters are only specified for one work at a time. E.g. Diatomic filters are used to only remove the algal blooms present in water.

So, we highly recommend you to choose Marineland emperor 400 pro-series bio-wheel filter for your aquariums and make the environment of your fishes healthy. By choosing this filter your fish will be happy and will breathe without any difficulty.

Fishes are the most sensitive creatures on earth. Their weak and strong point is water. If the water is dirty and full of toxins they will die eventually. In contrast, if they get clean and odorless water they will survive happily. And eventually, you will be happy to see your fish happy. Right?


Given the huge number of brands in the market, finding a filter that will best serve your purpose and tank size can be somewhat overwhelming especially if you are inexperienced in fishkeeping. Luckily, you don’t have to look further. With a product like the Marineland Emperor 400 Canister Filter, you can bring your worries to rest.

Loaded with tons of media capacity, this unit is a great choice if you’ve got a tank that’s fairly heavily stocked. It boasts of high processing power and a large cartridge capacity which not only gets the job done but puts it ahead of many similar models.

While this might not be the biggest or fanciest unit out there, it definitely brings a lot to the table to get the job done. The purpose of this article is to take an in-depth look at the product to help you determine if it’s a filter that’s really worth your money.

Marineland Emperor 400 Pro Series Bio-wheel Power Filter - Up to 80 gallon, Rite Size "E"
  • WITH ROTATING BIO-WHEEL: Patented Bio-Wheel technology provides excellent wet/dry biological filtration
  • MULTI-STAGE FILTRATION: Delivers mechanical, chemical and biological aquarium filtration to maintain a clean aquatic environment.


  • High flow rate
  • Great processing power
  • Arrives with dual intake pump
  • Comes with spray bar
  • Huge media capacity
  • Easy to change filter media
  • Space-saving
  • Affordable price


  • Needs a lot of clearance
  • A bit loud
  • Impeller and motor may be defective

Features and Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the facts and figures of this Marineland filter so we can see all that it really offers.

High Processing Power

One of the first things you will notice about the Marineland 400 when purchasing it for the first time is its high power. Unlike many conventional standard aquarium filters, this one is big and meant to be specifically designed for big applications.

To be more exact, this unit is built to handle aquariums that have up to 80-gallon capacity. So if you have a large tank that needs to be brought back to life, then the Emperor 400 is your brand.

Despite expectations, this machine still boasts a high processing power of 400 gallons of water per hour.

This simply means that if you have an aquarium that is 50-gallons in size, this filtration system will process the total water volume in the tank 8 times every single hour. You don’t find many filters in the market with such power, not even the most expensive ones. That means you get more bang for your buck with this filter. 

That said, we must point out that this unit is a bit loud. So apart from taking up some considerable space “outside the aquarium”, it might be a bit noisy. And given its high processing power, it will require a bit of energy too. Notwithstanding, all this is nothing compared to the great value you get for your money. More so, it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the enormous work the machine does.

Huge Filter Cartridge Capacity

The Emperor 400 filter also boasts of a large filter cartridge capacity, which can be extremely useful if you have a tank that is fairly stocked.

While most canister filters can only boast of being able to handle only one cartridge, this unit can support twice the amount. This is why the machine is suitable for removing debris and chemicals, especially in big applications.

The cartridges used in the filter are usually those that serve for chemical and mechanical filtration. These cartridges are quite durable and very easy to replace. They also contain good quality filter media that gets the job done.

Interestingly, this unit also features an extra chemical and mechanical capacity, which gives you the option to purchase more media. Biological filtration is also taken care of by an efficient spray-driven bio-wheel to remove ammonia and other harmful chemicals.

All this ensures that the filter delivers clean and clear water, much to the delight of your fish.

It is important to note that bio-wheel requires frequent cleaning to maintain its efficiency. It’s also essential for the mechanical filter to always be in good working condition to prevent the wheel from getting stuck.

Solid-Body Construction

The most basic indication that a system will last lies in the kind of material used for body construction. Without a solid casing, there’s no guarantee you won’t replace your canister filter after a few months of use.

Luckily, you don’t have anything to worry about durability when you are using the Emperor 400 Pro Series bio-wheel power filter because it comes with a solid body construction that ensures it lasts you for a good number of years. It is not every day you come across a filter with such a reliable casing in the market.

Although the impeller and motor might not be as strong as the outside, this doesn’t change the fact that they still get the job done. So don’t hesitate to make the move if you feel the unit will serve your aquarium size and purpose.


It is also important to mention the hang-on-back feature of this device because not many models have such a design. The reason why a hang-on-back is laudable for any canister filter is that it is space-saving for your aquarium environment. In our opinion, it also makes the aquarium more aesthetically pleasing because your view is not blocked by the filter. Instead, you can enjoy the view of your fish swimming about better.

Some filters usually need to be installed inside the water tank thereby taking useful space meant for your little buddies. No matter how powerful such filters are, they usually work best for fish tanks that are lightly stocked. Thankfully, this Marineland filter comes with a hang-on-back which means it’s meant to be hung at the back of your aquarium. So no space is taken inside the tank, which means more space for your fish and plants.

However, it’s worth mentioning this unit is fairly large so you will need a bit of clearance to hang on the rear of your aquarium. Usually, you will need about 5 inches of depth and 12 inches of width.

Once you get the clearance, just go ahead and hang the filter right behind your tank. Then secure it with the appropriate equipment provided, and you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can it work for a 75-gallon tank?

Yes, the emperor 400 is great for a 75-gallon tank.

2. Does the filter come with a cartridge?

Yes, it comes with a set of two replaceable cartridges.

3. Can this filter be submerged?

No, this filter is not submersible. As we’ve previously mentioned, it is hung on the back.

4. How many volts is suitable for the emperor 400?

120 volts are suitable for emperor 400.

5. Can this filter work for a corner aquarium?

All you need is a clearance of about 4-6 inches behind the tank and a 10-12 wide opening. If you have this, you are good to go.

  1. Are Marineland filters good?

Yes! Marineland filters are the best ones for your fish tanks. In addition, they have the best reviews about aquarium filters. Customers are satisfied with this brand.

  1. How long do marine filters last?

On average, Marineland filters last for about three to four months.

  1. How often should you change your marine filter?

To keep your water neat and clean for fish, it would be best if you change your Marineland filters after three to four weeks.

  1. How do you know if the filter is too strong?

If the flow of water is high, and your fish is facing some difficulty swimming properly. This is the indication that your filter is too strong. So, turn your filter to a slow level.

  1. Why is your Marineland emperor 400 filter so loud?

A loud noise of your Marineland filter is due to the dirty impeller. Due to poor maintenance of the impeller, it produces loud noise that disturbs you a lot. Clean your impeller or replace it with a new one.

How to Choose an Efficient Filter for Your Fish Tank?

Orange Fantail Goldfish in a Fish Tank

Are you confused, how to choose the best filter for your fish tank that too at a reasonable price? Then you are at the right site. We are going to assist you out with that. 

As we have mentioned earlier the importance of filters for fish tanks. The next and most crucial part is how to choose the best one? We have made this easy too for you. 

When it comes to the filters of your fish tanks, always remember to note three points while choosing it. The filter should contain:

  • Physical filter
  • Chemical filter
  • Biological/ Bacterial filter.

You all are here to make your fish happy, right? So, to make your fish happy you should choose a high-quality filter. Now how can you decide which one has the best quality? Best quality filters are those that have all these filters attached to one machine. By combining the three types of filtration methods in one system, you get more efficient filtration and better quality water for your fish.

There are plenty of fish tank filters. So, we have done thorough research and chose the best one for you. 

Here are some types of filters used for fish tanks

  1. Canister filters.
  2. Diatomic filters.
  3. Sponge filters.
  4. Fluidized bed filters.
  5. Under gravel filters
  6. Wet dry trickle filters.
  7. Power filters.

Now let’s get an overview of these filters so it would be easier for you all to differentiate between them and to choose the right one.

Canister filters are suitable for freshwater, turtle tanks, and saltwater. However, they are difficult to handle. Water is forced through canister filters for cleaning purposes. Diatomic filters, these filters are used to remove bacteria from the water. If your fish tanks have algal blooms then these filters would be the best. UV radiations are used to filter the water.

Sponge filters are best for tiny and frying fishes. These filters manage the biological and mechanical waste in the water. Mainly used to remove the ammonia and nitrates present in water. Fluidized bed filters are chemical filters and can be used in any type of fish tank or aquarium. These filters use sand or media to maintain uniform water flow. Under gravel, filters are used to suck the particles present in water. These filters are cheap and easy to maintain. 

Wet dry trickle filters are best suitable for freshwater. The mechanism it follows is; water is dribbled over the air pump to excrete the debris, floss present in it. One drawback about these filters is they can be clogged easily. Last but not the least, power filters ( exterior filters), are the most used and efficient filters nowadays. One of the most unique things about these filters is they have physical, biological, and chemical filters present in them. They are cheap to buy.

From the above summary, you can differentiate among them but can’t choose the best one. Right? So, here we are giving you some key points to remember while choosing the best one for you.

  • First of all, you should know the size of your fish tank and the species of fish you have bought. Every species has different requirements and it is best to cater to their specific needs. 
  • The ideal filter should clean the water of your fish tank a maximum of four times in an hour.
  • The filter you are going to buy should suit the type of fish. E.g. if you have big fish and you choose sponge filters then this might be a mismatch.
  • The most important and foremost thing you should keep in your mind is, before buying a filter, choose the filter that is easy to handle and maintain. Otherwise, you have to face some difficulty in maintaining the filter.
  • You should know and understand the functions of the filter you bought or going to buy.
  • Always buy external filters. They are easy to manage and are cheap. Not to forget they provide three levels of filtration for effective results.
  • Always choose budget-friendly.

Still, confused about how to choose the best among these? We heard you. We have searched for the best one for you. 

So, these are the lists of filters that are being used for filtrations. But the best one among these is power filters. Power filters are the best ones to choose for your fish tanks. Because power filters provide three levels of filtrations to keep your fish tank water clean and make your fish happy.

Marineland emperor 400 is the power filter and we recommend you to buy this one for effective results.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Emperor 400 is a good filter for the money. It might not be the most sophisticated unit around, but it gets the job done and well too. It has a bio-filter that is second to none and boasts of a high flow rate and processing power. Not to forget, it has a series of filtration processes to make an effective change in fish tank water. Marineland emperor filters provide a healthy environment for your fish. 

It can handle dirty water and doesn’t take up any space in your aquarium. For its price, this is definitely a great bet especially if you’ve got a medium-sized tank. These filters are best to spend your money on. Some filters are worth spending money on.

We hope this article has provided you with the best information you needed at the moment. Now, it would be easier for you to choose the best filter for your aquarium. Still, if you have any confusion or any ambiguity you can ask away. We will help you out in this matter.

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