8 Non-Profit Organization That Are Working for Clean Water for Betterment

The existence of living organism mainly depends on water. Our planet Earth has plenty of resources for water. Yet, more than 663 million people on this planet don't have access to the clean water.

As a result, every year many people are dying because of drinking unhealthy water, and it's more than people dying in violence, including wars.

Water is stored under the surface of our beloved planet earth. All we need to do is to collect those water with the help of modern machineries. People of rural areas don't afford to use these pieces of machinery to get them clean water. So, people from around the globe are trying to help them get clean water with their donations and effort.

Now, let's shed some light on some of the leading non-profit clean water organizations, who are working on this for betterment.

8 Non-Profit Clean Water Organizations

1. Charity Water

Charity Water was founded in 2006 and till this day, this organization has funded 24,537 water projects in 24 countries with the help of 25 local partners. So far, their water project programs covered rural areas of Africa, Asia, Central and South America. 100% of their donations directly go for spending on water technologies for ranging clean water from wells.

Also, the organization provides the opportunities to get involved as volunteers. Their local partners are very co-operative. They are trying to train the rural people about sanitation and hygiene through establishing local water committees.

Not only they collect the donations, but also with the help of GPS coordinates, they let their donors know in what project their money is being spent.

Charity water introduces a creative way to raise funds for clean water. If someone pledges his/her birthday in a way that instead of receiving gifts from friends and family, they are encouraged to donate the money to charity water, the organization will promote the fund-raising campaign.

This is so that more people can contribute to an individual’s campaign for Charity Water.

2. Water.Org

Since 1990 the water.org has been providing clean water access and sanitation to 14 developing countries. Their working area includes Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. With the help of their local partner organizations, they are building wells and providing training to make people aware of good hygiene practices and maintaining the better health possible.

The organization also runs self-sustaining water projects, so that the local partner organizations can efficiently operate and maintain their field works. So, the involvement of the local communities is essential objective of the organization.

They have introduced the Water Credit initiative that provides small loans to individuals and their communities for empowering local people building for themselves from wells to toilets using clean water mechanism.


The WATERisLIFE operates their clean water projects in several regions of the world which includes Africa, Haiti, Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Latin America. They focus on providing both short and long-term solutions for clean water and sanitation in developing countries.

For the short-term solution, they have invented a high-tech straw device that can purify the water when it is immersed in any water source. The plastic straw removes waterborne bacteria and virus providing an emergency solution to the water crisis.

As per the long-term solution is concerned, the organization makes local community well aware of sanitation and hygiene. Also, they invest their donations in researching and implementing sustainable clean water solutions to the community. They properly monitor to make sure the longevity of the clean water sources.

4. The Water Project

The Water Project has been working in sub-Saharan Africa for last 10 years. This organization works very closely with the local communities. They fund, train and equip the local NGO's to get the reliable access to clean water, and also ensure the proper maintenance time to time. For the sustainable clean water solutions, their local partners work very productively.

They not only fund wells but also they support water projects like; sand dam, rainwater catchment, hygiene and satiation, spring protection. As we have mentioned earlier, they always listen to their local partners, because according to them, the local people know, what would be the best possible solution for their water crisis. So, the organization just lends their hands to them, instead of leading.

5. H2O for Life

This non-profit organization was founded in 2002, with a vision of raising awareness among the people about water scarcity and perform actions to fund clean water projects, sanitation and hygiene education in developing countries. So far, they are running their educational programs in 14 states.

The H2O mainly focuses on educating the youth and providing them the opportunity to engage and inspire to fight the global water scarcity. They help their students to think about their own creative fundraising ideas for the clean water projects and guide them to achieve it.

6. Global Water

Global Water was founded in 1982, with a goal of ensuring safe water supplies, sanitation and hygiene facilities, and other related health programs in developing countries. Through implementing some appropriate and sustainable systems, the global water provides solution to a region’s water needs.

Likewise, the other organizations, The Global Water teams up with local organizations for supplying water and doing the other field works. Their projects do have life-changing impacts on women and children who are mainly responsible for collecting water for their families. In result, children can spend more time on their studies and women can spend more time for taking care of their families.

7. Water Aid

In 1981, Water Aid was started with a dream of reaching millions of people who are living without clean water, sanitation and good hygiene. Their global strategy is to reach every clean water, sanitation, and hygiene facility needy individuals by the year 2030. They support the governments and local authorities to strengthen the system to deliver sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene services.

If everything goes according to their plans, by the end of the year 2030, The Water Aid will be able to provide their services to 1.4 billion Sub-Saharan Africans, 4.9 billion Asians, and 716 million Latin Americans and the Caribbean. The organization is also committed to making work facilities for the women living in rural areas.

8. Drop in the Bucket

In the rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Drop in the Bucket is working to build wells and provide sanitation facilities. Alongside these efforts, the organization also helps local schools and communities by providing the necessary education for improving child health, inspiring the parents to send their children to the school more often.

They also provide necessary education materials for the schools. They especially make sure the attendance rate of the girls is increasing, because typically girls are the ones who carry gallons of water for their families.


It is tough to see people in the rural areas are struggling to get clean water, while people like us are wasting it without any reason. We need to put ourselves in their shoes to feel how painful their lives are.

Many non-profit organizations are working hard to provide these rural people clean water and other related facilities. When their voices reach to us, we should always respond to their calls for at least trying to remove their sufferings and bring a smile to the tired faces.

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