How Often Do You Water Bamboo Plants? (Novice Friendly Guideline)

Bamboo is one of those kinds of plant that is comparatively drought tolerant. It is a relatively versatile plant, and also you can use it as a renewable resource. This plant grows best in hot and humid places typically with ample water.

But the thing is, the root should not be soaked with much of water. Over saturated soil makes its roots suffocated and plots the reason to rot easily.   

So, the proper watering techniques are vital for gardening bamboo plants. We will discuss how you should water them so that you face less hassle while growing this plant.

Watering Bamboo

If your bamboo plant is growing in a pot, then you need to take care of few things first. Pot growing plants usually require more water than the plants grow in the ground. Because in a pot, the volume of soil is smaller and makes it dry out more often than it does on the ground soil. Another reason is the heat that the containers get from the sides.

Even though bamboo plants are quite a drought tolerant, you need to make sure that the pot is well moisturized. Meaning you need to water more often than you would do if the plant were growing on the ground.

When you notice that the top 1 to 2 inches of soil becomes dry, it's time to water your bamboo plant. Throughout the warmth of summer, water your plant 3-4 times a week.

You don’t want the water to be trapped in the bottom of the container, so make sure you are providing a proper drainage system for the potted grown bamboo. It will grow fine even if the soil stays drought for few days, but don’t allow water to be jammed around the pot for making the soil moist. The results might hurt your expectations if you do so.

As the potted bamboo does not really require underground containment of the roots, it is more convincing for you to nurse them. In addition to that, mulching around its roots makes the soil moist enough for a potted bamboo. 

Lucky Bamboo

As far as nursing the Lucky Bamboo is concerned, they are the fancy type of plants.Mostly it stays indoor to enhance the beauty of your house. Lucky bamboo needs special attention for growing properly. You need to keep it in a vase of water and surround it with pebbles for providing the support.

Lucky bamboo grows both in the water and well-drained soil. If you prefer keeping your lucky bamboo in water, rocks would be the best support for stabling it in the container. You need to pour water by one inch to cover the rocks in the pot. The water should be changed for every week.

For Newly Planted Bamboo

water bamboo plants

Water the baby plant on a daily basis.It could be by the natural precipitation for first few weeks so that the roots are moist enough without being too wet. So, water new plants once or twice a week for the first 3-6 months.

As the bamboo plants cannot tolerate wet soil, the new roots might rot if there too much water. But after finishing the initial growth, there will be no need for extra irrigation.

Established Bamboo

Once the bamboo is established a bit, you don’t need to water it as much, like you had to do for the first year.This is because the established one becomes drought tolerant. If there is no rain, water them 7-10 days.

The bamboo might have the tendency to be divided and moved after the first year. In that case, treat the transplants as if they are newly planted bamboo and water every 2-3 days during the summer.

As the bamboo spends aggressively, check it every 1 year whether the roots are encroaching on the other parts of your garden where you don’t expect them to grow.

Grown-up Plants

Despite growing in the rainforests, the bamboo plants require modest irrigation. At the stage of two years of age, you should water every 7-10 days. Don’t rush to water the mature plants until its leaves are started to drop off, signaling the thirst for water.

However, sometimes mature bamboo plant tends to be distressed because of the lack of water in scorching hot weather. Lack of water can lead the bamboo to abort the new shoots. So, there should be no under-watering to your the mature bamboo plant.


Sometimes it gets challenging to understand how to water a drought type of plant, especially if it is the bamboo plant. But once you figure this watering technique out, each of your given efforts for raising the plants, start to make sense.

Hopefully, we have managed to make you understand how you need to water your bamboo plant whatever the condition is.

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