How to Water Succulents? Every Information You Need!

As you have come to this far, we assume that you are struggling with figuring out how often your succulents should be watered. But you are not the only one. Even the professional gardeners had to go through this problem at the very beginning of dealing with succulents. But after figuring out the way to raise them, caring for succulents will be very easy for you.

Succulents are mainly an immense collection of plants that can store extra water in their leaves, stems, or roots. As they have evolved to grow up in extreme drought condition, people tend to think that after bringing them into the home and in garden environments, they need to be watered more often. And if you are doing the same with your succulents, you have misunderstood the plants.

How Often You Need to Water Your Indoor Succulent Plants?

watering succulents

First thing first, before watering your succulents plant, you need to understand same factors related to the soil that this plant would grow upon. Make sure the ground is fully soaked after you finished watering your plant. As the succulents naturally grow in a drought condition, so you don’t need to water it each and every day.

Depending on the weather condition, you might need to water the plant for 2-5 consistent days. If the weather of the city in which you live is dry, you have to water for 3-4 days or more often. In humid condition, make it 2-3 days and only water once a week or even less. This watering schedule is only for pots that has a drainage hole underneath it.

Then let the plant few days to dry completely and don’t water any further unless the soil becomes completely dry. If your plant has large and well-raised roots, it will grow well in parched soil even if you don't water it for a couple of days. During this drought period, your plant will put out healthy new roots for absorbing more water the next time you will start watering again.

Avoid spraying water bottle to your plant. This light spray won’t bring any good to its growth. Fill up its root with water instead. So that, your plant can grow tiny and thin new roots for absorbing rapidly more water. Also, the new roots will hope for being watered at any time soon. 

If you pour water every day, you succulents will die soon. But they would rather be healthier if you soak them in water for every few days. If this sounds new to you, just try watering your plant in this way. You will realize why you had a tough time growing the succulents. Just take this into your consideration that succulents with thicker leaves like the Pachyveria need less water than with the thin leaves like the Aeonium Zwartkop.

Watering in Outdoor Condition

If you are gardening succulents in outdoor, the watering level will be a bit twisted in this regard. Here, you need to consider few more things. The environment is different outside than what it is inside. The hotter the weather is, the faster the soil will dry. So, you will need to water more often.

During the summer season, water your plant every 2-3 days. In a hot dry weather, the airflow will evaporate the water in the pot even faster. So, you need to water more often. Just make certain the soil is totally dry before you water it again. Keep a closer look on how your plant is growing.

Succulents that are Planted in the Ground

If your succulents plant is planted in the ground, then it is easier to water. You don’t need to water more often like what people use to do in indoor and outdoor condition. As the soil stays cooler, it doesn't dry out quickly. So, the land will be soaked for longer times and take more time to dry out completely out.

Propagating the Succulent Leaves

As far as watering the propagating succulent leaves is concerned, this is the only condition where you are allowed to use a spray bottle in order to water its leaves. Even you can water propagating leaves every day if you are keeping them in the indoor environment. When you spray on the soil, the leaves will get needed water from the air surrounding them. 


While gardening the succulents, you need to be extra careful about the way of watering the plant. Otherwise, your plant might last in the end, but it won’t look like a healthy plant. To grow your succulents in healthy condition, follow the instructions given above so that they can please your eyes long enough in terms of their life.

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