10 Best Freezer Thermometer in 2022 [Reviews & Buying Guide]

It is all well and good owning a refrigerator until it works well. If you own a freezer that doesn’t maintain optimal temperatures inside, chances are that you will be left with rotten food and a bad-smelling fridge. That is the last thing anyone wants to experience, to put it lightly. This is where a freezer thermometer comes into play. Not only do they help you gauge the internal temperatures of the fridge, but they also help prevent any kind of extreme temperature fluctuations in the freezer.

If you are witnessing extreme and rapid food spoilage even after keeping your food in the refrigerator, chances are that the internal temperature of the refrigerator is under 40 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, simply place the thermometer in the fridge won’t give you accurate readings. It is always better if you place the thermometer between frozen foods or directly plunge it into a tub of ice cream to keep a check.

Once you have placed the thermometer, keep an eye out for the readings every few hours to check if there are any drastic changes. Ideally, the thermometer should always point at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, since that is the maximum temperature for the frozen foods. If your fridge doesn’t manage to keep the food at the right temperature, chances are that it won’t be safe to consume in the long run.

Now that you know about the significance of the freezer thermometer, you must know which products are good and which ones are a hard pass or extremely overhyped. Here, we have sorted out a list of the best freezer thermometer that you can buy for personal use.

10 Best Freezer Thermometer in 2021 [Reviews]

When you look up freezer thermometers online, chances are that your search results will revert with hundreds and thousands of products. However, not all of them are worth the time and money. To make your life easier, we have done in-depth research and sorted out a list containing the top 10 freezer thermometers that you can look into.

1. AEVETE Refrigerator Thermometer

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Number of batteries – 1 LR44 Battery

The first and likely one of the best options for the best refrigerator thermometer in the market is the AEVETE Refrigerator Thermometer. The product has been around for quite some time now and is backed with all the functions that you’d need for optimal operations. 

The thermometer has a freezer temperature range between -4°F to 122°F with ±2°F accuracy. The device is battery-powered and requires 1 LR44 battery to function. This digital thermometer is designed with a hook on top that allows you to hang it off the rack for easier measurements.

Both the MAX and MIN temperature readings in this thermometer give you crucial temperature readings for the stored food and other items in your refrigerator. The CLR button comes in handy when you want to rest the device after a few initial readings. 

The package comes with two thermometers that you can use in multiple fridges. The LCD screen and the digital display with large and emphasized characters make it a lot easier for you to get the readings without any confusion.

Aside from the hook, the thermometer is also designed with a magnetic back that allows you to stick the thermometer inside the fridge with ease. Also, the thermometer is backed with IPX3 waterproofing, which ensures enhanced durability like nothing else in the market.


  • Durable and practical design
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Designed with an LCD
  • Large characters for easy reading
  • IPX3 waterproofing


  • The magnetic back doesn’t stick well

2. Unigear Store Refrigerator Fridge Thermometer

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Warranty – 6 months
  • Color – Available in Black and White

Another popular refrigerator fridge thermometer worth purchasing is the Unigear Store Refrigerator Fridge Thermometer. Like the previous option, even this one features a stunning large display design with a hook on top for easier placement.

at make it easier for you to take the readings without any confusion. The device is backed with the traditional max and min record function that keeps up with the temperature settings inside the refrigerator.

The device comes with a temperature range between -4°F to 122°F with ±2°F accuracy, which is pretty standard for any refrigerator thermometer that you come across. The readings help you analyze the internal health of your refrigerator, ensuring maximum food safety.

The foldable hook design is extremely practical that allows you to hang the thermometer inside the fridge along with the racks. This is also one of the few thermometers in the market that is backed with a 6-month warranty.


  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Foldable hook design
  • Large text for easier readings
  • Backed with a 6-month warranty
  • Durable construction


  • The battery doesn’t last long

3. KeeKit Refrigerator Thermometer

  • Color – White
  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Warranty – 12 months

If you are particular about investing in a brand that is backed with long-lasting battery life, the KeeKit Refrigerator Thermometer is one of the best options. Despite a little hike in the price point, this refrigerator thermometer justifies the price you pay for it.

The dual wireless sensors come with built-in remote sensors that can display the internal temperature of two fridges at once without having to switch between them. This indoor refrigerator thermometer is designed with a large 3.6” LCD that shows the readings in clear and bold texts.

One great thing about this thermometer is the automatic switch-off function that ensures that the device switches off immediately after 10 seconds of no operation. This saves a lot of the battery and enables that you can use it for extended periods.

Both the Max and Min records update the temperature settings every 24 hours once you press the CLR button. The device comes with the resolution upgrade feature that ensures clear readings without any confusion at all.

One unique feature in this device that you otherwise wouldn’t get is the audible alarm setting. In case there are extreme temperature fluctuations inside, the alarms go off to alert the user about the discrepancies. Also, it is backed with two mounting positions and 12 months warranty.


  • Durable construction with two mounting positions
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty
  • Comes with dual wireless sensors
  • Automatic switch-off function
  • Alarm setting


  • Remote often doesn’t connect to the device

4. Rubbermaid Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer

  • Mode – Manual thermometer
  • Color – White

While we live in a world of fast pacing technology, some individuals prefer the manual freezer thermometer over the digital one. If you are one of them and have been on the lookout for a manual thermometer for your needs, we’d highly recommend you check the Rubbermaid Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer.

Despite it being a manual thermometer, it manages to display the accurate temperature fluctuations that you’d need to keep up with food safety. The temperature range of this device is between 20°- and 80°-degrees Fahrenheit, which is pretty optimal.

The devices are designed from the home kitchen and the professional kitchen refrigerators to keep up with the temperature range and ensure that everything is in perfect condition inside. The overall stainless-steel construction of the thermometer is durable, rust-resistant, and waterproof as well.

Also, the thermometer is designed with a shatter-free lens that further contributes to the durability of the device like no other. The battery-free design ensures to keep taking consistent readings and you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of battery ever.


  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Made with shatter-free lens
  • Perfect for home and commercial kitchen
  • No worry about the battery running out
  • Certified product


  • Readings can be a little inaccurate

5. AcuRite 00986 Refrigerator Thermometer

  • Color – White
  • Power source – Battery powered

Another popular option worth considering is the AcuRite 00986 Refrigerator Thermometer. This comes in a pack of two and is hands down one of the handiest refrigerator thermometers that you can get your hands on.

The pack of two contains one thermometer for the refrigerator and another for the freezer. This ensures that you can take two separate readings of the different parts of the fridge at the same time, without having to switch back and forth.

The digital thermometer features an easy-to-read LCD with magnetic backing for the fridge mount and easier handling. The audible temperature alarm alerts you if the temperature goes below or above the optimal temperature settings of the device, which is always great to keep notes of.

Both the wireless thermometer comes with a clip for the refrigerator shelf mount so you can attach it inside without having to stack it between the cold or frozen items. The temperature range in this thermometer is -40° to 100°F.


  • Handy design
  • Wireless thermometers for fridge and freezer
  • Easy to read display
  • Magnetic backing for easier mounting
  • Alarm system to alert about temperature fluctuations


  • Doesn’t come with warranty coverage

6. JSDOIN Freezer Refrigerator Thermometers

  • Size – Pack of 2
  • Construction – Stainless steel

Another popular manual refrigerator thermometer that you wouldn’t regret investing in is the JSDOIN Freezer Refrigerator Thermometers. This is a manual refrigerator thermometer that is available in a pack of two for long-lasting usage.

The design of this thermometer is made to last and ensure easier reading without any damper. The red indicator and the large dial of the thermometer make it easier for you to take the desired readings and not worry about the small letterings that make the reading process difficult. 

The stainless-steel construction of the thermometer is another reason why it is a bestselling product, despite how cheap it is. Not only does the stainless-steel material provide optimal safety and durability, but it is also rust-resistant, which is always great.

Also, the wide base and the integrated hook design of the thermometer ensure that you can place it anywhere inside the fridge without any risks or instability. The brand also strives to provide its customers with a long-term guarantee, which is great too.


  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • Large dial design 
  • Stable design for easy placement
  • Long-term brand guarantee
  • Rust-resistant


  • Readings can fluctuate now and then

7. Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Freezer Room Thermometer

  • Color – White
  • Power source – Battery powered

Another budget-friendly and under $10 digital refrigerator thermometer worth considering is the Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Freezer Room Thermometer. From the simple and minimalistic design to the premium construction, this product stands out of them all. 

The big digits on the LCD screen ensure easy reading and understanding of the temperature inside the refrigerator. Thus, this one is ideal for individuals who have poor eyesight. This temperature monitoring device is one of the easiest to use.

The design of this thermometer comes with two distinct buttons that you can use to either switch on or off the device and the other button allows you to record the temperature inside the refrigerator. The all-white design also blends in well with the interior of the fridge.

For mounting or hanging, the thermometer is designed with a built-in hook along with a magnetic back that you can use to hang it off the shelves or mount it to the body of the fridge. The temperature range in this device is between -20°C/-4°F. 


  • Simple and minimalistic design
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Perfect for people with poor eyesight
  • Two buttons for easier functions
  • Comes with dual mounting designs


  • Overall construction could be better

8. Vouloir Waterproof Refrigerator Fridge Thermometer

  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Color – White
  • Resolution – 0.2 degrees Fahrenheit

The Vouloir Waterproof Refrigerator Fridge Thermometer is for those users who are particular about getting a waterproof thermometer. From that main feature, the design of this thermometer is worth commending.

The thermometer features a large display for crisp and clear reading. The 2.56 inches LCD might not seem like a lot but it is a pretty good deal when you come to think of it. The device also records the max and min temperatures that you can reset after 24 hours.

The simple design of this thermometer features three distinct buttons that you can operate without any confusion at all. It comes with the switch on and off button, the C/F button, and the reboot button for resetting things.

The wide temperature measuring range of this thermometer is also worth considering and ranges from -4°F to 122°F with 100% accuracy in the readings. This means that you wouldn’t have to compromise on the quality of the device and the functions at all.

The versatile mounting ways in this thermometer are also worth considering, especially if you don’t want to stay stuck with just one way of mounting it. This one features three different options, wherein you can place it as a stand, use the hook or use the adsorption method.

The exterior of this thermometer is backed with IPX3 waterproofing, which can sustain through the dampness of the fridge or the freezer room.


  • Durable construction with practical designs
  • 100% accurate readings
  • Backed with IPX3 waterproofing
  • Versatile mounting options
  • Large and crisp texts on the display


  • The battery runs out fast

9. Taylor Precision Products Classic Series Large Dial Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

  • Color – Grey metal finish
  • Shape – Round
  • Mode– Manual

Another popular manual fridge or freezer thermometer under $10 that is worth purchasing is the Taylor Precision Products Classic Series Large Dial Fridge/Freezer Thermometer. The extra-large dial makes it easier for you to take the readings without any inaccuracies.

The analog 3” dial comes with separate red markings for easier readings without any kind of confusion at all. The product itself is designed with stainless steel material that ensures added strength and makes it a rust-resistant product.

The versatile design of this thermometer can be hung from the shelves or you can even just stand it on the shelves around in the fridge or the freezer. The temperature reading in this device ranges from -20°f to 80°f, which is very convenient.

Despite how cheap the product is, the manufacturers have ensured to back it up with a 1-year warranty on this product. The dial of the thermometer comes with the danger zones indications so you can keep a check on the internal temperature settings of the refrigerator.


  • Durable stainless steel casing
  • 3” large dial
  • Rust-resistant construction
  • Affordable option
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty


  • Analog functions leave space for human error

10. Taylor Precision Products Digital Fridge and Freezer Thermometer

  • Color – Gray
  • Power source – Battery powered
  • Material – Plastic

Last but not least on the list of the best thermometers is the Taylor Precision Products Digital Fridge and Freezer Thermometer. Much like their analog counterpart, even the digital version is equally accurate and highly functional. 

The large 2” oversized display in the thermometer makes it easier for you to take the recordings without having to squint your eyes. Not only does it show the current temperature, but the thermometer is also designed to show the min and max temperatures too.

The thermometer is designed to monitor the optimal temperatures to ensure food safety and prevent spoilage. The suction cup underneath the thermometer is one of the most functional designs that you can find.

Since this isn’t technically waterproof, avoid dunking it in water. Instead, if you wish to clean it, hand wash it separately. The temperature range in this thermometer is from -4°F to 140°F and is backed with a 1-year warranty.


  • Durable construction
  • Practical suction cup design
  • Oversized display for easier readings
  • Ensures food safety
  • Backed with a 1-year warranty


  • Battery life could be better

Buying Guide 

Not every person on this planet is familiar with the concept of a fridge or freezer thermometer, so it isn’t surprising that many of the users are often confused about their purchase before buying it. There are a few key factors that you need to keep in mind before buying a freezer thermometer to ensure enhanced durability like no other in the market.

  • Temperature range

The first and likely the most important factor to check is the reading temperature range. Invest in the ones that cover from -4°F to 140°F, because that is the optimal range. Anything less or more should be concerning. So, instead of picking out a random option, consider looking at the range without fail.

  • Material

Given that you are going to put the thermometer inside the fridge or freezer, you must find a thermometer that is constructed with durable quality material. Stainless steel or heavy-duty plastic with proper waterproof features are considered the best ones.

  • Display/Readings

The last thing you want in a thermometer is to have a smaller display that makes you squint your eyes small to get accurate readings. If you struggle with vision-related issues, it is always best that you buy the thermometers with oversized displays and larger texts for taking easier readings.

  • Price range

The last factor to consider is the price range. Most of the freezer thermometers available in the market are priced under $15, which means that they aren’t all that expensive. That said, there are a few high-end options too. However, don’t consider spending more than $30 on the thermometers.


1. Where should I place my freezer thermometer?

If this is your first time buying or using a freezer thermometer, it is always best that you place them near the door instead of placing them in the back.

2. Are freezer thermometers worth buying?

Yes, if you are witnessing a lot of food spoilage despite being in the fridge, having a freezer thermometer helps you assess the problem. It helps you know if the fridge isn’t functioning optimally or if there’s something else. You can act accordingly, including, adjust the temperature (increase or decrease it) and even know when to defrost your fridge.

3. What is the ideal freezer thermometer reading?

Generally, the freezer should be at 0 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if you have frozen foods inside your freezer. Anything more than that will most likely result in spoilage of the products you keep inside.


With so many different types of freezer thermometers available in the market, choosing the right one for your refrigerator can be a little challenging. We hope this article gives you all the details that you likely need to know about the freezer thermometers and the top products in the market. Make sure that you check the buying guide, price range, and also overall functions before investing your coins in one.

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