How Often to Water African Violet? A Beginners Guide

African violets will you decorate your house-garden with flowers all year long. The color of it will surely add cheer in anywhere you put, even in the dark winter months.

Growing African violets don’t take much space, you can grow them in a small pot for the showy display.

For the watering issue, you need to learn about some of their significant requirements, as watering them is slightly different than what you do with other house-plants. We will teach you how to deal with watering the plants successfully. 

Watering Facts

African violets are picky about water. So, you need to take extra care for watering them. You need to first understand the best way to grow them.

Only then you will able to deal easily with their watering needs. They must be watered when the soil feels less moist.

No matter what, you should never let them standing in the water or drying out completely.

How to Water

You should water African violets from the bottom as they may develop some spots on their leaves.

This happens especially if you water them while they are in the sunlight. Nonetheless, spotted leaves can also be a sign of fungal infections.

In that case, you need to improve air circulation and ensure a proper drainage system.

Watering from the bottom not only will prevent this risk of having spots on their leaves but also it will hinder the soil to splash directly to the leaves.

Place each of your violets in a tray or kitchen sink, with the room temperature water for 30 minutes. When the top of the soil turns dark with having enough moisture, you know that the plant got enough water.

This technique increases the humidity near the plants.

How Much to Water

watering african violet

Make sure the soil is moist enough from its top to bottom when you water them. Then keep the ground moist without allowing the water to drain rapidly so that the roots can get necessary oxygen. 

Remember, you just need to provide enough water that can keep the soil moist. The soil should not be soggy after watering.

Neither the soil should be waterlogged.Otherwise, there will be the risk of plant pathogens that might prevent the roots to absorb nitrogen properly. In most cases, over-water makes the plant rot.

How Often to Water

There is no concrete rule to water your African violet. You will have to monitor your plants and adjust their need accordingly. Examine the soil with your fingertip, if it feels dry, be ready to water the plant. They require more or less water depending on what type of potting soil you use.

However, flush the soil thoroughly with water every month or 6 weeks. This will reduce the risk of any harmful salts to build-up in the land.

Hotter the weather, more the soil will absorb, so you need to water more frequently. In winter, it is precisely the opposite. The soil will absorb less water in winter. So, no need to water as much as you do in the summer.

Water to Use

Rainwater and filtered water are the best options to water your Africa violets. Tap water contains chlorine that can damage the plants.

If you have no choice but using tap water, then let the water stay overnight in a bowl, so the chlorine dissipates. You should use room temperature water, as these plants are sensitive to temperature changes.

Avoid using cold water since it will chill your plant roots. As a result, the leaves will curl down. Also, do not use soft water.

Soft water will diminish the ability of your plants to absorb water and nutrients. Always use room temperature water to avoid those unwanted behavior from African violets.


To ensure the right amount of watering and avoid further complications, you are highly encouraged to use a self-watering device. To make the most out of a self-watering device, check the soil every other day.

Transplant each year. And also pay attention to build-up fertilizer salt in the soil. This type of devices also increases humidity in the area of your violets.


If you follow our instructions to water your African violet, then hopefully, you won't have to face further problems regarding the water issue. Most of all, you are going to be lost in the beauty of the awe-inspiring African violet plants. Only if you can grow them successfully! Lol.

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