How Often Should You Water Orchid?

Having trouble to understand the right watering plan for your orchid? Well, it is obvious with the orchids, so you don't have to worry about it. Just learn how to deal with them! We will help you dealing the complications with orchid compared to other plants in your garden to water the plant successfully.  

The roots of orchids are specialized organs, differing intensely from other plants roots. Although, it is difficult to generalize anything about orchids, because of the most extensive group of this plant that has 100 exceptions.

Understand the Roots of Orchids First

When it comes to the point of watering your orchid, you must understand how the roots function. Identifying its functions, this will help you to water properly.

A multi-purpose thin membrane name velamen surrounds the roots of orchids that soaks large amount of water quickly.

This velamen works as a water indicator. Whether the plant needs water or not, you will be able to understand it. 

Watering Your Orchids

Even though the orchids that grow in the forest are exposed to drenching rains for hours and even for days, the plants, however, adopt the nature to grow with a dry period when there is little rain.

But again, you must not link your indoor orchid plant with those forest-grown plants. 

How Often to Water

The best and recommended time to water your orchids would be early in the morning. Depending on the weather condition, the frequency of watering will differ. You should water once a week in winter and make it twice or even more in the warm and dry condition.

Regardless the weather conditions, the container or pot in which you planted your orchid also determines how often you need to water the plants.

how to water orchid

If you are growing orchid in 6-inch pot, water every 7 days. For the 4-inch container, you need to water every 5-6 days. In winter, water your plant less frequently than what you do in the summer.

The type of potting medium that you use also affects the water requirements. If you grow orchids on bark pot, you need to water more often as this kind of cups dry more often. For the sphagnum moss, it becomes dry less frequently than the previous one we just mentioned.

If your orchids don’t dry within the course of 7-10 days, the chances are that the pot is bigger for the plant. Or it could be the media being too tight. Make sure your container has sufficient drainage holes and has enough space for air circulation. 

However, you can examine these potting mediums by merely poking your finger or with a regular wooden pencil about an inch into the pot. If you feel moisture in your finger, or the pencil looks moist, there is no need to water any further than what you usually do.

Considering the airflow, humidity, light levels you may also need to treat your home-grown orchid differently. Your plant should not expose to sit in still water. In most cases, your plants might completely dry for such watering.

Watering in the sink

You will find lots of other rules of watering orchids. You can let your orchid exposed to sprinklers for more or less 8 minutes.

While on the other hand, dunking your plant into a sink or bucket of water is also an excellent option to water your orchids.

If you water your plant in a sink, make sure the water doesn’t get over the medium. Otherwise, the plant will rot without any doubt. Roots that are always wet. So, there is no problem if you place your orchids slightly underwater. But don’t overwater your plants.

Water your plant for around 15 seconds and make sure that the media gets wet enough. Then let the plant to drain water for 15 minutes.

After the period, it may appear dry to you. But don’t worry, your plant got enough water.

After finishing the watering process, place them carefully and make sure the pot doesn’t stand in water. For ensuring better growth, you should use lukewarm water.


It is often the case for newbies that they over-water their plants thinking they are doing the best for the orchids. But, you should consider the environmental factors as well. Watering orchids are quite straightforward than what we presume. But you need a different mindset than watering other plants in your garden.

Once you get the basic understanding of how the orchids work, you are good to go!

Following the given instructions will help you to grow healthier orchids in your garden.

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