How to Change Whole House Water Filter?

Are you using a whole water filter at home?

Do you need help on how you can change it?

If your answer is Yes, then this written piece is for you.

Whole House Water Filtration

Whole house water filtration is a device wherein it protects and aids the performance of your water softener.

This device is actually installed before your water softener that acts to stop any water sediments to enter your softener. Using a whole house water filtration can also save you from spending more money on repairs.

Why Use a Whole House Water Filter?

Most people know that you need to have a water filter in your house so that your drinking water is safe.

This is because a certain filter can trap and take some microbes, bacteria, and other minerals on your water. Aside from this, there is also some reason why there is a need for you to change your whole house water filter. Such include;

  • It can reduce asthma
  • It can reduce skin allergies
  • It can reduce skin irritation
  • You will have a cleaner water in your shower
  • You will have a healthier skin
  • You will have healthier hair
  • It can extend the life of your appliances
  • You will have lesser water residue
  • You will have tastier food.

A Guide on Changing Whole House Water Filter

Here is a guide for you on how you can actually change your whole house water filter. We’ll go step by step with it, cool?

Step 1: Take a bucket that is filled with soft water.

Step 2: And then turn off your water system. Once it is fully turned off, turn on one of your faucets on the outlet side that is close to your water softener.

Step 3: Take out the pressure from the filter valve by pressing the red pressure button.

Step 4: Take out all the screws of your housing.

REMINDER: Make sure that you have the O-ring as it will fall from your filter housing while you are changing your filter.

Step 5: Then, go ahead take out the filter.

Step 6: Make sure that you clean the housing of your filter by rinsing it with water. You need to check the housing of your filter, for you to see if it is clean because it might contain some residues.

Step 7: Once the housing of your filter is clean, go ahead and put in your new filter.

Step 8: Put back all the screw on the housing of your filter. You also have to make sure that your O-ring is clean.

Step 9: Tighten the valve but make sure that you do not over tighten it.

Step 10: Turn on the water slowly. Once the water is turned on, go ahead and check if there are any leaks.

Note: If you noticed any leaks, then you have to repeat steps 6-9 all over again.

How Often Do I Need to Change My Whole House Water Filter?

There is no difference between your whole house water filter with the air filter that you have in your car or your AC at home. You also need to change them.

But the question here is that how often should you change this?

This depends on the type of water filtration that you have at home.

In the most water filter system, it actually depends on what type of water you are using. In the event that you are using municipal water, then your filter can stay longer than if you are using it to filter water from the well.

Also, what you also need to consider is the number of filters that you need to replace. This is because, for some water systems, they only use one filter.

However, if you are using newer and an advanced type of water system, then it might contain two or more filters.

You can also try to check on your manual. In some cases, you will be able to see on the hardware or in the housing of your filter as to when you need to replace your filter.

Also, it will be better if you follow what your manufacturer recommends you on how often you should replace your filter.

Whole House Water Filtration Schedule

  • If you are actually using a typical kind of water filter in your house, then you can have it changed every two to six months.
  • Sediment Filters needs to be changed every two months.
  • Carbon filter needs to be changed every three to four months.

If you go beyond six months without changing your whole house water filter, then there is a big chance that some molds and algae will grow in your filter.

So, it is better that you stick with the schedule for your filter to be changed.

However, this schedule can still change depending on how many family members live in one house.

Let's say that there are seven people in a house. Then this means that you have to change your whole house water filter frequently than those houses that only have two people living in it.

You can also consider the following recommendations for you to know when you need to change your filter.

  • You can consult your manufacturer’s manual, through customer service representatives or through their website. This way, you will have a better understanding of when is the best time for you to change your filter.
  • Try to consult with a plumber. You can try to ask a plumber to inspect your water system. This way, you both will agree on a changing schedule.
  • You can also change the filter once you see that the quality of your water is getting low.
  • You can also consider changing your filter once that you noticed that the water pressure had changed.

To conclude, now, you have all the information you need on how you can change your whole house water filter.

You also know some benefits that you can get if you maintain your water system well and of course an idea on when you should change your water filter.

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