How to Replace Frigidaire Water Filter In The Easiest Way?

A Frigidaire water filter is considered to be a powerful tool that gives a guaranteed safe and the freshest water as possible.

The water filter on your Frigidaire can actually take out several contaminants from water. This is if you make sure that your system is properly working and well-maintained.

Most of us will think that tap water can be 100% safe. However, there are still cases that tap water carries water contaminants.

Frigidaire water filters are protection from such viruses, chemicals, and bacteria that can be found in water.

How Often Do I Need to Change Frigidaire Water Filter?

The most recommended span of time for you to change your Frigidaire water filter is every six months. This is for you to make sure that you will have the most purified water.

If you go beyond six months without changing it, your water filter will then contain too many contaminants.

This may cause the loss of effectiveness and quality of your Frigidaire water filter.

Where Can I Find My Water Filter?

In major types of refrigerator filters, they are actually located in a single or two areas. One can be found at the base of your refrigerator, and the other one can be found at the back.

Whichever location you may find your water filter, you will be able to see there a knob or a button that you can access easily to release your water.

Our Guide on Replacing Your Frigidaire Water Filter

Once that your water is starting to have a strange taste or if you see a small red light then that means it is time for you to change your water filter.

Replacing your water filter is not a difficult thing to do. You do not need to call an expert to do this because this will only take you a few minutes.

You won’t be needing any tools aside from the replacing part itself.

Here are some guides for you on how you can replace your water filter on your refrigerator.

Follow these simple steps, and this will only take you a few minutes of your time.

Step 1: Turn Off Your Ice Maker

The On and Off handle can automatically pull attached to the water supply line. If this is left running and you are going to replace your water filter, then this can cause some water leakage on the housing of the filter during the replacing process.

Step 2: Look for Your Water Filter

Your water filter can be found in a single or two locations. One is at the upper right corner at the back of your refrigerator, and the other one is located at the base of your refrigerator. This is usually inside a long plastic tube.

Step 3: Take Off Your Used Water Filter

Here, all you have to do is to twist the handle in a counterclockwise direction so that the filter will be released.

Once it is released, you can then easily remove it from the long plastic housing.

Step 4: Put in Your New Water Filter

Put your new water filter into the long plastic tube and have it locked. You can lock the container by turning it in a counterclockwise direction.

Once that you hear a light snap upon turning, then that means that is properly inserted.

Step 5: Make Sure That You Clear the Air from The Filter Line

Here, all you have to do is to fill up a glass of water and pour the water in the water dispenser. This is for you to make sure that the whole system is properly working.

Also, make sure that you check the housing of your water filter for you to see if there are any leaks.

If there are no leaks, then that means that you have inserted the water filter correctly. However, if you have noticed some leaks, then there is a need for you to remove it and insert it one more time.

Step 6: Flush the System

Make some tests. Try to open the water system for about four or five minutes. Doing this will get rid of any remaining substance through the system.

Step 7: Have Your Filter Timer Restarted

Most brands of the refrigerator have a light indicator that tells you when you need to change your filter. Follow your manufacturer's manual for the instruction how you can restart your timer.

What Will Happen if I Do Not Change My Water Filter?

Well, water filters are one powerful device that can purify your water especially if it is well-maintained.

Having an unchanged water filter can cause you to have contaminants on your water. Aside from this, you will also cause you to have a problem on your appliances and of course on the quality of your water.

If you have an unchanged water filter, then it is the same as drinking unfiltered tap water.

And when things come to worst, having an unchanged water filter on your refrigerator can damage your water supply and its quality as well.

Most of the common refrigerator has a light indicator that will tell you that your filter is in need to change. Have your refrigerator manual for you to restart your timer.

Doing this will also make the light indicator turn to green so that you will be able to know when you can change your water filter again.

Now that you know all of these make sure that you frequently change your water filter. This is every six months or as soon as there is a need to change it.

Make sure that you always maintain it for you to have the best-purified water and best quality of water.

Having your Frigidaire water filter frequently changes can make sure that you have safe water to drink.

To wrap things up, remember that it is not enough that you are confident about the water in your place because you will never know if it contains a lot of contaminants or not.

Having a water filter will prevent all these water contaminants from getting on your drinking water. This will surely make you safe from any harmful bacteria that might give you a disease.

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