Fluval FX4 Review 2022 – All You Need to Know

fWhen it comes to aquarium setup, picking the appropriate filter might help you to make your aquarium last longer and develop in a better way. Otherwise, you will suffer and be stuck with issues that will run longer. Because filters are the lungs of your aquarium’s ecology, so it’s better to select that one which is the most appropriate and in today’s article we will tell you briefly which one is better and why?

This Fluval FX4 review provides you with all the facts and figures you need to know about this product. The review highlights the best features as well as the limitations of the machine.

Constantly maintaining your aquarium will definitely increase the lifespan of the fish and plants that are in it. Of course, the primary way of maintaining your aquarium is by utilizing a reliable filter to provide an enabling environment for aquatic organisms.

Fluval FX4 Overview

Appropriate filtration is so important for your fish’s health, a high-end canister filter is the finest way to give the three stages of filtration that they require. One filter you want to trust for this job is the Fluval FX4. Fluval is a well-known business that has been around for decades, and over that time, they have perfected their aquarium technology. This company has been around for a while and has a reputation for producing high-quality products that will last a long time. When it comes to the Fluval FX4 canister filter, the same high requirements apply. The FX4 is on a lot of people’s shortlists when it comes to canister filters, as we noted before. Indeed, these could be some of the most popular canister filters in recent years.

The filtration efficiency is excellent, and it can handle a huge amount of water at the same time. If you wish to integrate it into your system, this gives you a lot of options. It’s a straightforward device that won’t cause you any problems during installation or maintenance. There aren’t many extraneous moving components, which cuts down on the amount of time it takes to make repairs.  Compact and highly efficient, this unit is highly recommended for fish keepers who desire quality and good performance. The Fluval FX4 canister filter has the capability of pumping out over 700 US gal per hour. It’s so reliable that it provides you with clean and healthy water to ensure that your aquatic living organisms survive the ‘ecosystem’. It purifies the water in the tank by filtering the water as it flows through it.

Not only that, this saves you the hassle of hauling buckets of water in and out of the tank. It’s so magnificent that it can be used for saltwater tanks, freshwater tanks, turtle tanks, and so on. Not all canister filters come with such versatile features.

More so, what makes this very product unique is that it needs no assistance at all, and it can be used both indoor and outdoor. All you just have to do is to fill it with water and plug it then it’d begin to function all by itself.

It’s a filter that you can’t just go wrong with. It holds at least one US gal of filter media which is perfect for those who have a very large tank. The media in the basket, on the other hand, can also be removed to ensure that users comfortably change the media to their preferred choice.

In fact, many buyers have prioritized this unit above other canister filters because the product is easier to maintain than others.

Definitely, there is quite a lot to consider about the feature of this amazing product. So, check out the features of this amazing product.

Fluval FX4 High Performance Aquarium Filter, Canister Filter for Aquariums up to 250 Gal.
  • Multi-stage filter pumps out 700 US Gal (2,650 L) of water per hour, Smart Pump advanced microchip technology continuously monitors and optimizes pump performance
  • Self-starting – just add water, plug in and Smart Pump will take over, trapped air auto-evacuated every 12 hours to ensure maximum efficiency


Advantages of Fluval FX4 

  • Water is pumped out at a rate of 700 gallons (2650 L) per hour via a multi-stage filter.
  • Advanced microchip technology continuously analyses and adjusts pump performance with Smart Pump TM.
  • Self-starting — simply fill with water, plugin, and Smart Pump TM will do the rest. To maintain optimal efficiency, trapped air is automatically discharged every 12 hours.
  • Changing the water is simple. Lifting hefty buckets is no longer necessary. Simply connect the hosing to the output (Kit available separately) and Smart Pump TM will take care of the rest.
  • Water bypass is eliminated with removable, stacked media baskets that accommodate a total of 1 gallon (3.9 L) of media.
  • Mechanical, chemical and biological filter media are all included.
  • Valves having a leak-proof Click-Fit attachment method are Aqua-Stop valves.
  • For easy installation and rotation, valves are positioned at a 45-degree angle.
  • Continuous water flow is ensured with an anti-clog, telescopic strainer.
  • The nozzles of Multi-Directional Output can be entirely changed to provide customized water flows.
  • Utility Valve with Drain Hose for Canister Flushing and Maintenance.
  • Rubberized feet contribute to silent functioning.
  • The 16.5-inch-tall shape fits under most tanks.
  • Freshwater and saltwater aquariums are both suitable for this product.
  • Makes no noise while it’s functioning.
  • Has ergonomic and durable features.
  • Lightweight and can easily be assembled by anyone.
  • The canister filter mechanism makes it hard for evaporation to take place.
  • Comes with a removable filter media.
  • Can be used for all types of tanks including the big ones.
  • Pumps over 700 gallons in just an hour.
  • Self-priming with nice connections.
  • The voltage this uses is between 110V and 120V.
  • A bit more expensive than the conventional ones.
  • The clamp is larger than the rims.

Features and Benefits

Multi-Stage Filter

This canister filter has quite a number of sections interiorly. This is to ensure that no sediment is found in your tank. In fact, it comes with filter media which is very much removable. The stackable media basket is added to ensure that the water is treated to suit the environmental condition of the organism in your aquarium. The water is treated chemically, mechanically, and biologically as they flow from one section to the other.

Consequently, there is apparently no need for utilizing UV light in treating the water. Apart from this, it pumps water so very fast that you don’t have to spend much time on big tanks.

Smart Pump

Canister filters require more power than hang-on-the-back filters because their larger pumps work continually. The Aquion Quiet Flow Power 55/75 Filter, by comparison, consumes only 14.5 watts of power. However, at maximum flow, it barely turns over 400 GPH.

That’s why Fluval created the Smart Pump monitoring system, which uses a microchip computer incorporated into the unit to continuously monitor flow. Rather than functioning at full capacity all of the time, the pump regulates itself for maximum efficiency.

Of course, this is electrically powered. Its power plug has to be plugged into the power socket before it can carry out its function. Guess what? It’s self-priming and can easily be assembled based on the term that it can suction the fluid all by itself, then process it without manually filling it. This is an innovative microprocessor technology that is the primary feature that provides great efficiency and power, as well as the cause for the goods’ enormous market success. The entire pump is constantly monitored via technology.

It continuously monitors the pump’s force and impeller speed in order to enhance energy economy and power output. It also has an autonomous start option and is controlled by a smart pump. Automatic air evacuation is one of the most important aspects. The lower FX series unit includes an auto-start motor smart pump that begins by itself after being filled with water and pumps out 700 gallons of water per hour. The innovative microchip technology ensures that the pump runs smoothly and that the air is adequately expelled. The rotor assembly’s speed and force are constantly checked to ensure maximum output and energy efficiency, therefore enhancing the pump’s performance.

The water is drawn up by the pump and then filtered at several stages. The filtered water is then pumped into the aquarium in four major directions by the pump. inside out, forwards-backward, top to bottom, and center out are some of the terms used.

Just like other canister filters, water is likewise forced into the Fluval fx4 and passes through each section of the filter media. Then, it returns into the tank via the outlet valve (discharge head). It’s important to note that this unit doesn’t come with a spray bar, but rather it comes with a discharge head and two nozzles. This feature prevents air from accumulating in the filtering system. The pump contains a pause mode that allows any trapped air to escape, resulting in the proper filtration levels being achieved. All that is required is for the user to add water. Because the filter is automatic, the smart pump takes care of the rest. 

Ergonomic Design

This product has a cylindrical shape with a height of 16.5” and a diameter of 15”. However, the protruded inlet and outlet valve are 2” long. The dimension of this product is 15.6 x 15.6 x 17.7 inches if you’re taking the square measurement of it, and it weighs 17.65 pounds. It’s so deep on the inside that the removable filter media that’s stacked has the capability to withhold 1 US gallon of water. It’s made of black color covered with a lid and the gaskets are made of durable metal. The lid, on the other hand, is so thick that you find it hard to remove. And, it has an ergonomic structure which makes it super unique. The model is wonderfully crafted and compact, allowing it to fit into even the tiniest of areas. It’s always a good idea to double-check the dimensions of the filters with the available space before acquiring them, or else you’ll end up with unexpected costs afterward.

Though the appearance of the filter is not a primary issue for most people, you can rest easy with the purchase of the Fluval fx4 because it looks great and has a very subtle and professional appearance.


Although it may not come in a box, yet it comes with an instruction book. The instruction book entails all the profitable pieces of information that you may need to utilize. It also comes with clamps which are a bit bigger than the rims. However, it doesn’t come with vacuum accessories; they can be ordered separately by utilizing the details on the instruction book after the delivery. It also has a durable feature even though it’s made of plastic exteriorly. It’s a product that holds a large quantity of water flawlessly. Water changes are aided with an ingeniously located Purge Valve, which allows you to drain water directly from the filter’s base. The Fluval FX Gravel Vac is included with the FX4 and is built specifically to function with the Purge Valve. After you’ve disabled the filter intake, this item attaches to the Purge Valve.

Ease-of-Use Mechanism

What you’ll find exhilarating about this product is that it makes no noise. It’s a product that you can utilize safely indoors because it’s eco-friendly. Apart from that, FX4 Fluval canister filters are known to be very easy to maintain. They are highly recommended because of the comforts that owners enjoy of their use. The Fluval FX4 is not only effective in maintaining water quality but is also meant to be simple to set up and maintain. Because the Smart Pump is self-priming, it can be up and running within minutes of opening the box. Water is sucked into the filter by the vacuum and then returned to the tank. There will be no more bucket brigades or frequent precise changes to tap water to get the chemistry just right.

Notwithstanding, customers around the globe appreciate the fact the manufacturer makes it easy to use, how? The fact that its media is removable provides users with the flexibility to utilize the media that they prefer. Finally, the air trapped won’t dissolve in the water when they are done refined. But rather, they’ll be released into the air within 12 hrs. No matter how amazing your product is, it will not survive long if it is not properly cleaned and maintained, and this procedure is surely a hassle for customers. However, the joy of owning a Fluval fx4 is that it is really simple to maintain. To remove the lid, just detach the eight screw clamps. After removing the lid, raise the two red levers on either side of the filter baskets and remove all of the filter media inside, replacing or cleaning them as needed. To get to the real pump inside the filter, unscrew three screws, remove them, and then get to the pump with a crosshead screwdriver. Before you remove the pump, make sure the canister is empty; otherwise, the water will destroy it. Also, don’t lose your sealing ring throughout the process; you’ll need it to reassemble everything.

When compared to the maintenance of various other filters, this small operation of maintenance and cleaning is not a chore and requires the least amount of work. It only takes a small amount of time and effort. When it’s time to clean the filter, the canister’s dial will remind you.


Self-priming is one of the best features of Fluval fx4. It will not only prime the tank, but will also lighten your load. All you have to do with this fx4 is fill up the tank with water. When you turn the power on, it will begin to work. Every 12 hours, the pump has the ability to readjust itself. It will make a loud noise during the adjustments. As a result, you will be wary of this incidence if it occurs at an inconvenient moment. This will undoubtedly appeal to you if you are using a tank that does not have a self-priming feature. The alert does not buzz in the case of any self-priming tank. When the filter turns on or off automatically, check sure the filter is completely empty. This will only last for 2-3 minutes before returning to its previous state.

Another characteristic that sets the Fluval fx4 external cascade filter apart from the competition is its self-priming. It does not require you to take care of its priming; rather, it reduces your workload by taking care of it entirely on its own. Isn’t that fantastic? That is just what this harried generation seeks. And, of course, you’re aware of how critical priming is for a filter, and how failing to do so can have a significant impact on the motor’s performance. All you have to do with the smart Fluval fx4 canister filter is add a little water before turning it on and then forget about it because it takes care of the rest.

The pump is programmed to re-adjust itself every 12 hours, but you should keep track of this time because the alarm might be annoying and possibly wake you up from a deep slumber. As a result, it’s a good idea to keep track of the pump’s evacuation time. If this is your first time using a self-priming filter, you should make a note of it because it can be frightening in the beginning.

There’s no need to be concerned because the alarm only goes out for a few minutes, usually one or two. When the alarm goes off, the filter turns off for a few moments, empties the surplus air, and then turns back on. This air removal is critical to the filter’s optimal operation.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Fluval FX4

1. Does this come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes, it comes with a 3-years warranty.

2. How I can adjust the flow?

Answer: The amazing fact about this product is that the inflow and the outflow can be awesomely adjusted. There are derived units on the outlets and inlets that provide you with the percentage of your adjustment. However, ensure that you do not exceed 50% in adjusting the fluid mechanism.

3. What is the uniqueness of this model?

Answer: What makes it unique is that it can be used for big tanks, and you can choose to use any media for it. It’s even more dependable to use for big tanks than several others types.

4. How can I procure this product?

Answer: You can utilize the link that we provided. This link is an avenue that you can seize in purchasing the product. Trust me, it’s safe and reliable to utilize.

5. Does this come with a cleaning kit, if not, how can I get one?

Answer: No! Nevertheless, you can procure it by first contacting the manufacturer on the recommended kit or you may order from them.

6. Can I connect an inline heater model to my filter?

Answer: No, because Fluval canister filters employ ribbed flexible hosing, which isn’t suited for such installations.

7. Why is it so difficult for me to restart my canister filter once it has been cleaned?

Answer: First, inspect your impeller and impeller shaft to see whether they’re damaged and need to be replaced, or if they’re very dusty and need to be cleaned. It’s also conceivable that the impeller cover hasn’t been properly reattached. Finally, double-check that the filter has been correctly primed: during priming, make sure the filter output is above the water surface.

8. On my canister filter, I saw lower performance and increased maintenance frequency. Is there something I’m missing?

Answer: This usually implies a higher strain on your filter as a result of your fish’s growth, the recent introduction of new fish, greater waste output (i.e., leftover food, feces, etc. ), or blocked filter material that needs to be replaced.

Final Verdict

This filter is powerful, thorough, and simple to operate, and it will clear your water in no time.

It’s an excellent choice for novices or pros who want a clean tank with minimal effort.

Though it is more expensive, and you will need to take extra steps to safeguard your smaller fish, you will find that the Fluval FX4 Canister Filter is well worth the money.

We encourage potential buyers that look forward to purchasing the best canister filter for their aquariums to consider the Fluval fx4. Its fluid mechanism is very controllable, and the design is compact.

Also, cleaning it is very easy even though it has a lot of pockets within. Notwithstanding, we hope our amiable readers have been able to utilize this information to determine whether this product is right for them or not.


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