How Often Should You Water Poinsettias?

Does the word “Holiday” take you to your imaginary world where you also can see a red color plant? Yeah, we are talking about the poinsettias. All the way from the deciduous tropical forests of Mexico, people bring this bright color plant to their home for holidays.

Even though poinsettias are not difficult to maintain but watering them can be little tricky. If you are wondering how much water your plant needs, give this piece a thorough read till the end.

Watering Poinsettias

Watering should be based on when your plant needs water and when the soil dries out. It is generally once a week depending on the climate and environment.

water poinsettias

Before jumping to how often you should water your plant, let's discuss some of the crucial factors that need to be reflected.

When You Need to Water

When it comes to watering poinsettias, know that too much water is just as bad as too little. The best way to tell whether your poinsettias need to feed or not; simply examine its soil. If the uppermost layer of the soil appears moist and cool to touch, you don't need to rush for watering now. Wait till the soil dries out completely.

In addition to that, you can also tell when it’s time to water, simply by lifting the pot. When the container seems light as a feather, it indicates that the soil is dry and you need to water the plant. Water your plant till it feels slightly moist. Don’t over-water. Otherwise, the land will feel soggy and dripping wet.

The damp feel of the soil should be constant as possible. If the soil always feels cold and wet, it means the roots are stressed with extra water that is surrounding them. Over-watering will cause the lower leaves dropping off, even though it is not the time to turn yellow.

How to Water Your Poinsettias

As soon as you bring your poinsettias home, check the bottom part of the pot, whether it has any drainage hole under it. If you find any, you don’t need to worry. But if there is no hole, it will not be able to drain water properly. As a result, the root may rot rapidly. If there is any decorative foil, remove it. Otherwise, the foil will hold water and rot the plant.

But if you insist not to take off its shiny wrapper, then be responsible for the water to be completely drained after each watering. Putting the plant in the kitchen sink is one of the best ways to water your poinsettias.

But make sure to drip all the water through the drainage holes. Keep the pot in the sink till the excess moisture drains. Make sure the container isn't standing in the water.

While watering the poinsettias, make sure the water gets thoroughly till the water drips out from the holes at the bottom of the pot. That is the reason why you should always look for a pot with drainage holes under it.

How Often to Water?

Now here comes the main event! How frequently you need to water the plant? Well the honest answer would be, it depends on the environment where you live, and the climate where you are living in. You will find some homes are being kept warmer, while on the other hand, some homes are cold.


The poinsettias may be kept in the cooler spot, and others may be displayed in the dark corner of a room.

The recommendation would be, monitoring your plant by yourself to figure out whether the plant needs water or not. You can realize its need by merely touching the soil, observing its color and how it weighs with the pot. Don't water too much for making it too wet, neither make it too dry.

Over-watering and Under-watering the Plant

If you notice the soil being lightweight and medium brown colored, the reason for that would be under-watering the plant. On the other hand, you don’t want the soil always to be heavyweight and almost dark black colored. These are the symptoms that you over-watered the plant a little.  

However, the lower leaves also drop off if the soil is too dry. Under-watering also causes the flowers and leaves to drop off. These incidents might happen if there are any of the over-watering and under-watering take place. If any of these ever happened to you, now you know what the culprit was.


Maintaining poinsettias isn't that hard as you might think. Watering the plant need some experience, that's all. Carefully reread the article to learn their watering needs. Then, you will be able to water the plant whenever they need - which will not only help them to develop their growth but also enhance their beauty.

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